Thursday, January 26, 2023

Snowed in!

I have yet to go outside, but could we be snowed in? We had a lot of snow yesterday, but the retreat house is also on a hill, and the snow was blowing, so hopefully, it blew away from the yard and not into it! 

We'll be out for our walk once it gets light, and then we'll see. This region is on the ball for road maintenance, so that won't be a problem, but we have to get from the house to the road. And if we don't get out for our walk until later, I'm OK with that. The road past the house is a gravel road, so it's not on the priority list, and I have yet to see the plow pass today. 

But we were out yesterday and got our KM in. The temperature was nice, and it was only on the afternoon walk when it started to snow and the wind picked up that it wasn't the most pleasant to be out. Again -- there is no bad weather, just bad clothing! 

What did I work on yesterday? OK -- so most of you will think I've gone crazy, but I worked on that pile of scraps that were in the decorative tin. That's my plan for when I downsize. I will work on scraps, but I may not have any if I keep working on them now. As if that would happen! 

My scrap pile

So that was the pile that I started with. I'm not going to explain what I did -- not yet, since I'm going to use this for my scrap class on Saturday. But this is what I had by the end of the day. 

Blocks (32) made from the scraps

And yes -- I know - there are some small pieces there, but I'm OK with that. I love working with small pieces, and I LOVE the process of making something from nothing. I also like working from yardage, but I fell in love with scraps early on and to me, working with scraps is the most exciting part of quilting. So that's why Diane is getting most of my stash to play with! 

Here's one sneak peek at what they'll see on the weekend. How small is too small? And this was a weird shape, so I did toss a few pieces, but they don't even fill my little thread catcher!

Odd shaped scraps

I'm onto day two of working with this scrap bundle, and I hope to finish today. I'm not sure how long it'll take me, but I want to be done - today!

I checked my retreat bag, and there are only four other projects, which is good planning. There is NO danger of running out of things to sew as one of them could keep me busy for months. But slow and steady is my motto, and I want to work on all four of them before leaving. I might be able to finish one more and then do a bit on each. I'll see how it goes. We leave on Sunday, so we still have loads of time to work! 

Yes -- we spoiled ourselves, and our retreats are now ONE week long. How decadent! But it gives you a nice break, and if you don't want to sew, you can bring something else or go shopping. Or you can walk a couple of hours daily, which Helen Anne and I do. We have some amazing conversations, and I learn a lot. Yep --- lots of fun at the retreat. 

In keeping with the scrap theme, Maryke brought a project she is working on, and I wanted to try it with some different products. My product isn't going to work for the way she does the project, but it will work for me! I "stole" scraps from her and made these two pieces. 

Scrappy postcards

I won't be able to finish them today as I need some more products from home, but I should be able to get the "tops" done today. They are teeny, not really a top, but they are the top of a postcard. 

And I'm making progress on trimming those half-square triangles. I will finish before we leave. Will I finish today? 

Progress on trimming half-square triangles

We are eating like queens and having a blast so if ever you get a chance to go to retreat -- GO!! I see a couple of people e-mailed me about a retreat, and I'll get in touch with you when I'm home and see what we can arrange. That retreat would be for anyone who has never attended an in-person retreat. I checked the calendar last night for this house, and we had to book immediately for next year as the dates are filling up. But some spots are open to book a weekend, so we'll see how that goes. If you've never been to a retreat and would like to try it, send me an e-mail. My e-mail, if you need it, is And the retreat would be in either Shelburne or near New Hamburg. 

I won't steer you wrong, as I've been organizing these retreats for YEARS. And I have no idea how many retreats I've been to -- I'd say it's now close to 100. GASP. I know - you're going to say -- that's not true, but we went to Quilter's MisBeehaven in Bracebridge 23 times before it closed. Since then, we've been to Seams Appropriate in Huntsville, Fireside in Orillia (now closed), Springhouse retreat in New Hamburg, and Retreat at the Farm in Shelburne. And I've been to several guild retreats at hotels. We started off with two a year, and now, well, I went to 6 retreats last year and booked for 5 this year already. 

Actually, it might be closer to 75 -- 100 is definitely not right.  

This is what it looked like out the window yesterday. This picture was taken in the afternoon, and we were toasty warm in the house. The light in this room is the BEST of all the sewing rooms I've sewn in. I'm jealous of not having this much natural light at home. 

The view from the window

And last night, the snow was clinging to the window and looked like flocked wallpaper. And thanks to Cathy and her crew, who showed us that six people fit beautifully into this room, and we each have our own table, with lots of room to move around! 

Flocked wallpaper on the windows

Well, it's time to hit the scrap pile. 

Oh -- here's the link to Day Three of QUILTsocial. I had so much fun making those projects - check them out. 

Have a great day, and STAY safe. If you don't need to go out until the roads are plowed, then don't! 


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