Friday, March 3, 2023

It's all about Murphy!

I want to live where Elle lives! And if we looked at our city by-laws, I'm sure there would be one which states that snow removal of your drive should be on your property -- not in the street. The next time it snows (today), my two neighbors need a lesson on good old-fashioned shoveling with a SHOVEL, not a massive push scoop. Sigh................

I'm praying for light and fluffy! Not wet and heavy! I'm tired of wet and heavy snow. Heck -- I'm tired of snow! 

The last of the virtual presentations for SVP is done for the week. I have three virtual calls this weekend, but most will take little time to prep, says I, who should know better. But all in good time. I have three days to prepare for next week and hit the long arm, the serger, the embroidery machine, and the sewing machine. Can I get them all working at the same time? No - that would drive me mad, so I'll do what I can! 

I swear, I seem to spend my days either fixing things (I'm still waiting for Schlage to get back about my door handle), following up on paperwork, or generating more paperwork that I get to follow up! I finally resorted to putting duct tape over the latch bolt on the door. It would pop out slightly, and then we have to practically force the handle to turn, so getting in or out of the house requires a bit of physical force. I was using the side door until we got snow. If I use that door, I need to shovel more snow. It's not that I can't get out; it's just that I like a clear path. Let's hope the duct tape works until the new part arrives. I should have requested that or followed up months ago -- I knew this would happen. 

And then I woke up this morning to this. 

F11 error on the dishwasher

That's on the dishwasher, and I know it's a simple fix, but it's one more thing to fiddle with. And then rerun the load of dishes. And it's funny because we discussed the F11 error at Monday sewing last week! But I'm much faster at cleaning the clog than I used to be. Putting that little gizmo back in place can be a pain, but it's not hard when you know how. 

I've been up for a while and tried to clear a bunch of paperwork off the desk so that when I return from walking the dogs, I can head straight to Studio B. I have a couple more things I'd like to finish today, but I can sew, take a break and send another e-mail or whatever. That might work. 

Not only is there stuff to fix, but there's stuff to learn. I was struggling with a software issue yesterday, and in the past, I've been able to read the manual and figure it out. However, this topic wouldn't sink through my head. So thanks to my colleague, I'm good. This was an IMPORTANT thing to learn and very timely, but it meant I got to bed late and was tired this morning. But all is good -- if I need a nap later (before we start shoveling snow), that's OK. 

Studio B is such a disaster. There is stuff strewn all over the place. Not that it doesn't have a home, but there's been ZERO time to put it away. I plan to tidy up some work areas while the long arm runs today, as I have a lot of work to do and no time to mess around with messy tables. 

The library cleared my account with that overdue book because I got a notice that a book that I requested was waiting for me. So off I went on my afternoon walk. I always browse the other books on the shelves. Those librarians are like marketers -- they are always trying to entice you to take out more than you came for! I spotted this book, and it made me think of Nina. 

A knitting book for Christmas ornaments

A couple of years ago, she knitted mini sweaters for advent. There were 24 in total, and they are adorable! I should knit ONE. Anyway, the designers of those advent sweaters are these two gentlemen. You have to love their hair!! Here's the link to the sweaters -- OOPS -- they are Nordic JUMPERS, excuse my English! They are precious! 

For those of you who need a Murphy fix, the rest of the blog is about her. It amazes me how many pictures I take of her in one day! And each time, it's something different. OK -- not different, but she just makes me smile. And I swear she does her antics on purpose because she knows it makes me laugh (with her, of course, never about her)!

On a warm sunny day, the outside is exciting, and she was pretty happy to lay in the snow and watch the antics of the squirrels along the back fence. Where was Lexi? Oh, napping in the house and couldn't care less about squirrels if one sat in her food dish. 

Watching the squirrels

But soon, the temptation was too great, and the next thing I knew, she was at the fence, leaping and jumping and barking at the squirrels. Oh, Murphy!!!

MOM -- I can get those squirrels!

Then around dinner time, there she was with her dog bed antics. It just won't do to leave this bed where it's supposed to be. Off with the quilt, out with the toys, and let's play!!!

MOM - this dog bed needs to be in the middle of the floor

But it was an exceptional evening, and having one bed on the other side of the room was NOT enough. Nope, she got the second dog bed, tossed the blanket out, removed the toys, and moved it. 

Mom -- this second dog bed is not in the right spot - I'll move it!

Then she grabbed one of her stress bears and chewed to her heart's content. 

Mom -- my stress bear is so good

Then she gave up the bear and started on a chew toy.

Mom -- this chew toy is much better

And Lexi? Still napping! There's never a dull moment with Murphy around. There's one picture of her that I'd love to snap, and I don't know how to make it happen. When we're walking, she's focused (often on the wrong thing) and very intense. But occasionally, she turns to look at me -- never when I call her name. Oh no -- that would be the life of an obedient dog. When she hears me call her, she flattens her ears on her head, so I know she's listening to me, but she can't be bothered to look at me. 

Well, she does turn to look at me; it's the cutest thing. But I bet she's saying, "Mom -- could you walk a little faster -- we're moving like turtles," as I'm barely able to keep up with her! Oh, Murphy!

Well, it's time to get the day rolling! 

Have a super day!!!




  1. Where I live, our County sends out reminders to say that it is illegal to deposit snow from your property onto the road.

  2. Like your Barn Quilt on the fence. I keep suggesting a dog to keep the squirrel out of the back yard and my bird feeders. Hear you on the time spent following up on things. Oven repair person came yesterday, $600 to fix, that is half the price we paid on a 2.5 year old appliance. So stove shopping last night, arrives in a week hope it lasts more than 2 years. I have fingers crossed we don’t get all the snow predicted tonight.

  3. Today I went to the Puyallup fairgrounds for the Sewing Expo. I got a lot of batiks, and 3 yards each of two coordinating hot wheels fabrics because I am a grandma!
    I got a half yard of dachshund dogs fabric to make gifts for my husband's brother and his wife. And an assortment of fat quarters rounded off the fabric purchases. And then I bought a small ruler (Quick Quarter II) for marking to make half triangle squares from two squares. I stayed firmly in my budget, and have no regrets! One final thing that was $1.00, was a slap band with 6 inches of measurements. That will make making doll clothes easier. Can you tell I had fun? Torry