Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Fabric acquisition day

Well, it was a good news day, and I love that kind of day! Despite Tammy being an enabler of the quilty Post-It notes, I resisted. OK --- I thought about it and could NOT find her e-mail with the source. So it must have been meant to be! 

Nope -- the day was even better than that. I had to go to the library to pick up a book for DH. When I arrived, I looked at the other books, not that I have time to read. My audiobook will expire in the next three days, and there seems to be no time to finish the remaining 5 hours, perhaps this morning. 

I even had a librarian come to me and say they had more of the lightning loans (no wait times on popular books) in another section. Alas, I didn't check, as I bet my account is frozen because of my lost library book. 

I had a few minutes of "spare" time just before my final presentation last night and was determined to find it. I know I had it recently, but what could I have done with it? Then I spotted this cabinet, which sits near my chair in the office. 

A cabinet in the office

I started opening the drawers, not sure what to find in each. Most are empty, but the large one on the bottom was full of "current" stuff I'm supposed to take care of. Oops. I had forgotten that I snuck a pile of paper stuff in there to clean up, which is why there are boxes of paperwork, as this is not the first time I've done that! 

A "hidden" container of "current" paperwork

I rifled through it and was getting close to the bottom with no luck, and then POOF --- there was the missing library book! Yeah!! 

The missing library book

So I'll take that to the library today, and I see they tried to renew another book last night, and the system said NO. So either someone wants that book, or my account was frozen, and everything needs to be returned on the due date! No worries -- I have no problem returning the other book, as I'm done with it, and YES -- I know exactly where that one is. 

As DH mentioned last night, we should both STOP using the library and read the books we have on our shelves! 

Not only was it a good day for library books, but it was a fabric acquisition day! I need some fabric for a magazine, and I picked it up yesterday. You don't get to see more than that, but this collection is called Happiness by FIGO Fabrics. How could you NOT be happy with beautiful, cheery prints like that?

Fabrics for a magazine quilt

And I needed some white batiks (Barn Star Sampler), which I ordered from Lindley General Store in Ontario. Note -- they are an ONLINE store only. 

That one came by UPS and landed on my doorstep. Nicely packaged with some information inside, service was excellent and fast (less than a week). OH --- I got some pieces of fabric as well -- I haven't opened them, but two pieces of batik as a thank you! So would I order from them again? You bet!!! 

My goodies from Lindley General Store

I'm thrilled with my recent online ordering experiences from Canadian stores. FAST and cost-efficient shipping and I'm supporting the next generation of shop owners and happy to do it! I like to get out in person, but both things I wanted could not be bought in my local shop! 

And NOT to be an enabler, but if you didn't get an e-mail from me about the Barn Star Sampler and wish to get in, we're having a discussion on March 4th (Saturday) at 10:30 to discuss how the project will work. NO sewing assignment for the first month as we have to gather fabric. Send me an e-mail if you want in!

And if that didn't top the day off, I got three more tops from Diane. Yikes--- I need some alone time with the long arm! 

Three more tops from Diane

Both presentations went well yesterday but consumed way more time to prep than I thought they would. And then each one is 1½ hours long, so that's three hours on Zoom. Not a lot else got done, which is not good. 

I have only one presentation today, and hopefully, some of the prep from yesterday can be reused today, as I have other things that need to be done! Plus --- we had to shovel snow, and when I got back from walking the girls, DH was out and tackling the windrow, so I did the rest. All is clear now, but when I look at the forecast, we have a couple more storms on the way. 

All I want is a light and fluffy snowfall- not heavy with moisture! I know - be careful what you wish for! 

On that note, it's time for spin class, and I must be off!

Oh, before I go --- I should mention that it's M's birthday today. The "kid" is turning 27 -- how the heck did that happen? So if she's reading --- Happy Birthday, kiddo. Love you. And I'll try to contact her, but I know she's traveling. She's like me --- we often travel on our birthdays -- I wonder why that is? 

OK -- I'm gone. 

Have a super day!!!!


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  1. I’m glad you found your book but am having Murphy and Lexi withdrawals…..