Saturday, February 11, 2023

Mom's home!

I'm HOME!! 

We said goodbye to the few remaining people on the sales team in the morning, and those who remained were off to work! What was that? Well, you don't need to know the details, but let's say we had a date with these. 

A big roll of purple fabric

A big roll of blue fabric

Those are rolls of fabric - as if you couldn't tell. While I could lift it onto the table, it was not easy. However, by the time we were done -- those rolls were much more manageable! Yep --- if you want this job -- you must be able to lift. No question. The machines are heavy, the fabrics are heavy, and well, there's just a LOT of product to be moved around! 

I don't know how many yards of fabric were on each, but I think I took the pictures AFTER we were finished. Oh -- I don't know, but they were heavy to start! 

As the week progressed and we were finished with things, I packed my car. OK -- so some people say they are OCD for certain things; I'm becoming OCD about neatness and tidiness. I know -- you're laughing when you think of my office, but as a general rule, I HATE messiness, especially in public. 

So every night, I tidied the room, put the garbage in the garbage, and cleaned the cutting mats, or whatever was needed. I couldn't help myself. And that also meant packing what belonged to me (that I could), and it got put in the car. There were still a few last-minute things to pack before leaving, and then I was off. 

When I got home, I had to unload the car. I offered to take my colleague to the airport. What the heck was I thinking? There was no room for her in the front seat, let alone her suitcases! 

I had a large embroidery machine, an embroidery unit, and THREE sergers. 

Machines that came home with me

My suitcase with samples and other stuff. 

My sample suitcase

My clothes suitcase and more goodies. I might have been able to pack a wee bit tighter, but there still wouldn't have been room for anyone else in the car! 

More stuff brought in from the car

I had a Zoom call last night, so I had to get prepped for that. It didn't take long, and I'm thrilled to see the progress of so many in our "remedial" Jen Kingwell class. It's for those that want to get any of the four quilts (sew-alongs) that I taught. We are 24 in the class, and several of us have more than one quilt to work on. But that doesn't matter. If we go at the rate we are, we should be able to finish by the end of the year. 

My goal is to be the only person in the December class. We'll all be there with our finished quilt tops and toast each other for all our hard work! Of the four quilts, I now have three quilt tops ready to quilt, and I want them quilted and bound by the end of the year. That leaves ONE more quilt to finish sewing the blocks and get it together. Then we can regroup and decide if we want any other Jen Kingwell quilts. 

I had checked the weather before heading out for my walk yesterday, and it was supposed to be nice. Well, it wasn't too cold, but it was raining slightly. I didn't have the right jacket, but that didn't stop me. I made my loop, and thankfully at the turnaround point, it stopped raining and was very pleasant. 

I'll be walking this morning with the girls who were very excited to see me yesterday. Murphy was a total pain when I was on my Zoom call and wanted me to have my arm around her at all times, but that was impossible. 

MOM -- we missed you!!!!!! 

And even Miss Aloof was quite affectionate, but on her own terms, of course! This is one of her favorite spots - under the kitchen table!

DAD -- did you know Mom's home?

I have TWO classes this morning. Both are follow-ups to classes from last weekend. One of the presentations is ready to go; I have to put the other one together. I have until 1 PM to get that done. It's not complicated, so it shouldn't be a problem. Then I have the afternoon to get some writing done, and I'll do some unpacking or at least try to get some of that stuff moved to Studio B. 

Yep --- there are a "few" classes on the schedule this coming week and much work to do to get them ready. But this is so much fun, and I learn so much while listening to the participants and prepping that it's all worth it. 

But I really hate when I wake up in the middle of the night -- completely wide awake and can't get back to sleep. Then when I do actually wake up for the day, I can barely move. Hopefully, by Monday morning, I'll be back in the complete swing of things. 

Things are back to normal at our house for at least a couple of weeks. Between DH and myself, there was only one of us here for the last three weeks. I haven't even looked at my travel schedule, but I believe I'm home for the remainder of this month. Yeah!!

Well, it's time to get to work! 

Have a super day!!!!


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  1. Glad you got home safely and back to your sweet babies. Murphy is so beautiful, is she a golden retriever? You are getting so much done 🤗