Friday, September 2, 2022

Day Seven

So I've been on this crazy adventure for 7 days. And a "few" more days ahead of me! 

I did not get lucky yesteray and was stuck in the top bunk. I wasn't prepared and so I am laying in bed and everyone is also in bed and I decided that I had better get some ear plugs and cream for my feet. So I climbed own the ladder to get my supplies. Next time, I must put that kind of stuff in my bed and hang it from the bed post. I'll hav the routine down pat by the time I finish!!!

There are certainly some interesting people you meet along the way. Yesterday I met three ladies who are traveling together. One is slightly older than the other two and not as physically fit. They (at least the two fitter ones) regaled us with stories from their trip. Let's just say that I'm glad I started on August 27th, as there was rain on the 25 and 26 and lots of fog and people were getting lost in the Pyrenees. 

So the three ladies got up bright and early this morning and were gone, However I did run into them about one hour into the walk. The slow lady was down a hill because she thought that was where the path was. NO and they were on the phone with her trying to convince her to join them. 

I'm not suree what was going on, but it was a bit crazy.  Then I ran into the two ladies later on the other one was behind them. Were they not worried she would get lost? Maybe they wanted her to get lost? Anyway, I said they had the patience of a saint. And they confessed that they were not going up, but down at the end. It has been quite a trying experience. I could hear it in their voices!

To make matters worse, one of the two just got invisiline braces. Seriously??? Would you not delay that until you got home? I just don't get it.. 

The route was pretty decent all day and no major ups or downs and I walked with several other people along the way. I didn't have my FitBit today as it wouldn't charge last night. At first I was a bit bummed out, but what are you going to do? So I just walked and used the marked sign posts along the way to watch the distance. But I should leave the distance alone as it can mess with your head 

I only walked 20 KM today which was the rest of the stage that I started yesterday afternoon. Let's just say that I'm on track and that's a good thing. The average per day is about 23 KM and I want to up that to 25 but not before my feet heal. 

The blisters are feeling pretty good and I was able to walk almost like a normal person for a bit. However, I do have a BIG issue with one where the skin has gone and well, that's an issue. I've not had this major of a problem before and quite frankly it sucks!! 

Just waiting for the stores to open after siesta and I'll get some gauze and tape and see if I can protect that raw skin a bit. I'll likely have to stop several times along the way to reapply, but if it means that I can keep walking, then I'll do that. 

Tonight I'm staying in a albergue run by a church and we eat at 8 PM. HOLA!!! Thank goodness I have a snak and I spotted a candy store on the way to the pharmacy!!! I won't be stopping. 

We are in Logrono which is a large city. I hate the large cities. You have to find your way to the albergues, then to a restaurant or whatever else you want. I would like to do some sightseeing, but that is totally out of the question for me. I'm OK with that. I'm not here to sightsee. OK -- I could have done a geocache, but it's a bit too far for me to walk to. Another time. 

My feet are tired -- the first time since we started. I'm sure walking with these darned blisters isn't helping. But I hope they are on the mend and I'll just have to deal with that big one. 

I love how there are NO cars in any of the city centers. You can walk wherever you want, but I had to laugh because at lunch time, the beer trucks were making deliveries as close to city center as they could. Let's get that beer in there!!!!

It was nice to not think about the pain in my feet for a while today -- -gosh -- I bet some of your are thinkng -- just come home! But no -- these things will heal and I'll be fine! It's building character!! 

The other thing I love about the cities/villages here - they just build. Or so it seems. while there are streets, none of them are straight, the buildings just go wherever and the people are calm and relaxed. I think I said this yesterday, but no one honks their car horns!!! They just wait. Now if only that would happen back home. 

I walked into town with two Americans and they were headed to Burger King. All the way to spain for Burger King? Well, each of us is walking our own Camino!!

On that note, I'm out of here to stroll to the pharmacy. Yep --- I have a new pace - strolling, but at least the sandals are not as painful as they were yesteray, so that's an improvement. 

Have a super day!11!



  1. It's amazing to hear of your daily adventures. I'm with you in spirit. Go Elaine Go!

    1. Thanks Carla!!!! The adventure will continue --- with a wee break!