Thursday, September 29, 2022

My BLUE shoes

We all have them -- those lazy days! I had one yesterday. I had a chat with my boss, then I had an errand, and it was much later than planned by the time I got home. So I wasn't motivated to work on quilts, but I did get one quilted. This is number EIGHT!

Quilt for Quilts of Valour - DONE

That leaves THREE more to do for this grouping of 11 eleven quilts, an incentive set out by the Quilts of Valour group. I got the binding on this one as well. It would appear that I did NOT take a picture even though I put the quilt on the cutting table to do so. I get so easily distracted! 

The next one is loaded on the long arm and ready to go today. I have one errand that hopefully won't take too long. Errands in the car usually involve chatting with someone, and I get caught in the conversation! 

Am I running out of steam for the long arm? I'm nearing the end of my downtime, and I have a timer in my head that says -- you need to get back to the day job! And I have to make backings for these quilts, which isn't a fun job as there is a bit of creative piecing required to make that happen. 

The last two quilt tops and their backing for the first groups of eleven

So here are the last two quilts and their bundle of flannel for the backing. Neither will be that big of a deal; it's just getting to it! After these, I'll take a break for a few days and then get started on the second grouping of eleven. 

I also thought of this quilt as I was working this morning. This is a quilt that I designed for Quilts of Valour, and I have already made two of the quilts. You can buy the pattern on their website. Just scroll down to see it -- It's called Beads and Baubles, and you can use a panel or piece the center. Anyway, I was in the process of making a third one using a panel when COVID hit, and the quilt has been sitting there ever since. 

A partially completed quilt for Quilts of Valour

I want ALL of this Oh Canada fabric out of my house! So I will finish the assembly of this quilt, and it'll go in the second grouping of eleven quilts. The backing is even here, and I might find enough of that red to bind the RCMP quilt? It'll be good to completely use up a fabric category (Oh, Canada), and well, I won't be buying more anytime soon. 

Here are the other two quilts that have been sitting here to be donated to Quilts of Valour. I've pulled them out, and I'll make some inquiries today. Hopefully, they can be dropped off when I drop off the batch of eleven next week. Yes, I anticipate getting all the bindings on and out the door next week. 

Two more quilts for Quilts of Valour plus some batting leftovers

There were also some scraps of batting left from quilts I quilted before COVID for the Quilts of Valour -- the batting came with the quilt kits I received from them. 

I've been doing pretty good with the roll of batting, and this is what remains of the roll. 

The Quilts of Valour roll of batting

I should have enough batting for one more quilt with the extra bits I found and the two pieces on top. Then I'll pull off the batting for the last quilt from the roll. I might be able to get both groups of eleven from one roll, which would be FANTASTIC!!! It's all about using one's resources carefully! 

So that is coming along nicely, and I'll also start binding those smaller quilts next week. It all needs to be done and would make a dent (not a significant dent), but a dent in the mess of quilts and fabric at my house. Actually, it does make a significant dent. The entire space is much more organized and neat, and tidy. So yes --- all this hard work is paying off! I'm getting my stash used up, and seeing the results makes me happy. I could have donated the fabric and called it a day, but I didn't want that. 

However, I walked to Diane's yesterday and picked up three more quilts, and they are now in the appropriate tub in the storage room. 

Three more quilts to quilt

I took some time in the afternoon to sort through my Superior Bottom Line thread collection. When this collection first came out, there were 50 colors. I don't remember the opportunity, but I ordered ONE spool of each color! Five new colors have been added. So I sorted what I had and didn't have, and I'll get some new spools in a bit. The missing ones are probably NOT missing -- they are stuck in a project box somewhere. There were six missing from the original 50 and 5 new ones! 

Sorting one of my thread collections

Well, I like my new BLUE shoes, but gosh -- they are bright! They look like boats, but that wider toe box is excellent. My little toe on the right foot seems to be happier, as it's no longer getting squished! 

My new blue shoes!

But I must remember to remove the last tag! 

Ooops -- forgot to remove this tag

And yes -- fall is coming. The leaves, which have been falling for a while, look pretty on the pather! 

Falling leaves

If you have a Husky, you know their eyes can be very creepy. Look at Lexi. She is so lazy, and when she's on the sofa, she is NOT budging. But she follows you with those eyes, and you can see her tracking you because of the light color! What a dog!!! DH thinks Lexi is in love with him, but I think it's only because he lets her sleep on the sofa and gives her treats, which he is NOT supposed to do. Sigh..........

MOM --- I can see you without moving my head!

I have a bit of e-mail to catch up on, but I might wait a day or two and try to get these quilts done. Then I can focus on e-mail this weekend and then plunge right into work next week! I'll see how the day goes!

Don't forget there is a quilt show in Brantford tomorrow and Saturday. It'll be fun to get out and see a show, although I was just at one last week. If you haven't seen the Fibre Art show at the Queen Elizabeth Center in Oakville -- you should go. It's free, and so many creative pieces to view. The show is on until October 14. 

And check out QUILTsocial today as well. It's all about achieving those perfect ¼" seams! And a great little sewing machine for retreats or as a second machine. 

On that note, I'm out of here! 

Have a super day!!!



  1. I love my New Balance shoes. I just got wild purple ones. The wide width is a must in our family otherwise we would all be wearing shoes 2 sizes bigger to have more space.

    1. I have never had an issue breaking them in. I do wear custom orthotics so remove the original footbed. My shoe size did go up a half a size about 4 years ago, but you had the scan so that shouldn’t be the issue.

    2. So weird --- I'll have to do some more checking to see what could be the cause of this. The shoes are great --- not the new blisters!