Saturday, March 25, 2023

One day at a time

Oh boy   -- as much as I try to be accurate, I goofed on those dates of the Virtual Retreat. It's all fixed -- thanks, Mary. And Elle --- just say NO!! I refuse to believe I will get blisters - I'm in denial. However, truth be told, a lot of walking will happen with the heat, and I'm sure I'll get blisters. But they WILL be manageable. As much as I'm embarrassed to say this -- those shoes were too small for my feet. 

Another silly day but I accomplished loads. The four presentations for next week are in good shape. It's better to start with MANY slides and then cull it down. So two need to be culled; I'm waiting on the translation for one, and most of that will be live, and the last one? Well, I still have a lot of work to do on that one. That's a job for tomorrow -- yes -- even though it's Virtual Retreat, I'll be running around the house taking photos or gathering samples!

One of the critical deadlines should be done by tomorrow. Again, I will have to work on that during the Virtual Retreat. It can't be helped -- it's just the nature of the schedule. The following two weeks are busy, and then NOTHING! Could they spread this stuff out? Anyway -- it'll all get done. 

I have two presentations this morning; one is done, and the other is not! But it will be. I would LOVE to do some fun sewing just for me, but that won't happen for a while because once these next two weeks are over, I need to get to the long arm!

But let's not think about that -- let's just get through today and tomorrow and one day at a time. 

Here's another sign of spring! Pussy willows! I found these on a tree in my neighbor's driveway. Let's not go there, but they have this very unruly tree, and as the branches COVER the driveway, they cut the branches off and leave them in the driveway. They live two doors from the entrance to the forest -- I have zero problems with them dragging them to the forest. But everyone is different! 

Pussy willows

So Murphy is naughty! There's no other way to say it. I bought her a new toy when I got her some dog food, and I decided to give it to her yesterday. She had a total lack of interest in the toy and decided she wanted to go out. I opened the door, and she grabbed that toy and was outside like a shot! MURPHY -- that's an INDOOR toy!!

MOM - You can't catch me!

Then moments later, I saw the toy floating in the pond. NO -  Murphy --- that isn't supposed to happen!! So I had to get the net out of the shed and fish the toy out of the pond. This was done intentionally --- these are NOT accidents. 

MOM -- the toy fell in the pond! 

And then she looks sad because the toy is gone. Oh, Muprhy! 

MOM -- where did the toy go? 

I needed some orange yarn yesterday. I know -- shocking that I don't have any in the house, so I walked to the mall and then the dollar store. Can you believe that no one has orange yarn? There was this crazy stuff, but that wasn't what I wanted. If only I had realized two days ago that I needed orange yarn, I was right by Michael's. Oh well -- I made do with what I had. Alright -- if your eagle eye spotted that orange on the middle shelf, I purchased that, but it wasn't the type I needed, so I ended up not using it. 

NO orange yarn

But at the dollar store, I spotted this landscape fabric. Do you know how hard I looked for this stuff several years ago? I was in the US and searched every hardware store, and I found nothing. Then I found a long roll at Rona, near my house. I still have loads, so I didn't buy any, but you can embroider on this stuff and make plant pots! There are several types of landscape fabric and I wanted a very dense fibrous kind. 

Landscape fabric

They had two widths!!!

Landscape fabric

OK -- so that Murphy is sneaky. I was working on my project at the sewing machine, and I turned around, and there she was, WATCHING me. Good grief Murphy --- I didn't even know she was there. It was time for dinner, and she was waiting! 

MOM -- kind of hungry here! 

I will wear my Hoka running shoes around the house for a day or two before I go outside with them. I'm sure all will be fine, but better to be sure before they are unreturnable. This shoe brand has a LOT of cushioning (at least at the price point I bought), and they are WIDE in the front. Not just the toe box but the sole. The salesperson said lots of people won't buy them because they look like shoes for giants! 

The old and the new

And black was better than the pretty pastel-colored ones! DH said they look geeky. And the first thing out of his mouth when I told him the price was, "how much per KM do you get?" If they are going to make geeky-looking shoes, at least they could make them bright? I'll have to write them a letter. But they are practically weightless! 

My new running shoes

They feel great, so I'll start wearing them on Monday when I'm back on a plane. 

OH -- I forgot to mention that I've been back and forth with the company about my front door latch, and they have agreed to send me a new part. Yeah! It's hilarious that the company is near me, but they won't ship the part until April 21. I could walk there and get it much quicker! The door works for now - and they are replacing it for free. It does say on the packaging - LIFETIME WARRANTY, so I expect they will replace it for free. 

We must keep track of items we buy with lifetime guarantees and follow up if they need replacing. Check the packaging on those OLFA cutters. I've had TWO replaced because I wore them out! That's why I will always buy that brand; they are the most comfortable to cut with. It's better to buy quality than the cheap stuff. 

I'm off to finish that last presentation and walk the girls before the calls open at 9:00 AM. I will NOT be getting to the Etobicoke Quilt Show. Thankfully I saw some photos yesterday. I would love to go, but it's unreasonable to go and then be up half the night to complete my deadline project. 

However, today is the last day for that show, so be sure to get out and see what they have. 

And tonight, while we have this wicked rain storm, you can be snug in your house for the Virtual Retreat TONIGHT. 

Virtual Retreat - Saturday, March 25 - starts at 6 PM

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Virtual Retreat -Sunday, March 26 - starts at NOON

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Have a super day!!



  1. Good luck finding the right shoes. It's a process. The most important thing is to find the shoe that is the best fit for your foot. Sharon F

  2. Murphy is so beautiful, sneaky but beautiful 😻