Friday, September 9, 2022

Long Live the Queen

What can I say about Queen Elizabeth? It is a terrible sadness that she has passed and to think she swore in the new Prime Minister just two days ago! I never met the Queen, never attended an event where she was present. But I remember her picture hanging on the wall of my one-room schoolhouse so many years ago, and she became a presence to an impressionable 6-year-old. 

Whether you agree with the monarchy or not, you must give her credit for her grace, determination, and dedication. And a certain someone recently married into that family makes me angry that they totally disregarded all that for whatever their personal agenda is. It is a shame that the Queen's biggest enemy appeared within her own family. 

The Queen wasn't afraid of color, and this photo montage is one of my favorite ways to remember the Queen. I love the bright colors and the classy way she wore them. And how many hats do you think she had made over the years? What happens to those hats? Wouldn't it be cool to own one of the Queen's hats? Especially the orange one? Or to stand in her hat room and try on all those hats? Gosh -- I hope that isn't disrespectful!! 

The Queen in glorious colors!

Rest in peace, Queen Elizabeth II; you have indeed served your country proud!!!

On the other hand? I'm feeling like a slug! I get up late, and I go to bed early. I nap in the afternoon, or I'm reading, or I'm reading in bed. I did spend a bit more time on the phone yesterday than I planned, but it was something that had to be done. 

Even Murphy is checking me out to see if I'm OK and why I am in bed so much!!!

MOM -- are you OK?? 

Some parts of my feet are itchy, which I suspect is a good thing -- isn't itchiness a sign of healing? I get the joy of changing the bandages today. Where's my nurse when I need her? But I don't think it'll be too bad. It's just the toenail thing that is going to creep me out. But probably not as much as the rat that Murphy caught (found) in the backyard last night. I know there's an issue in the city, but this close to our house??? We have no food out there, but maybe they are attracted by the neighbor's garden? Anyway, I heaved it over the fence once she let it go. 

My biggest problem is I'm restless! I watched two episodes of Amazing Race Canada and one more. I could barely watch for fear of who might be eliminated. But it was a non-elimination leg, and so everyone continues!! What will happen in the episode I get to watch today? And there's a new season of the Great British Baking Show. Yeah! 

And my book --- I'm halfway through the book and trying to keep myself from looking ahead. These books with dastardly secrets!!! How do the characters get themselves into such trouble? And how do the authors dream up these scenarios? The book is "I know my name" by C.J. Cooke. Again -- it's a physical book; if anyone wants it -- it's yours. Otherwise, it's going in the donation bin. 

I managed to do a smidgen of sorting on that large pile that resulted from my work the previous day. I have more to go through, and then I'll start again! Yeah!!! I might try that later today. 

I managed to trim that entire pile of half-square triangles while I watched the Amazing Race. 

Half square triangles trimmed

I have to figure out what to make with these. 

And then I got a small quilt done on the long arm. 

Community project quilt done

And then I felt somewhat energetic that I got one more done. 

Community project quilt - DONE

I have a roll of polyester batting that I'm using for these small flannel quilts. I don't like it, but I want to get it used up! And then I dug out some more flannel quilts that Diane had made. I might as well get all the flannel stuff out of the way. That's my goal, but I won't do more than two a day. That should keep me busy for a while, as I know more quilts are coming from Diane and Cathy, so I need to try and keep somewhat on top of it. If for no other reason than to have room to store the new stuff. 

Don't worry -- I'm not on my feet much. Once I get the quilts loaded, and I'm much faster than one hour now -- I let the machine do the work, and I can sit down. I hate to say that I don't feel like I've got a lot of energy which drives me crazy! But by next week, I should be pretty much back to normal!!

Shoes are still not an option!! But the sandals work well, but I have to be careful because the pressure points are exactly where the straps are, and while it doesn't hurt, I don't want to rub off my new skin. I'm cautious. 

I spied this on my short walk into the woods yesterday. Why was it there? Apparently, they replaced a light post at one of the entrances, and I saw it when I ventured out again for a SHORT walk. Hey -- I'll explode if I don't. 

A digger in the forest

This has always been me. When I needed emergency surgery on my appendix (Grade 12), I was out of bed the next day and pacing up and down the halls. The hospital finally sent me home (I got a ride to my school and took the school bus home!). So this is NOT out of character for me!!! But I will be careful --- oh, don't you worry about that! 

It's time to get moving on my slow-paced day! What will the excitement be? Who will be eliminated from Amazing Race? Will I finish my book? Maybe, I'll dig out a jigsaw puzzle? 

Have a super day!!!



  1. One thing I read about Queen Elizabeth is that she wore colourful outfits and hats so that she could be spotted by anyone on her outings and they could see her there . Glad to hear you are on a healing journey !

    1. That makes sense about the Queen's outfits. She was definitely easy to spot in those bright outfits and they were just cheery to look at!

  2. You are not a slug. Your body needs to HEAL!

    The US loves your Queen as well. Coverage of her life is nearly constant.

    1. So behind in answering comments! Glad to hear the US loved our Queen.

  3. The fact that you are feeling the need to rest and sleep is a good thing. Listen to your body, as there is great healing power in sleep. You are very comfortable with yourself and being alone, but maybe part of your Camino lesson is for you to learn to be comfortable with being still. If you need assistance with changing your bandage, you know I am not far way, probably closer than your other nurses. LOL

    1. Fortunately, I didn't need to take you up on your offer to change those bandages and now with the exception of that toenail which is hanging by a thread, everything seems to be well on the mend, although the new skin takes a LONG time to integrate with the old. Enjoy your vacation!

  4. Glad you are taking it easy, you really need it. That Murphy is so sweet! Is she a golden retriever? Take carešŸ„°

    1. Murphy is so sweet -- well there are days when she is a total pain. And yes -- she is part retriever and something else? Lab?? We've no idea, but whatever the mix, she's adorable!