Saturday, January 21, 2023

What's your reading style?

 OK --- no idea what the phone problem is yet. A couple more clues to track down, but yesterday I was standing in the middle of my backyard and still having difficulties! I'm away next week, and it'll be interesting to see if I still have issues. Could it be this house? I'll keep you up to date!

While I accomplished paperwork yesterday morning, it was under duress. Why? Something happened (and not with the phone), and it wasn't anything devastating, but it was extremely annoying, putting me in a foul mood. After an hour, I chatted with someone about it, which cleared the air. It's still super annoying, but what can you do? One must put the big girl panties on and move along. It's not good to stew about this kind of thing, however annoying they are! But that is easier said than done! 

So -- I'm almost caught up on the admin work for classes. Thank goodness -- it was getting a bit out of hand there for a while. I have two more class follow-ups that shouldn't take long, and I MUST make notes of what I plan to prep for the next round. I have various ways of keeping myself organized, and so far, so good! 

But there has to be an easier way. I understand why people do it, but I HATE when they sign up and say -- sign me up for all five. There is NO mention of a specific class; although I know the classes, my search engine will NOT find that e-mail. Some people have learned and will send me a separate e-mail with the class title in the subject or somewhere in the body of the e-mail. But SIGN ME UP FOR ALL FIVE? That is going to get lost. 

In an ideal world, there would be a website, and if someone wanted to sign up, they would click on a link, be added to the distribution list for that class, and payment would be highlighted beside their name. The hours that would save me would be incredible! I must do some research as I know there are tools out there. OH --- a quick search revealed TWO options -- I MUST find out more. 

And while I worked all day, I don't have much to show! I took tons of pictures, but they are all safely sitting in their respective presentations for this morning. Yep -- all three for today are done, and one for tomorrow is done, leaving one left to assemble, which I'll do this afternoon. 

If someone sends in a late picture -- too bad. I do not need to accommodate people who send pictures at the last minute. Why should I? Nope -- not doing that any longer. The picture will go in next month's presentation, and I'm OK with that. I got a lovely e-mail from a student yesterday saying how much she enjoyed my presentations and how well-presented and prepared they are. Thank you!!! I know it's not just one person who appreciates that, so I thank EVERYONE who attends and those repeat people - well, they make it all worthwhile! 

As I mentioned, it's wet out there! And the princess, who never used to like walking through water, had zero issues about traipsing right through it. 

Lexi in a puddle

Fortunately, there are some logs on the left that I use to skirt the puddle, as I didn't have my boots on. She has become so much braver in the last year. She's like the lion in The Wizard of Oz -- she's found courage! 

I completed another customer quilt, but I realized this morning that it's still on the long arm. Oh --- I'll take it off, and you can see it tomorrow. Pizza arrived just as I finished quilting it, and then I forgot to go back! 

I'll load the next quilt and try to work on it today or tomorrow. I'm making good progress through the queue, and everything is on time, so that's a good thing. 

I also finished the audiobook yesterday. Yikes --- I knew there would be a twist, and I didn't see that coming. But I figured it out at the same time as the main character in the book! It was good --- that was The It Girl by Ruth Ware. So I was able to return it as there is a huge waiting list for that one. 

The other two books on my shelf also have waitlists, but I'm OK with that. So I started to read The Hobbit. I know --- how silly, but I'm currently walking through The Shire on my Virtual Challenge, and I thought it might be fun to reread the book. I read it years ago and remember NOTHING from the book. But I need clarification with Sam, Frodo, and Bilboa, and I must ask DH about the connection. Sigh --- I'm not good with that stuff. 

And someone posted this on Facebook yesterday, which I thought was hilarious. If you're a book lover, you'll get it. 

Yep --- as for number one -- I usually have two books on the go -- one on audiobook, one a physical book, and sometimes a third book non-fiction. 

As for number two --- yes -- there are several shelves of my books to read and several more from the library. 

Number three? Oh gosh --- over 300+ on my list. That's crazy, considering I read about 50 novels in a year, and more books get added all the time. 

Sometimes, number four is what gets me through the day. The fact that I get to read before going to bed. It's a reward, although some books are hard to read and I don't look forward to them. 

Number five -- not so much, although I have sometimes felt that way. 

Number six? I don't so much enjoy a well-written sentence as I cringe at poorly written ones and wonder how they made it into a published book. Who was the editor? 

Number 7 -- not so much

Number 8 --- NEVER. OK -- so I'm rereading The Hobbit and don't remember anything about the book, so I read for immediate pleasure, not to keep those facts in my head! 

Number 9 --- YES. Always have felt that way!

How do you stack up???? 

I also finished the physical book I was reading and started the next one. Yep -- just like that! I'll walk the other one to the library today and not look at any new books. I will not! 

More writing got done, so that was a bonus, and I should be able to finish it later today. Yes --- it's going to be a busy afternoon, considering the last class (on Zoom) ends at 2 PM, and the Virtual Retreat starts at 6. 

The story of my life! 

Let's say you want to learn something; we all know the internet is filled with Youtube videos and websites to learn anything. But I started a small group for people with digital cutters. So why do we have a Facebook page where people can post stuff? I think because there are two main people who post (myself and one other), we cull out the crap! I've found some fantastic videos focusing more on learning than just doing another project. I'm enjoying the culling process and learning tons in the meantime! 

However, I would like a 30-hour day. There are videos I want to watch, books I want to read and things I want to sew, and technology I want to master, and there just isn't enough time in the day! But -- -that's OK.

I look forward to getting up every day to see what crazy stuff I'll learn or what I'm going to do, and that's enough to keep me going! 

Well, enough about all that. It's time to get moving -- it's going to be a crazy day!

Remember the Virtual Retreat tonight starting at 6 PM. 

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Sunday, January 22, starting at NOON

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Have a super day!!!



  1. I'm with you! For the life of me, I cannot understand why adults choose not to follow simple instructions. They have no idea how much additional work they create for you/us. You run a business and I run a volunteer project.

    Cheers to reading! I read 89 books in 2022. My "to read" list on my library site had 89 on it. I made the decision that I will pay no attention (well maybe a little?) I am going to read this list that has been building for many years. I'll never get to the ones that have been there the longest if I don't set this goal.

    My reading rule is, no matter what time I get up, I read until 0700 (I'm retired and wake between 0500 and 0630).
    I won't mourn the books I don't get to read for I could not read them all if I spent every waking hour reading.

    Happy Saturday :-)

  2. For me, it isn't about being "sad and lost" when finishing a great book, it is about that it will take a while to quit comparing every book that I read to that great book. And to try to finish the other books when they don't measure up! ( I have been known to read a nonfiction book to "clean my brain.")
    Also, you (and Elle) are the reason that I am working through the numerous stacks, bins, and bags of stuff I have in my house. While I don't work on the project for long, I do go back and keep chipping away on it. It really helps when you point out that you have been working on your house for 10 years. Many of the people who write about decluttering make it seem like you do the work and you are done. That has not been my experience. This time, I am in it for life! Thank you.