Tuesday, February 28, 2023

It's all about the SNOW!

OH MY GOSH - I read the comments and HAD to take a picture. Tammy suggested I get some post-it notes for my new notebook. 

Ah --- I don't think that's necessary since I have an ENTIRE drawer of them in my desk. Oops -- how did that happen? I never use the darn things, but I should get out one of those small arrow packs and use them for my notebook! I also have BIG plans for that notebook, but I'm not ready to share them. 

A drawer of Post-it notes

Thanks, Tammy, for the suggestion, but I'm good! 

Remember Lexi and her courage; well, this was her yesterday. Not only is she in the office with me, but she is on my left side between myself and the bookcase. A tight spot -- yep --- she's cured! OK -- so she's not cured because the second I move, she freaks out and runs out of the room, which is hard since the floors are wood and she can't get a grip. She does NOT like slippery stuff. 

Mom -- I'm right here, and I'm not afraid!

And she's happy to lay right behind my chair. What a big brave girl!!

Mom -- I can see you! 

Meanwhile, Murphy is going for the sympathetic look. If she lays on my paperwork, then I'll notice her? 

Mom -- Play with ME, not the paper!!

I went for a walk yesterday afternoon. I didn't wear a hat, and while it wasn't cold, it wasn't super warm either. The wind was nippy at times. However, I managed to get my KM for the day. There was no snow, and all the sidewalks were dry, with little or no ice. 

Shortly after I arrived home, it started to snow. We knew it was coming. At one point, I looked out the front window, and it looked BAD. This was sticky snow, which must have been blowing right at the windows as they were covered. 

The snow was clinging to the windows

And then we got more snow, and now we could barely see out the window. Murphy was NOT impressed as that is her window, and she couldn't see anything. Not that there was anything to see, as no one was outside! 

The windows are almost entirely covered

So she went out to the backyard where it was snowing, but no windows to block her view! She loves the snow, and more so than the Husky in our house. 

MOM -- it's so much fun in the snow

Before I went to bed, the entire front window was covered, and you couldn't see out at all. 

Total obliteration

This is the view this morning. The snow has gone from the window, and it looks like our WONDERFUL neighbor went up and down the sidewalks with his snow blower last night. It stopped snowing at about 9 PM, but I wasn't going out to shovel. 

The view this morning

There's not that much snow to shovel. The big question will be, is it ice or snow? If it's snow, this will take little time; if it's ice, that's another thing. So thank you to our wonderful neighbor for helping out. Even the windrow is pretty decent. 

So loads of work got completed yesterday. The writing is done, so that's a good feeling, but only to know that it starts again on Monday. And if you want to read what I've been writing, check out QUILTsocial this morning. It's about the PFAFF powerquilter 1600, an AMAZING sit-down quilting machine. If you struggle to quilt on your domestic machine, you NEED to check this out. I must admit that I liked it so much that I bought one! Shh!!!!! But you all knew that.  

I also finished the applique and finished most of the piecing on my current project. I hope to get that one quilted today and finish off the binding. Once that's done, I still have a "few" projects that need to be done ASAP for next week. But I've got time. I have five presentations this week for work, which hopefully won't take too long to put together. Some of that work is already done; it needs to be compiled in the right spot. And only have three classes this weekend, so I'm in good shape. I have no downtime, but I shouldn't complain since I spend quite a bit of time walking each day, and that's really my downtime. 

Oh my --- here's a view from Nigeria. The overpass railing is much more substantial, but can you imagine a handcard on our highways? Not happening here, but I'm sure it's a common site in Nigeria. 

A handcart on the highway through a major city

Here's a story to read about a long-lost quilt. What are the chances of this happening? But what a happy ending. It makes me think of the signature quilt on which I found my Grandparent's signatures at a Presbyterian Church Quilt show many years ago. 

I have two homework follow-up emails to send out, and then I'm caught up for February, which is good since today is the last day of February!!

Well, it's time to get moving! 

Have a super day!!


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