Friday, October 21, 2022

Courtrepointe Quebec Best in Show

 For a minute, I thought I might not have internet. But refreshed the page, and here I am! 

So the show's first day is over, and it was a lot of fun. I managed to chat with the customers in French, and I'm getting decent at it! We were out last night and told the fabric cutter (wait for that story) that we were from Ontario, and she told me my French was excellent! 

I went for a walk in the morning along the river and snapped a couple of pictures. But first, it's bizarre to walk in this area. The drivers STOP at the stop signs, don't turn right on red lights, and that sign with the speed limit? They respect it!! It's freaky!! I almost feel out of sorts because I don't have to watch the traffic like I do in Toronto. 

OK -- so that is another reason to want to move back here. And some of those houses along the river -- well, the view would be spectacular. This was the sunrise with Mont St. Hilaire in the background. And besides the bike path along the road, there were a couple of little stops along the way with benches and a bicycle rack. Now, how civilized is that? 


I spotted a free library along the road. I had a peek to see if they were french only books, but nope, there were a few in English as well. I just love the idea of these little libraries!! 

Free library

Here is our booth. It's HUGE, but then we have a LOT of sewing machines, embroidery machines, quilting machines, and sergers on display!! People are very much interested in the quilting machines -- we have a sit-down one to die for!! And there's a machine on a five-foot frame, so if you're tight on space, that's a great way to go, and you can do any size quilt on it by quilting one area, moving the quilt, and doing another area. 

Our booth

We have some employees from other stores helping us, so I get to speak French with them all day long. I love it!!!

I also picked up a membership form for Coutrepoint Quebec and will sign up for a membership. Actually, I can do that online today. They meet weekly on Zoom and so another opportunity to practice my French. 

This is a judged show; there are many entries, and I'll talk more about that another day. But here is the BEST IN SHOW. I forgot to get some close-ups, but this is a stunning quilt and encompasses MANY techniques. 

Best-in-show quilt

The big fancy ribbon

Hopefully, you can read that label in French and English. Shoot -- I may have to take another picture -- it seems blurry. 

Label for Best in Show

OH -- I have to take a picture of what we ate for lunch. It's unique, and I was skeptical, but it's probably the best food I've eaten at a trade show. Wait for that tomorrow. 

Once the day was done, Michelle and I were off. It's not as if there wasn't enough fabric around us, but we HAD to go to Club Tissus. I believe there are four of these places, and they are to die for if you love to sew and create. I wish we had them in Ontario. Oh -- another reason to move to Montreal! Anyway, it's a GIANT fabric store that is sectioned into different stores. One for sewing machines and accessories, one for garment sewing, another for notions, then home dec, yet another for quilting cotton, etc. It's like having everything under ONE roof; if you want an accessory, you will likely find it if you walk to the next boutique. Yet - it looks like one big store. It's amazing.

What is even more impressive is the variety of fabrics they have and the quantity and selection of colors and styles of each. We restrained ourselves, but it was hard. You had iridescent water-repellent fabrics and knits of all shapes and varieties; it was terrific. We saw Minky and plush in amazing prints. 

And I've never seen so much Baby Yoda fabric in my life! And I swear they had every bolt of Ruby Star society fabrics, and there was a TON of Tula Pink. I guess they like their modern fabrics here. 

Baby Yoda

And don't forget the wall of Kona. I suspect they have every color!! Now, if that doesn't look inviting, I don't know what would excite you. 

But did we buy anything? Yes -- I bought three things, and this is one of them. This was not on my radar, but as we neared the cash, Michelle wanted to look for one more thing, and I spotted this. Oh -- I can't leave that on the shelf, so I got enough to make a T-shirt. NOW when I get home, I NEED to make that T-shirt. It is more of a rust color; it's not bright orange. The lights in the hotel room are not made for taking pictures! 

Orange bicycle knit

Exciting times!!!! I learned a bunch of other stuff, but not ready to share yet. I had a very quick peek at some of the vendors at the show, and today I want to get out and look at some of the quilts. 

If you are interested in a class on the mySewnet embroidery software, I'm running a class on Zoom starting October 25, which is Tuesday. It's a three-part class (October, November, and December). If you have the software and want to sign up, call Brampton Sew and Serge (905-874-1564). I was going to run this personally, but why double-dip? If you waiting for ME to give you the information, I'm giving it to you this way. Sorry for the late notice. 

And that's it -- I need to get out for my walk. 

Have a super day!


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