Monday, February 27, 2023

I've got COURAGE

I laughed when I read the comment about the sofa and the dog. We are NOT trying to keep Lexi off the sofa. I already put a blanket, which used to be in one of the dog beds, on the sofa. I don't want her to think she's entitled to sleep there 100% of the time. She needs to learn that there are rules in the house. We've already broken the one about being on the sofa, and those tables were for Murphy, not Lexi!

Lexi was too skittish to even think of jumping on the sofa, and the reason she started jumping up was to escape Murphy, who would "torment" her. DH was on the couch, and that became her safe place. Well, now she thinks she can just jump up any old time - like coming in from outside with muddy feet, etc. So I don't care if she's on the sofa, just not all the time! 

Maybe that's bizarre thinking, but it's good for her to change up the scenery a bit! 

As I mentioned, she was skittish and would NEVER even think of coming into the office. Too closed in, and don't even ask her to go up or down the stairs in the house. She's good with the front steps, but that's it. Put her in a room with a door? She's never been in a room with a door in our house (OH -- I guess she's been in DH's office, but it took her years to get comfortable to actually go in the room. We're not sure what happened to her in her first year, but I suspect, she was locked up in a small room all day, and from the moment she came here, she NEVER attempted the stairs. She HATES them. 

As for my office, with a bit more clutter, she wouldn't even think of it. But look at her yesterday. 

Mom -- look at me -- I've got courage!

She had to walk past two piles of stuff on the floor, one of them being a couple of empty cardboard boxes. That is HUGE for her. 

And if we saw strange stuff on the road, she shied away from it. But yesterday, when we came across a shopping cart on the side of the path in the forest, she was all over it. I didn't get my camera out in time to take a picture. 

An abandoned shopping cart

OK -- -enough about the dogs!!! What about me? I love clipboards and have a number of them, but they can be messy. I use them to take notes during classes of things to follow up. But it gets a bit complicated when someone mentions an idea that would be good for a topic in another class or perhaps it's another class idea. 

The messy clipboard

So I got out a brand new notebook, and this is my book to take notes for follow-up or future ideas or whatever. I need it to keep me organized as the clipboard is great, but my notes are all over. So I'll translate them from one spot to the other this week. Also --- people would share ideas for a new class, or something I want to look up on the internet later. It's now going to get documented in the book. 

My new notebook

I've designated a page for EACH topic as it comes up. Well, that sounds totally random, but it's not. It works. 

We had a blast at the Virtual Retreat yesterday. I missed Nina (from Germany) as I was out for a walk. Hi Nina!!! Sorry I missed you! We had a couple of snowbirds on the call and people from across Canada. It's so great to see everyone and touch base - I really look forward to those Virtual Retreats, as they are fun. Even though, typically, I don't get too much done. That was NOT the case yesterday. I have a deadline, and I needed to work. 

BTW -- the next Virtual Retreat is scheduled for March 25 and 26. 

So I did get quite a bit of work done. I had some serious applique and used up the bits of thread left on my prewound bobbins. Why should I let this thread go to waste when it works perfectly for applique? I used up two almost empty bobbins, but they last a long time. And then I had an almost full bobbin, and it's almost gone. I have a little bit off applique left to do this morning, and then I'll move onto the next step. 

Using up the bits of prewound bobbins

I will say that having a great sewing machine (Husqvarna Viking DESINGER EPIC 2) with the right foot (open-toe applique) and the right threads makes a huge difference. And I'll confess that the miles of applique I've done over the years helps a lot. 

I LOVE my "new" thread storage system. It's so handy to open up those boxes and see ALL the threads I own, not just one particular size. So I'm very happy with the process to make that happen. I didn't have this many threads when I started, but now that I do, it's great to see them all together like this. 

Embroidery thread storage

And all those boxes fit into this cabinet from Micheal's. 

The boxes fit into this cabinet

I tried to get away without using a stabilizer, but NO -- I needed it, so I went to the scrap bucket of stabilizer, and this is what I'm left with. The scrap bucket is still overflowing with pieces, but this is the garbage after I was done. 

Garbage pieces of stabilizer

On my afternoon walk, I stopped by the dollar store to see about the small containers for my new drawer, which I LOVE. Thanks, Tammy, for the FOMO! I didn't find the size I was looking for, but I'm sure I have one or two small ones in my embroidery thread boxes, so I'll have to play switcheroo with that. 

The somewhat organized drawer

So the next time you complain about traffic, think about this mess in Lagos, Nigeria. I am on the outskirts but jammed in traffic with the police escort on my tail. Notice there are no lines on the road, so it's a free-for-all road that isn't that wide. I can't imagine!!!

The view above is behind me, and the view below is in front of me. 

I think I'll just walk! 

Are you all going to rush out and buy your Saskatchewan panel today??? Check back to yesterday's blog to see the shops that carry it. I don't have time this morning to repost the stores. 

Yep --- I was on the Virtual Retreat call late last night, and I bet those people still on the call when I left are quietly tucked in their beds. I've been writing the blog to get to the spin class at 6 AM. Yep --- a crazy schedule, and I don't usually stay up that late, but I was trying to finish the applique, and if I hadn't talked quite so much, I could have done it. I still think I did pretty well, considering!!

Well, that's it for today. I'm off to spin class!

Have a super day!



  1. So you know how I said I was a notion junkie, that extends to office supplies too. You need to get some Post-it Note Page flags for your new notebook. Walmart even had some that look like quilt blocks (different brand but same concept). They are thin plastic, they hang off the page like a divider tab and you can write on them so you know what page to turn too.

  2. Hi, Nina here! Thanks for greeting me! Yes, I missed you. But you know what happened while you were absent? We talked all together, there was no scared or embarrassed silence. Isn't this wonderful? If this has happened in spring/summer 20 nobody would've said a word. Now we are all relaxed and easy with each other. That's a huge thing!
    Thanks for bringing us all together again and again :-)

  3. My panel is in the mail! I know FOMO! However, it qualifies as a historical photo purchase,lol. In the not to distant future there will be no grain elevators- so I am saving history! That's my story,yep ;)