Sunday, February 19, 2023

Barn Star Sampler -- let's do it!

I am trying to figure out what is happening with the blog. There used to be a link on the page where you could sign up for e-mails, and each day, you'd get an e-mail with the link to the blog. That doesn't seem to be happening, and then I hear from people that they just got an e-mail. Then others say they are no longer getting it. ACK!!! I have no control over that! The link is still there, but it doesn't work -- I should investigate and remove it! 

So if you want to ensure you get the blog every day, you can use several third-party software to make that happen. I used to suggest you use Bloglovin, but that appears to have died. There are a couple of other services you can use -- one of them is called Feedly, and there is also Registering my blog with those links will get you a daily e-mail with the link to the blog post. 

I hate when they make changes, and no one tells you about them; GRRR! But that is life, and we'll find solutions to all the problems if we look hard enough. You might be better with as it's free, and I think you may have to pay for Feedly. I'm sure other sites do the same thing. If you use one OTHER than the three mentioned, let me know so I can pass that along to the readers. 

So the three presentations went well, I need to send out the follow-up homework this afternoon, and the presentations for today are also done. This is a stressful weekend since FIVE things are due. Now, why did I make that happen? It means I must not leave all the sewing until the last minute. And I have no one to blame but me! 

OK --- so I've had more inquiries about the Barn Star Sampler, and LET'S DO IT!!! 

I'll get in touch with those that have already sent me an e-mail. I know there are a few sew-alongs out there, but let's see if there's enough interest to run another one - BY ME! If you have NOT sent me an e-mail, and I just checked, only a few sent me a note, and I need at least TEN to make it worth my while to run as a class. So if you are interested, let me know, and we can start this.


Barn Star Sampler

It'll run for the remainder of this year, and we'll start ASAP. The book has seven quilts, so you don't have to make the giant one on the cover. It'll likely be a Saturday morning or a Friday evening, so let me know your preference when you send the e-mail. I'll charge $25 for it, but you'll get zoom recordings and handouts! 

Make sure to put BARN STAR in the subject to help me figure out where the e-mail should be filed. 

I had to search for some batiks this morning. OH -- I knew I had batiks but had forgotten how much I have. This fabric grouping is still sitting in boxes in the stash room. 

So I went through box number one. 

The first box of batiks

Then I went through box number two. 

Box number two of batiks

And when I moved box number two into Studio B to sort through it, I discovered a BASKET of batiks behind it. Sigh................... Perhaps I'll make my Barn Star quilt from batiks! 

A basket of batiks

And in that hidey hole behind the basket of batiks, I found a block of the month kit. Sigh............ I remember putting it there but had forgotten about it. 

A hidey-hole with a block of the month tucked away

Do you remember a while back, I was dealing with some vellum I had used at Sheridan College? 

A big sheet of vellum

Well, I still need to deal with all the pieces of vellum. Those big fish shapes are taped on, and I intend to remove them so the vellum can be reused. I MUST do that today. That's part of my problem. I expect to get so much done, and then I run out of steam, or more likely, I run out of time. And then that task gets forgotten or left behind. If only I were better at finishing something, particularly my tidy-up projects! Well, that's a habit I can aspire to! 

But I discovered this in searching through the batiks, where the hand-dyed fabric also resides. It was a strike-off from when I screen-printed that fish for the theatre. 

My strike-off 

Can you tell me why there is a huge hole cut in the middle? OH -- I remember why. We needed to make PROFESSIONAL swatches for the theatre. The kind you find in a cardboard header with the name, etc. That is why there is a hole, and I bet if I go to the area where all my work from the college is stored, I'll find the header! 

But I also found this piece of fabric which I designed and printed. I made two colorways and never seem to find both at the same time. But I made a quilt with this colorway, and it got sold. My inspiration was the leaves on the path in the forest. I LOVE it, but I don't have much of it left. I should find something creative to do with the bits I have left. 

One of the fabrics I designed and printed

Several years ago, we got a new front door and handle. We can barely get out of our house now or in as the handle slips, and it won't turn the mechanism inside. 

Our door handle doesn't work well

So I trundled off to the hardware store yesterday to see if I could buy a new one. Yes - I can, but for $155. As I was inspecting the box, I saw a symbol on it. LIFETIME GUARANTEE. Hmmm --- that is worth following up on. I did the same thing when I was going to replace some Olfa Rotary cutters. As I looked at the packaging, it said LIFETIME GUARANTEE, and they honored it. Let's hope that Schlage is as quick about it as Olfa was. 

Before contacting them, I had better figure out the correct terminology to sound like I know what I'm talking about. Actually, it's the mechanism that moves the latch bolt that is slipping. Here's what I think is wrong - the latch assembly has worn, so the spindle can no longer connect properly. It's slipping and won't move the latch bolt so the door can open. AHA -- now I can ask my question. 

And here's my Murphy. The dogs have their favorite owner; one loves DH, and the other loves me! Don't get me wrong, they love us both, but Lexi is a Daddy's girl. He "scolds" her when she sits too close on the sofa, but seriously. If that's his definition of discipline, let's just leave it at that. He WANTS her to sit close! 

Murphy is a big kid

Murphy just runs to the beat of a different drum. She is not keen on being on the furniture because she can't rearrange it like she does with her dog bed. And why is this blanket in bed? Let's get that out! But she knows the word "TV," and even when it's not on, if we ask her, "what's on TV?" she looks at the TV. What a girl!!!! 

OK -- so I've got to run as those girls need a walk. And this is the ONLY time that Lexi thinks I'm her best friend. She is desperate to walk with me, but if DH took her, she wouldn't care about me! Since that will never happen, I'm still Lexi's hero for walks!!

Have a super day!!



  1. It must have been a batik day! I was going through some of my crates of fabric and I pulled my batiks to see exactly what I have. I think I have enough for a quilt. Now to decide on a pattern. I have a friend who is expecting, so I also pulled my "boy" flannels. Now to clean up what I pulled out Torry!

  2. Linda ronstadt-you and I, travel to the beat of a different drum….. now it’s playing in my head 🤣. You are lucky to have so many batik fabrics-my favorite. Your quilt will be so beautiful 😻