Thursday, January 19, 2023

Coping with first world problems


It was too good to be true. My "new" phone is not working. Yep --- I'm so frustrated that I could just throw it away. For the moment, I'm banning all phone calls in or out and will do everything by text or e-mail. So if you want to call me, DON'T. I won't be answering my phone until I can figure this out. 

Here's the silly thing -- it's the SAME problem with two different phones. So one would think it can't be the phone. So you blame the carrier. However, the call does NOT drop. I can hear the other person clearly as anything. They just can't hear me. And the voice drop is sporadic.  

Sometimes I move to a different location in the house, and it works; sometimes, I have to go outside. But it happened three times each day in the last two days. That is not acceptable, so I am ignoring my phone! At least the voice part. It worked fine initially, but within a couple of weeks, it's a dud again! 

I will contact the carrier today to see if they can help, but I doubt it! And I'm out of pocket $300 that I paid through the insurance to get a new phone. 


Then this happened. I returned that power tower because it wasn't working, and it just felt cheap and like it would break in mere months. I did not purchase through that online store this time and went to the BestBuy website and saw that it was being sourced from a third party. OK -- I can live with that, and I paid $10 for shipping. 

But look at the darn package. 

That damn smiley face

Yep --- we all know who that smiley face belongs to. My favorite online store fulfilled the order. OK, so it's not a big deal, except that I paid $10 for shipping when I could have purchased it directly from them and got free shipping. Sigh...........................

Do I pursue this with Best Buy, or do I just forget it and learn a lesson? It's incredibly annoying when you try to avoid them and cannot! To say the least, I was miffed. 

However, this power tower is superior to the other one. First off, it feels more substantial, and it's smaller. I should have realized that before I even bought the first one. And it looks very similar to the existing ones I have. Now to get everything plugged in! 

My new power tower

After I wrote that I put all those rolls of paper in the storage closet, I felt guilty. So when I was quilting in the afternoon, I dug it all out. 

All the rolls of paper were removed from the storage room

Then I sorted it and put all the brand-new tracing paper and vellum into one of the containers. I need to contact the college to see if the students will use this. 

The rolls of brand-new paper

And then I took what was left --- 48" wide freezer paper, paper patterns that I had photocopied, a set of blueprints, and a few other things got rolled up nicely and back into the storage room. 

What I kept

I should have done that the first time. I also found a 36" wide roll of fusible web, which will NOT fit in my cupboard where all the rest of those products sit, so I chopped it in half, and now it's with the rest of the fusible products. 

A wide roll of fusible web

I just don't know why I "NEEDED" all this stuff and why I bought so much when I bought something? It really blows my mind! 

And the other day, I was searching for some background fabric for a new class I'm teaching --- Fab Farm at Thimbles and Things. Hmm --- I cannot go out and buy something. So I dug around, and I did find something that is perfect. I would never have done that before. I'd have been in the car before I could think and off to a quilt store. Now I was trying to find a way to NOT go to a quilt store. I have sure changed, and I wish someone would have smacked me on the side of the head years ago to NOT buy to excess. 

Shopping online isn't even an option for me. I made do with what I have, and it will look cute! I will only shop online if I have no choice, as it's too dangerous! Not only dangerous, but you become complacent and will buy ANYTHING, even if you don't need or want it! 

I signed up for two webinars yesterday, and to save time while watching, I put my laptop near the long arm, threw in my earbuds, and could listen and load simultaneously! Several times, I've thought about having a screen on the wall, but that will NOT do. Since I move my laptop around all the time for Zoom and to watch videos, so NO screen for me. 

Watching a webinar while loading a quilt

And here's what I worked on yesterday. 

Customer quilt - DONE

Another GIANT quilt, and yes, it was a later-than-usual evening for me. The next quilt is loaded on the long arm, and while it's huge, it's smaller than this one. But I suspect it'll take a while to quilt as well. 

This morning is devoted to the computer, as all my mornings should be. I'm feeling calm about it all and suspect I can clear up a lot of loose ends in a couple of hours. The afternoon is free, so I can get some quilting done and hopefully fire up the embroidery machine as well. 

I took more bags of fabric to Diane and got three quilt tops in return. It's a bit muddy in the forest with all this mild weather, and there isn't a flake of snow anywhere on the ground! It's a very weird January. 

More quilt tops from Diane

I had company as I finished off the quilt last night. Perhaps she was there to tell me it was bedtime? Whatever her message was, she was NOT budging, and I had to step over her numerous times. Silly girl!

MOM -- I need to be with you!

So I'm ripping through the KMs this month. On the trek that I mapped through Africa, I had to laugh. With Google Maps, you can spin 360 degrees to see what is beside and behind you. And I kept seeing this car behind me. Then I realized that the Google Car had a police escort through this section! Was that a trust issue or a protection issue? 

A police escort for the Google car

So now, with TWO additional issues to deal with, you can see how much time gets wasted coping with things I should NOT have to deal with. I could waste an entire morning on stuff like that. But I have admin work to do. It's just mind-boggling how much time we waste dealing with issues. It drives me crazy! 

The moral of that is -- the less you own, and the less you buy, the less time you spend managing it! 

OH -- I found the blog post about the house hit by a car. If you scroll down in that post to see the picture, I think the fire had already happened, as you can see black areas on the fence, but the rest of the house doesn't look fire damaged. I'm just glad it wasn't my house. What a huge mess. Lexi and I will have to check out the progress this morning. 

How here's a dilemma. I'm reading The It Girl by Ruth Ware - well, I'm listening to it on audiobook and reading The White Hare by Jane Johnson. Both are good, and you want to know what will happen. So when you want to "read" before bed -- which do you choose? I chose the rabbit as it was a physical book! 

On that note, I'm out of here!! 

Remember that we have a Virtual Retreat his weekend. 

Saturday, January 21, starting at 6 PM

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And Sunday, January 22, starting at NOON. 

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Have a super day!!!!


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