Friday, January 20, 2023

It's WET out there!

Could there be a glimmer of hope about the phone? I spoke to someone yesterday who has similar issues, and they have "solved" it by finding a spot in their house where their voice doesn't cut out (I wasn't sure if it was just their voice or the call -- need to check that out) and then they use earbuds to roam the house while they talk. Hmm --- that could work, but where is that sweet spot? I was standing at the backdoor with my phone outside yesterday and still had issues! 

I was up late last night trying to finish two books! I finished work "early" at 7 PM and settled in the living room with my physical book. And guess who was there to entertain me. 

MOM -- look at us - we LOVE each other

Yes --- at first, it was only Murphy because DH was on the couch, and so was Princess Lexi. But when he went to bed, she came to harass Murphy and me. Of course, I would have gotten to bed much earlier if I had not had to rescue Murphy's ball from under the furniture MANY times. I swear she does that on purpose! 

They are both HUGE attention seekers, just like your kids were when you got on the phone, and that was the instant that they needed you NOW. These girls are like that! 

Lots got done yesterday - emails, presentations, and other stuff, so it was a very productive paperwork morning. I hope to repeat that today. I've got one more writing assignment to finish, and I would like that done TODAY!!

What's really nice is when you dread putting together a distribution list only to discover that it's already together! Yes!!! There are a couple more to attend to today, and most of the administration work for class start-ups will be done! Yeah! 

When Lexi and I walked past the damaged house, I was surprised to see how much progress they had made. 

Progress on the house repair

Oh, my progress on the books? I finished the main part of the book before bed. Just the author's notes and epilogue to read. Phew -- -it took a bizarre turn that I didn't see coming, and everything wrapped up way too neatly, but that's OK. I have less than two hours on the audiobook, and there's a BIG twist coming, and I can't see it. I think I know what it is, but I'll just have to wait until this afternoon to see if I'm right. I'm always wrong, so what can the twist be? 

And then I need to STOP borrowing books from the library and read what's on my shelf! At least the books I borrow don't cost me anything, and I can return them when I'm done, but I need to read the books on my shelf. There are so many good books and so little time to read! 

The weather is totally crazy here, and I feel like we have been transported to Vancouver. 


It wasn't raining when I walked the dogs, so that was good. But it was raining in the afternoon, and that afternoon walk is a habit that I can't break, and I don't want to either! So I got my raincoat, and I went for my hour-long walk. 

Let's just say that it was wet, and why is it only your front that gets wet? 


That was an excellent excuse to put PJs on for the rest of the day! As the saying goes, "there is NO bad weather, only bad equipment." It was glorious to be out, and hardly anyone else was walking, and I used the hood of my rain jacket instead of an umbrella. OK -- it was a heavy misting, not rain, but still very wet. 

Murphy was having a grand time sitting on the back deck, and her nose was in high gear. What could she smell?

Murphy enjoying the weather

And there is the funny girl, Lexi, who was grooming herself in the office. She is a hoot and just loves it when I scratch her ears. OK -- mental note, I must sit in the living room more often as she really enjoyed that last night, despite Murphy being jealous and feeling the need to butt in all the time. 

Lexi grooming

Even the fish are out of sorts. Very little ice is in the pond, and they are at the surface when they should be in the depths, hibernating! 

The fish are active

While this customer quilt is large, it was definitely smaller than the previous two I did earlier this week. But it's done, and it turned out beautiful. 

Customer quilt

The next one, smaller yet, is on the long arm for later today. I managed to get some homework cut and sewn for the classes this weekend. I worked on the presentations, and I'm in good shape. Just that writing assignment is looming over my head!

My values haven't changed a whole lot over the years. Some habits have changed, but not my core values. Look at these sayings I used for screen printing over 20 years ago! I laughed when I read those and I should recreate them in the embroidery software!

Love these quotes

OH -- I also experimented with the embroidery software yesterday, and it worked! That saved me lots of time, and I have something new to teach in my February class. Yes --- it pays to think outside the box and to TRY things. I'm amazed how many people are looking for a tried and true formula for many things, especially in the craft world. Give me a pattern and step-by-step instructions, and HEY --- that works, but you learn nothing. Screw up some fabric, cut it incorrectly or backward, and you'll learn! With creativity tools, you have to experiment. If we all followed the same formula, this would be a boring world., so get out there and TRY. Make mistakes! 

OK, so on my virtual walk through Africa, and I'm in Nigeria, I hit on a truck stop this morning. Oh my --- a whole lot different from our truck stops, and I wonder about the roadworthiness of some of those trucks! Now that I'm out of the desert, I love checking every morning to see where I am! 

A truck stop in Nigeria

OH MY GOSH _-- I don't know how this is happening, but social media is a pain in the butt. I'm trying to eliminate everyone on Instagram who shouldn't be there. And I swear it's almost a daily event to delete some of these robot accounts. Seriously??? Get OFF my account. I'm not an active IG person, and I get these darn "followers."  

And I get that people want to make money with sewing or quilting, but the number of people regurgitating the SAME information repeatedly is driving me nuts. I seem to be getting new emails every day with "buy this pattern," "join my paid club," and I swear that everything is so saccharine sweet, bubbly, and cute --- what happened to the real world of quilting? It's been turned into a cutesy craft place! 

Oh well, if it keeps people sewing, I shouldn't complain, but just because you think you can write a pattern or teach a class and you've got the technology to boot -- doesn't mean you should! The market will soon (if it isn't already) be saturated, and no one will make money. I don't go big -- I could if I wanted, but who wants that stress? Not me! I just want to have fun with the people I know, and it gives me great pleasure to keep my numbers down - what do I care about the number of likes? Means nothing to me. 

Well, I've got to run. It's time to walk the girls! 

OH --- don't forget that we have a virtual retreat this weekend. 

Saturday, January 21, starting at 6 PM

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 892 5423 3911 Passcode: 982797

Sunday, January 22, starting at NOON

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 861 1959 8156
Passcode: 053861

Have a super day!!!!


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  1. I didn’t know you had fish in your pond, how fun! Yes, spend more time on the couch with the girls, they would love it. Is Murphy a golden retriever?