Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Giving from the heart

I don't know what's happening to my e-mail. I have e-mail on my phone and the computer. I vowed I would never do that, but here we are! Sometimes, I think it's a bad thing because I'll view the e-mail on my phone and mentally compose a response, but I won't actually do it on the phone as the keyboard is too small and then forget when I get to the computer or think I've already sent a response. 

But for the e-mail to come to both devices, they must sync with each other and the server. My phone has zero issues, but my computer? It's sluggish in the sync department. This morning is no exception. Could it be a memory issue? I don't think so. And sometimes, the only thing that will work is to close Outlook and reopen it, which I should do every day. 

But there are times when it refuses to open, and that's definitely a memory issue, as once I reboot my computer, I'm OK for the most part. I should call to see if something can be done, OR I'll start by trying to close down Outlook every night. Maybe not the computer, but at least Outlook!

I love technology, but I HATE wasting time when it doesn't work! And since my pictures come to the computer via e-mail, I don't have pictures yet!

I had another good chuckle as I wrote in the journal last night. Eleven years ago, it was also Monday sewing! And ten years ago, I went to a spin class. That shows how much of a routine I keep and how "boring" it is. Hey --- I like routine and habits -- all good ones, of course!

As you know, I'm in the process of donating my fabric stash to charities, but I want to avoid bagging it up and giving it to a guild. That kind of donation would create a massive problem for a guild, and I want to ensure everyone is safe from my mess. Hence, having Diane sew the quilt tops has been a godsend! And if I can find a worthy donation (like Quilts of Valour and Project Linus), I'm happy to make that happen. 

So I received a heartwarming e-mail last night about one of the two RCMP quilts I gave someone to find a worthy home for them. Both recipients were chosen with great care; the second quilt was delivered last weekend. The story and the response were heartwarming and brought faith to me in the knowledge that many people out there would "kill" for a quilt. And then others couldn't care less. This is why I will NOT give a quilt as a gift, as I have no one to give them to who will appreciate it! 

Let's just say that we do NOT realize the trauma, PTSD, and other frightening events that have changed the lives of the police officers that serve and protect us. No organization (to my knowledge) provides quilts to retired police, but it's something to think about! That has got my mind rolling as I have a "few" quilts here, and what the heck am I going to do with them all? If I count all the tops that need to be quilted, there are hundreds of quilts that could be donated. 

I may have to take an entire year off and do nothing but quilt those tops and get rid of them! 

Speaking of quilt tops, I picked up two more from Diane, and I have more bags of fabric to deliver to her. As I dropped the bag off at her house and picked up the new one, I asked her husband if the neighbors think we were doing drug runs? 

Two more quilts to quilt

I got to work on one of my pieced quilts yesterday during Monday's sewing. I made a few blocks which you see around my striped fabric quilt. There is NOT enough contrast in the background fabric I chose, but that's OK. When the alternative block is there, it'll be better. 

My productive day

So here's the next thing to go. I inherited this treadle from someone who had to downsize; at the time, I NEEDED stuff like this. It never passed my front hall, and it's used to hold the dog leashes. Well, it's time to say goodbye. So I'll open it up (finally) and take pictures so my friends in the know can advise me on what to do with it. But if you need a treadle -- it's free for pick-up at my house. 

The base of the treadle

Yes --- EVERYTHING MUST GO in this house! And I'm not even downsizing yet, and I still have 19 years before that happens! The more I clean and tidy, the more I realize that I like the wide open spaces, and it makes me happy to not have to move stuff around, and it makes me happy that it's easier to keep clean. Of course, we will NOT be without furniture, but anything extra -- gone! 

I should be starting at the top of the house (bedroom closets) again, but I don't really have the time, so I'll keep puttering away little bits at a time, and it will happen. 

I was browsing some e-mails the other day, and I came upon the announcement of the release of this book by Jen Kingwell. I know a number of you bought it, and Has anyone made any recipes from it? If so, I want to hear from you. Were the recipes good? Complicated? 

Quilt Recipes by Jen Kingwell

Had an excellent software class last night and another one this morning. I am learning so much about the software! The User's Guide and PLAYING have become my favorite thing! And once that class is over, I've got a lot of work to do. The next quilt is loaded on the long arm; there is some editing to do and things to embroider! And let's not forget an e-mail or two that needs to be sent! 

All the Barbie stuff is gone. Yep -- another walk to the post office, and I used that flat rate box again! It's neat to know that it's one price, and you can shove as much in the box as will fit. 

On that note, I'm out of here!!!

Have a super day!!


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  1. Hubster is an IT expert. His instructions to me is to either do a full shut-down of my laptop every day, or at least do a restart. You clear that temporary memory space as it builds and builds as long as you have not taken 1 of these 2 actions.

    Another thing is to run a defrag of your device. When there are bits of 'working space' here and there, the machine has to take time to find it as opposed to when a large space is available.

    Treadles: years ago, a niece "rescued" a cabinet from the sidewalk down the street so the garbage truck wouldn't take it. I have it at the entry to our mountain cabin. A tablerunner on top. It is my drop spot for sunglasses, gloves, keys. And there is a basket on the treadle that contains a silk plant w/flowers. So for me, a piece of furniture :-) If it had a machine in it, I would have passed it on to someone who would use it, as you are!

    Happy Tuesday :-)