Wednesday, February 22, 2023

This couch is MINE!

Phew -- for a minute, I thought there wouldn't be a blog this morning. I clicked NEW, and I got a blank page. Well, I always get a blank page, but a REALLY blank page, as in I didn't get the screen to enter the words! 

Severaltriesd later, and here I am!

What a whirlwind day yesterday was, and something "bad" happened. I only managed to get 9.5 KM in as I couldn't get out for that afternoon walk to tip me over the 12.5 KM. I had several errands to do, and I really wanted to get them done yesterday, so I did those instead of walking. However, I tried to park the car away from the entrance of all the locations so it would help make up some mileage, and it did. 

So it's OK to not walk as much, but I have an aggressive goal to meet, so we better not let that happen too often! 

I've figured out the coloring for my Barn Star Sampler (hopefully today, I will send out the confirmation email), which happened very strangely. I'll leave that story until tomorrow, when I can share the inspirational photos with you. I didn't have time yesterday to take them. OK -- let's face it. It wasn't until I was leaving the house for my errands that it hit me what colors I HAD to use. You'll see, and you'll get a laugh. Someone is sending me a message! If you want to sign up, send me an email.

Barn Star Sampler

Now I need to find a light (white) batik. That sounds like an oxymoron, but that's what I need. I did a quick Google search, and I'm in business, and the store is Canadian, although this is the first I've heard of it. I'll figure out the quantity later today and place the order so I can get started. 

I've already made a list (not super long) of things that must be done today! I had three presentations yesterday, and it takes time to get them prepped. However, the feedback that I'm getting from my presentations is AMAZING. I had one lady ask me if I took classes to teach adults, and she said I'm doing everything that makes the classes interesting. WOW --- I was impressed!

When you find your passion and your vocation, everything slips into place. I was meant to do this, and I love doing it. Is this work? Well, yes, it is -- quilting is much more than a hobby to me. But when you love what you do  - it feeds my soul, and that's why I'm so "busy." If I wasn't doing this, I'd be moping on the sofa (with Lexi) and not getting much of anything done! 

Speaking of Lexi on the sofa, this is what I found yesterday after my first Zoom call.

MOM -- Dad said I can sleep on the sofa whenever I want

After the walk, that sassy girl just made herself at home despite the fact there was a table on the sofa. I think she misses her Dad, and I didn't have the heart to move her. OK -- so I caved as well! No wonder she thinks she's entitled. 

We've discussed this before, but DH has two key fobs for his vehicle. The battery died in one and just recently went in the other. Well, give those to me -- I can change the battery. I think he was going to take them in to have that done or suffer with the key. Who uses a key to get in their car these days? 

Dead key fobs

I pried them open, and voila -- there's the battery. I don't have that number on hand, so it's off to the drugstore later today to get new ones. I might as well do both of the key fobs at this time. 

Changing the battery

I don't know what the dealership charges to change them, but I bet it isn't cheap. And all it takes is a screwdriver to open them up. 

I have a bag of fabric to take to Diane sitting at the door (more on that bag tomorrow), ao I HAVE to do walking errands today. I took the car yesterday because I had four places to go (all close to each other), and none of them were within reasonable walking distance. Cycling distance, but it was cool and very windy yesterday. As I sat in one building waiting for something, the wind was creaking around the glass walls, and I thought the building would come crashing down. 

I finished my last Zoom close to 9 PM, left everything, and went to bed.  

My Zoom area is a mess

It's a total disaster with products sitting around as I didn't put anything away -- I'll do that later today when I've gotten through a good part of my list, although I have another Zoom session starting tonight. This is a four-part one on quilting, so if anyone wants to sit in -- you can contact Sew Productive in Milton. It's related to the Husqvarna Viking brand of sewing machines. 

Apparently, I'm a good presenter! But it can be a challenge, especially at the beginning when they ooh and ah over you, and then you have to live up to those expectations. 

I'm not sure where I learned all this stuff, but many years ago, I was a sales rep for a computer company, and we went through numerous courses on selling and presenting, and we had to practice. And if I don't know my stuff, I look it up before, and if I don't know during the presentation, then I say so and look it up for next time. DH and I have had numerous conversations about this as he sees many presenters, and their quality is TERRIBLE. The number of "you know," "like," and "um" is bordering on sad, and I can only imagine how the people on the other end feel. 

If in doubt, tape yourself and watch it, however painful it is. You'll get over that soon enough. It's amazing to watch yourself and see how you are perceived. As I mentioned before, my biggest issue is touching my face. I'm trying very hard NOT to do that, but it's a habit, and I need to break it! Just talking about it makes me want to touch my face! 

And as the day drew to a close, what did I find when I came upstairs? 

MOM -- I did get off the couch and went outside once! 

Yep -- Lexi was back on the sofa! This is her spot; she used to sleep tentatively on the end, but now she snuggles right into those cushions. Oh well --- this is her sofa now, and DH shares it with her. Murphy would rather be tucked into her tiny bed in my office bed with me! Yep -- those dogs have their favorite people!

I don't know what it is about the weather forecasters these days. Two days ago, they were predicting snowmaggedon. 20 centimeters of snow or more, and it would be a disaster. Well, it's been downsized, and let's see what comes of it. I'm off to spin class and parking my car in the garage when I return. I don't need to use it until Monday! When hopefully, everything is cleared up!

Have a super day!!!



  1. Check the Batiks at Quilters Cupboard, they have a neutral section with their white and ivory making it easy and Country Concession. Both Ontario quilt stores, with fast online shipping.

  2. The Honda Key Fobs are harder to open but our dealership will change them for the cost of the battery.

  3. My Toyota dealer used to change the batteries for free. The last time I had my car serviced, I asked them to change to battery and they charged me $35.00. Oh my! I will do it myself from now on!!!