Friday, February 3, 2023

Phantom Steps and test drives

 From time to time, one must charge the Fitbit. I had plugged it in the other day, only to realize that the charger was not connected to anything! Oops. 

So I had it charging yesterday morning. I try to put my phone under the Fitbit as it charges, so as I grab my phone, I'll remember to grab the Fitbit. That did NOT happen, and I was part way through my walk with Murphy when I realized - no Fitbit. NO!! 

I was a bit dismayed, but I soon got over it. I can simply not track that distance (about 2.5 KM), or I could manually enter it. When I returned to switch dogs, I got my Fitbit and went out with Lexi. Imagine my surprise when I got home to find that I was pretty much on track as if I had worn it for both walks! 

Now how did that happen? Does the Fitbit know my routine so well that it added extra steps? I doubt it. I suspect the tracker on my phone compensated and then updated the Fitbit? I'm sure that will remain a technological mystery to me, but I'm OK, and after clocking in almost 15 KM on the Fitbit, I don't care if I did more or less. 

Here's a recap of my walking KM for January. Yikes --- how did that happen? Well, it's always better to be a bit ahead than a bit behind. 

January walking mileage

Speaking of habits, I'm almost finished reading Atomic Habits by James Clear. OK -- I said you didn't need to read both -- no, you should read this one as well. If you have to choose one or the other, read this one. And if you don't have time to read it, check out the website for cheat sheets to help, and there are Youtube videos as well if you're more inclined to watch. 

It's shocking to see how a TEENY tiny change in your routine can compound into a HUGE deal, whether that is good or bad. Eating poorly is probably the worst BAD habit that most people have. Well, that's my thought, but I could be wrong. I eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch EVERY DAY, partially to keep me on track and to make my life easy.  I know I'm eating healthily and I don't have to think when I go shopping or decide what to eat. It's already done! I save a LOT of time that way and resist temptation. 

Social media is another HUGE bad habit, and the author says people can spend AN AVERAGE of two hours a day on social media. Yikes! But think about it -- when we had a few minutes (seconds) of downtime in the past, we did nothing. NOW - we grab our phones. I don't post much on social media -- anyone who wants to know more about can read the blog. But for those times when I do reach for the phone, I'm going to try and stretch! That's one habit I'd like to acquire. 

Anyway -- the whole thing about habits is amazing and can be LIFE-CHANGING if you want to get into it. Instead of saying you'll lose weight or any other goal, you have to know the triggers, how to change the triggers, and how to make the new habit stick. It's not enough to say, "I'll lose weight, declutter, eat better, or whatever." 

I will say that most of my life is governed by habits, and most are good - thankfully!

It was another late night, and I kept track of what happened during the day. I did NOT start "work" until about 4 PM. So what the heck did I do with the entire day? I do all the blog writing, dog walking, etc., and am usually at my desk by 9 AM. I spent one hour on paperwork. Then I loaded the quilt of the day. I had an appointment at noon, so I researched during lunch.  

Then I was off to the car dealership for a test drive (more on that in a minute). That took almost TWO hours. Yes! Then back home and went for my walk and did something else, and well, maybe I got to the long arm at 3:30. Anyway --- I wasn't slacking off; I had things to do. 

The rest of the day was spent in Studio B with the embroidery machine and the long arm. I only had one embroidery machine going, as I didn't think I could manage two with the project I was stitching. And yes -- the tables are a shambles, but this is a working studio, and once I'm done, it won't take long to clean up. 

The work tables are in a mess

I got ONE of five items done. I was hoping to get more done, but it was fiddly and adorable! It's a one-of-a-kind item, which I LOVE. 

Here's the customer quilt of the day. It's a big one. But the one that I loaded this morning is even bigger!

Customer quilt - DONE

I love the backing for this quilt -- it's perfect.

The backing for the customer quilt

Who says it's cold outside? This picture was taken yesterday when it wasn't so cold, and the girls are outside in their glory. The husky, who is supposed to love the cold, curls up on the snow. Murphy? She lies flat out, so her tummy, which doesn't have much fur, is right on the snow. She's now outside and has been for almost one hour. Happy as a clam. 

Enjoying the snow

I saw this on my walk yesterday. They had a manhole open and so not sure if they were training or rescuing. I wouldn't want to be rescued from a confined space! 

Hmm -- not a spot I'd like to be in

So let me tell you about my experience with the car dealer. I don't know that we've 100% decided to become a one-car family, but I'm researching the possibility. DH told me I could go look, and I did. When I had my car serviced, I met the sales manager, and he told me to get in touch with him when I wanted to check out the cars. He referred me to one of their salespeople, and I made an appointment. 

The dealer I'm working with is Erin Park Toyota, in case anyone wants to go there. I learned a lot while I was there. The parking lot in front is almost empty. Normally, the lot would be filled with cars for sale. There are no cars for sale. The huge showroom is usually filled with cars. Yesterday, there were seven cars, five of which were sold and waiting for the owners to pick them up. Two were not sold - a truck and the Supra GR. Did you know that this car was co-designed with BMW? 

When we went to the back to get the car for the test drive -- wait for it - there are very few cars in the lot. When I asked if those cars were for sale, the answer was NO. Those cars were bought so consumers could TEST DRIVE them. This is a BRILLIANT idea, as I've heard so many people say they bought a car that they couldn't even test drive. Erin Park said we want our consumers to test drive the car, so that very small stock is for test drives. I think they have one model of each car. How smart is that? 

I have to say the test drive went very well. So much better than the last test drive with that horrible salesperson. I know -- I should have used my outside voice and said that I wanted someone new -- I did not. I can't go back, so get over it! The vehicle I'm looking at is the Corolla Cross. So it's a compromise as it's a bit larger than I would normally drive, but a compromise with DH. It drives like the Corolla; it's easy to see, everything is very accessible, and lots of room. I was happy with the test drive. 

Then we sat down to chat. First, the salesperson was young, but he knew his stuff, and we had a very interesting chat about Toyota, cars, and many other things, including cruises, but I won't go there! 

As mentioned, I was there for over an hour, but I got all (or most) of the answers to my questions. We talked about leasing or buying and the value of my "rare" car since it's a standard. 

The wait time? One year! I can't believe that, but it's true. OH -- I think if you want a blue Corolla Cross, there is one that might be available. But I don't want blue. 

So I test-drove the 2023 model, which has the most amazing infotainment center - pretty spiffy compared to mine, and it also had Android Car Play. I know -- I shouldn't be so shallow, but I am. This is the second year of this vehicle, and they added the spiffy infotainment center to the 2023 lineup. The chances of this car getting any revamping for 2024 is minimal; therefore, a huge cost increase is not likely. 

The bottom line is if you're considering buying a car, you better get on a list. I'm going to think about the car and chat with DH when he's back, and then we'll decide what to do. And then, if we go ahead, let's pray that his car lasts until this one comes in! 

Well, that about covers it for today. We could say that writing the blog is now a habit -- I can't go a day without putting my thoughts down, and it helps to clear my head and prepare for what's ahead! 

Stay warm if you're near me. OK -- so both the girls were out for a long time, and they didn't complain about the cold one bit, and now they want me to go out? Do I have to? Oh wait -- it's a habit -- I must! One thing about the habits -- even if I go for a short walk, or I have a crappy walk, or I don't feel like a walk, it's better to go and not do well than to not do it at all. 

OH -- and I recommend that anyone learning a new thing - like software for their embroidery machine, EQ8, or digital cutters or machine embroidery --- you CANNOT learn by planning and thinking and dreaming of all you will do. YOU MUST DO IT!!!! I should see if I can find a video to that effect and make them watch it!!!! Did you know that learning is a habit? 

OH gosh -- I need to go -- I could ramble on for hours. 

Have a great day!!!



  1. As we discussed at retreat buying a new car in today's market is an interesting journey. We purchased our 4th new car in the summer. Turns out like you we are a Brand specific family, but we did test drive 3 different brands before deciding to stay with the same brand of our previous cars. We had a nightmare with our home dealership though, over the pandemic the ownership changed and we have not been impressed with the service department for a few years. When we went in to do our test drive it did not go well. We new exactly what we wanted, the first set of keys the sales person got he had to take back in and get different ones because someone was coming to pick it up. Finally we get in the car and ready to go, the sales person says he is going to follow us in another car, excuse me! Even when we were fresh out of University buying our first car no one did that. We ended up cutting the drive short because I was so upset. We handed the keys back and my Husband told the salesperson he had lost the sale we would be going to another dealer and walked away. We ended up test driving at another dealership and purchasing at a third dealership to get the fastest delivery. It is funny when I tell the story there are 2 camps of people some people shocked the sales person wasn't in the car with us because that was there experience and others like us that agreed it was weird.

  2. We decided to become a single car family when I retired 2.5 years ago. So far, it has worked out well and we don’t miss the second car. It does on occasion require a bit of planning, particularly if we both have outside commitments on the same day, but we make it work.