Monday, October 4, 2021

When things go wrong, what do you do?

Well, there are days when things work like a charm, and then there are days when - well, yesterday seemed to be one of those days. 

I had big plans to get so much done, but why does everything take so much time? I really can't complain because it was a good day, just a few frustrations thrown in to keep me humble.

And I'm a stress eater. When things do NOT go well, I seek food. Thankfully, we have almost no junk food in the house, or life would be different! I was tempted to stop at Tim's when I was out, but I did NOT!!  

I managed to get the two small customer quilts done!

Customer quilt - DONE

Second customer quilt - DONE

Everything for that customer is now trimmed, and I'll be calling her to arrange a pickup. I am a bit behind in quilting, but not too bad, so I hope to make some inroads on that pile this week. The last of the company leaves today. 

One of my big goals for yesterday was to make some labels for some quilts. Did that work out? Not at first. I had to remake this label FOUR times before I was successful. 

Four times the charm to make a label

It kept getting jammed in the printer. Why??? 

This happened THREE times

Well, the moment I lowered the label on the page, it worked like a charm. Who knows why the printer didn't like the fabric sitting a bit higher on the page. But that wasn't until I had to reboot my computer to get the printer back online, unjam the printer three times and keep running downstairs to make a new label. No wonder I get so many steps in a day! As usual, I did walk the dogs in the morning, and I went for a long walk in the afternoon despite the rainy weather. It didn't rain a whole lot, just drizzle. But I'm good with drizzle. 

However, we have someone in our house who LOVES drizzle. Can you guess who? 

Murphy AKA Pigpen

And she is so proud of the mess she makes. The house looks like a bunch of 2 years olds ran through after doing The Tough Mudder! OK -- so two-year-olds wouldn't (and couldn't) be doing The Tough Mudder, but you get the idea. 

In the pile of stuff to giveaway was a LIGHT colored teddy bear. I don't think places look fondly on "used" stuffies. So Murphy helped herself and rescued the bear. It immediately became an outdoor toy, and since it rained all last night, I can only imagine its condition. I must find the other one and toss it out without her seeing me do that! But if it gives her some fun for a while, that's OK.

Murphy and her new stuffie

Look at the leaves - they are turning faster than we can say BOO. And the streets are littered with those colored leaves. It's actually fun to walk through the forest, and the leaves are falling all around you. Very peaceful. 

The leaves are turning yellow FAST

I was working on my project for the Machine Embroidery Club, and it's only when looking at this picture that the colors remind me of the fall leaves - not spring! I love the little pillow -- it's a tiny one, but I must take it apart. I HATE when I do that. I know I DETEST those dog ear corners, and I usually trim them off. I did not do that this time because of the flange, but it looks ridiculous. And that's why it takes me so long to do things -- I remake them until I'm happy. You think I'd have learned by now - just fix it to start with! I'll try to take it apart today and fix it.

Kimberbell Bench Buddy Mark pillow

I made an effort to clean off the cutting table, but I swear, as fast as I work, I just can't get that table completely cleared. Some of this stuff needs to be sewn, and some things need to be put away. I did manage to empty the scrap box and used this old faded cushion cover (made by M years ago) into a pet mat. 

One more pet mat

So the cutting table looks like this. 

The current state of the cutting table

And there's a bit of stuff left from the label making to be put away as well, although I do have one more label I want to make. 

The ironing surface

I know it's not bad but seriously -- why can't I get some dedicated time to make this happen? Because my days are filled with silly little things - that's why!  But I'm OK with that. I do like to putter, and this allows me to putter. 

We also had our Machine Embroidery Club yesterday. WOW -- that's all I can say. People just jumped in, and we have resurrected this interest in people who haven't touched their embroidery machines in years! We had an excellent show and tell - I'll post some of the pictures later this week. Loads of questions and issues to be resolved. Just a whole lot of fun!!!!

And I saw this sign yesterday as I was out walking -- can we only hope that it makes an impact? As a driver of a car, you NEED to be aware of your surroundings. As a cyclist, you NEED to be aware of your surroundings, and as a pedestrian, you NEED to be aware of your surroundings. 

Regardless of your mode of transportation, you CANNOT expect the other guy to look out for you! There are a lot of distracted or impatient drivers out there, and they are not looking! And I swear that keeping my wits about me has saved me from serious injury! 

Well, I'm off to spin class this morning. I can hardly wait to be tortured into my 30 KM by Joseph! He's actually one of the best spin instructors EVER, and you have to love him! Very motivating music, and we get to watch videos while we spin. So it's all good entertainment. 

Oh - and then it's Monday sewing. I have so many projects waiting to be sewn, I'm not sure which one I'll choose to work on. 

Have a super day!!!


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