Sunday, October 17, 2021

One Block Wonder - construction tips

 New protective cover on the phone - Check!

Fitbit app is back syncing - Check! I had to uninstall that app and reinstall it. Then it asks me something about running the apps in the background. I have to figure that out since it affects Libby, which I use for listening to audiobooks. It has something to do with saving battery, but what or how? But at least that app is now working. 

That leaves ONE left - the calendar. DH tested it with his phone, and it works, so it must be some setting that I've changed? I don't CHANGE settings. I'll get it figured out. Slow and sure, and then POOF - -something else will happen! It doesn't matter -- it keeps me on my toes!

Like when I reloaded the Fitbit app, I saw a TON of notifications from 2018. Oh -- these should be deleted, and yes, they can - ONE AT A TIME! Oh boy! I'm sure there's a ton of other stuff in there. 

Here's the thing about cloud storage, whether it's on our phone or our computers -- we have so much - well, I have so much. Especially in the storage area., I use DropBox, and there's stuff in that cloud-based drive. I use Google Drive and One Drive, and I have files in all of them. And I have two hard disks on my computer. Hmm -- do we see a clean-up of virtual stuff one day? 

I do need to get them sorted out, and there's a lot of other documents and whatnot that are no longer required, but since I have plenty of room to store them, it's not a problem, but it would be nice to get everything cleaned up!

OK -- so who turned down the thermostat? It's only 8 degrees this morning! Yikes!!! I may even have to turn the furnace on today. It's a wee bit chilly. But I see it's going to be warmer later today, so I'll forgo the furnace for the moment. 

Anyway -- I had a fantastic day yesterday!!  It was ZOOM, ZOOM, ZOOM all day long. Four one-hour classes, and I open the calls up a half-hour in advance so people can get connected. We were at the maximum for two of the classes. Zoom acted up three quick instances in one, but we were good once we turned some of the videos off. 

Lots of good information was shared, and now I have a bit of writing to do to follow up on those. I'm working on it this morning and later today, and my goal is to get it all done today - OK -- let's be realistic - it'll be done by tomorrow. But I need to get it off my plate as I have a lot of other stuff coming up this week. 

I'm also starting to formulate a plan for classes for January to June next year! YES  -- all of them will be on Zoom, and we're going to have loads of fun. I need to look at some dates and get that organized, so keep an eye out for that. 

Today, let's have a look again at the panel quilt. I'll be doing some show and tell this coming week.  

My One Block Wonder is made with seven panels

So there are many ways to put this thing together. I treated it like a regular quilt. I did NOT cut anything from the original panel. The selvages and any white on the top and bottom were left until I knew what was going to happen with the sides. 

Then I laid about all the blocks and made the bottom "border," the two sides, and the top border. 

Side border and bottom - see how they match

The right border and the bottom - which also match

And you can see that my side rows were NOT going to cover the panel. So I did some math to see how wide I needed to make that coping border - the skinny dark blue one. 

The math!

You have to love this piece of paper. Not only am I bilingual (more or less) with French and English, but also imperial and metric measurements. Sometimes, I used fractions, and sometimes, I used decimals! It's hilarious!!

I was lucky to have a piece of the same fabric line that I rescued back from Diane! 

The selvage on the panel

The selvage on the coordinating fabric

All those fabrics are from Northcott, but about 5 years old, but you may still find some of them around. I know the Lensmill in Barrie still had this panel, but not sure about the coordinate. 

Once those calculations were "firmly" calculated, it was OFF with the excess. 

Cutting off the points of the hexagons

I had to make a couple of wee adjustments as I sewed the borders on, but it worked like a charm! I do have a document that I wrote on coping borders. You'll find it on the Northcott website. I also wrote other tech tips for them, and you can find all of those at this link. I would download them before they disappear! 

The coping border document wasn't explicitly meant for One Block Wonder, but the same principles apply!

And that's it for today!!! I need to get dressed to brave that cold temperature! 

If you have any other ideas for classes for 2022, whether that's a year-long project or a shorter one, let me know. And YES -- the UFO club will continue, and I'll be opening up a new time slot for that one as it works best with small groups of no more than 20. And YEAH  -- super news -- The Butterfly quilt pattern by Tula PInk has been sent to the printers!! 

Have a super day!!!!


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  1. We had a similar issue with Google calendar. DH and have had our calendars linked for a long time. All of a sudden things that I put in my calendar were not showing up on his but his were showing up on mine. Our daughter "fixed" it for us by assigning a new calendar for us and so far so good.