Wednesday, September 7, 2022

The Long Way Home -- Day Three

 AH -- a full-sized keyboard! OK, and I still can't type worth a darn! 

Yes -- I am back home, and what a great feeling to be here. I have a lot of reflection and want to share it because I think it's essential. All your support on IG and FB has been amazing, and I want people to know that while I made a mistake, I'm still super proud of what I accomplished and do not regret coming home early. There's a reason that happened; I'm still working it out. 

I may or may not have pictures to share this morning. My computer does NOT want to sync with the server to get the e-mail with the pictures. You have to love technology!

Actually, I love technology, and it was amazing to see how other countries use it to seamlessly keep their world moving, especially in transportation. It is rare to find someone at many of these transportation hubs, which is good if you're familiar with how it all works but not so good if you don't! But I made out OK. 

Once I arrived at the airport from the hotel shuttle, I felt right at home since I had been there the day before and knew what I was looking for. I arrived about 4 hours before the flight was to leave, and there was a HUGE lineup. Two school groups were flying to Canada and involved about 80 students. You could tell because they were younger and had matching sweatshirts or backpacks. 

I've already checked in-- the beauty of technology and ZERO luggage to check (the BEST situation in the world!) I'll hand wash daily if I can avoid taking luggage. 

My Arrive Can form had also been filled out. And NO -- I did not need to wait in that long line, so I headed off to security. I thought they would stop me because of the amount of liquids and gels I had -- all those creams for my feet, but nope -- I headed right through security, and it was a breeze. 

Off to the gate, which was a few minutes away, but by this time, my feet had healed somewhat, so the pressure points on the sandals were no longer bothering the blisters, so I could at least walk somewhat decent. The thought of putting shoes on makes my feet cringe. The girls will not be happy they are not getting a walk this morning. 

It's now three hours before my flight, and the flight is 8 hours long -- I'm going to need some entertainment. I spotted WHSmith -- seriously??? Yep -- at the Madrid airport. So I wandered over and looked at the slim pickings for English books. Hey -- there's a new one by James Patterson and Bill Clinton. That sounds good, so I actually BOUGHT a book! I didn't think my earbuds would last the trip. The President's Daughter

So I read until it was time to board the plane. OK -- so the Madrid airport was much more civilized than Toronto when I left. That night, at least three significant flights left simultaneously, and in Madrid, there was ONE. And everyone lined up correctly in the queues.

The line went quickly, and then it stalled just as I got to the front. Something about boarding passes? I did not have a paper one, so they issued me one, but the line got stalled. Not to worry -- I have a seat -- we will all get on. The man behind me wasn't so forgiving. What's going on? Is this the right line? Those Canadians!! Everyone WANTS to be first and get ahead. Slow down!!!!

I sat beside a lovely lady from Oakville who was returning with her family after their vacation in Southern Spain. We talked about books; her neighbor's son is Adam Sims, who narrates books. He narrates Louise Penny's books, among others. WAIT -- -I know --- you are going to say that it was Ralph Cosham who started narrating her books, and you would be right. He passed away and was replaced by Robert Bathurst. And you would be right. I'm not sure -- where Adam comes in, but he has narrated some of her books. OH --- I think he narrates for Audible, and we all know who that belongs to!!!!

Well, now I want to listen to a book narrated by him! We also chatted about Liane Moriarty, one of my FAVORITE authors of all time. What characters and tales she weaves.

Anyway, I dozed, read for a bit, and chilled for a bit. And at last, we were landing!!! 

As we prepared to offload, we were told to alleviate pressures in the customs hall that those with connecting flights could get off first. Sigh..............  But that went quickly, but all 80 kids had to get off! And then when I did get off, they were all grouped together waiting for roll call or whatever! Nowhere near the customs hall! We had a passport check the moment we got off the plane -- that was a first for me. 

Then I walked as fast as possible to the customs hall, and with my NEXUS card, I zipped through customs. My card would not work at the automated machine. WHAT??? So I went to the agent -- zero waiting. OH -- it appears that I did NOT activate my card online. Ooops. 

I got an exit card with all kinds of marks on it and was whizzed through and out the airport door before I could take a breath. I swear it took 15 minutes, including walking time, to get off the plane and out the door. You have to love NEXUS, and you have to love ZERO luggage. 

They did not even scan my passport for the ArriveCan information. No worries -- it was done, so I didn't care. 

I had replaced the European SIM card with my own while we were taxiing to the gate, and I was back in cell service. When I exited the airport, I waited a few minutes for DH to pick me up, and we were home!!

Lexi was mad and wouldn't come near me and ran outside to be under the shed. She's such a nervous nelly. Murphy was excited and couldn't handle herself, so she grabbed her stress bear and was outside -- trying to calm down. 

I grabbed my book and continued to read. Hey --- it's a pretty good book. I went to bed at my usual time and woke up a bit early, and YES -- I finished the book this morning. I got the hard copy if anyone wants to borrow it. Well, not borrow it -- just have it! I'm done! 

So what does today bring? I'm not sure. I want to get back into everyday life as quickly as possible, BUT just for me. I'm not doing anything for anyone; I'm not moving things ahead of what I had scheduled. I'll try to hibernate here for a bit. 

After living with so little for nearly two weeks, this is an excellent incentive to keep plugging away at all the crap, especially in the office. I can get it eliminated to almost nothing if I focus a bit. I want to reflect on many other things as well, and I'll be doing that for the next couple of weeks, and I might even just sew for FUN. Imagine that!!! 

So coming home early may just be a blessing in disguise! Let's see what happens. 

Thanks again to everyone who supported me with your comments and likes, your ability to make me laugh when I needed it, and your help with logistics along the way. You all mean a lot to me, and I appreciate my friends! I am blessed!!!

On that note, I'm out of here to try and figure out what to do today!!! And my "medical team" is coming to assess my situation this morning. Then I'll have a better idea of what needs to be done and how much healing is involved!!!

Have a super day!!!!


Sorry --- the mailbox did NOT sync with the serger, so no pictures. I'll get it all fixed for tomorrow. 


  1. Relax should happen, but I kind of know you, and I don't think you know what that word Enjoy your time home and smell the roses while you can. Life is a gift.

    1. Oh Gwen -- -what will happen if I get used to this life of leisure?

    2. You will enjoy it :) Take care my friend

  2. I am happy that you are back home. Take a bit of time for yourself before jumping the gun in your strenuous routine. Take Care of those feet of yours should be your priority right now. Hahaha, sounds like a typical caring mother. What can I say!

    1. Thanks Lorraine -- I have to say that as much as I want to GO, I don't feel like it!