Thursday, March 30, 2023

Adventure Lab adventures!

OH --- what a slug this morning. Thankfully, new beds do not bother me, so I've been sleeping well. However, I had noisy neighbors last night, and then during the night, the temperature dropped, and the wind picked up considerably. I could hear it howling all night and creaking the window and walls. As a result, when the alarm went off, I decided I would not walk in that weather - I would for the girls, but not me. I lazed in bed for quite a while before I got up!

The final day of meetings is over, and all went well. I now have two days of events at Club Tissus in St. Hubert. I got a huge bag of samples to show, and my presentations are prepped (OK -- so there's still that one that is not entirely to my liking!), and I'm ready to go. Sadly, I don't think I have room to buy anything! Although I might squeeze something into my backpack. 

Yesterday morning when I went out for my walk, the temperature was much nicer than the day before, which was good. Sorry to chat about the Adventure Labs, but otherwise, I wouldn't have much to tell you. The people who created them here are tricky, and each answer became a puzzle. This area has loads of history, with many buildings built in the 1800s, and one was built in 1799. 

I arrive at the first spot with a signboard explaining the building. Usually, the answer to the question is directly on the board, but not in this case. So I crossed the street to look at another sign board, but nope -- no answer there. Hmm -- am I going to have to abandon this one on the first question? Then I went back across the street and looked at the sign again and the building. OH --- there's the answer on the sign on the building! I don't have my glasses since I lost them, but I could still read the information. I answered the question, and I was off to the second one. 

At some point, I arrived at this house, which was built in 1799. 

A beautiful example of a stone building from 1799

A cute little house with very thick walls, I suspect. That's one of the reasons I love Quebec, as the history here is amazing. OK -- I know there is lots of history across the rest of Canada, but I love Quebec's history and architecture, which is pretty much unique to this province. 

Again, the answer wasn't on the sign board, but I figured out the solution after a quick circling of the house and using my calculator on my phone. In another spot, the answer was on a plaque outside a cathedral, but you had to find the plaque. 

But the real mystery was at this statue. It's a war memorial to those who died in the first and second world wars. Who made the sculpture? Oh gosh -- this was NOWHERE to be found at the site. 

A war memorial

So I had to Google that one and found it. It's amazing how you can find specific things on Google. That completed this one Adventure Lab. The next Adventure Lab was too long for me to do. I would have had to walk MILES, and well, I wasn't going to do that, and I didn't have time. Remember that all of the questions and answers are in French. But I've got the written accent thing down, no problem!

Then once we finished the meeting and I had loads of time and was short on steps for the day, I decided to head in another direction and look at two more Adventure Labs. 

It was a LONG walk to the park where the next two were located. But the sidewalks were clear, the temperature was nice, and I had nothing else to do. 

This next one was even trickier as it wanted you to use the tools on your cell phone to get the answers. ACK!!! I had to decipher a code, use the camera to scan a QR code, use the selfie camera to get a picture so I could then answer the question, use the compass (I guessed at that one since there were only three choices), and the last one I was supposed to measure a tree and figure out how old it was using my calculator. I confess I randomly guessed that one since I could not find the tree in question. 

There was a beautiful sculpture in this area, and the park is quite large, with loads of people there with their kids or walking, even with snow-covered paths. 

A sculpture in the park

So let's check out the second adventure in the park. I arrived at the first stop, only to find the sign was gone. Well, the sign was there, but it was completely blank. There is a lot of white-tailed deer in this area, so tame they didn't budge when I walked past. 

White-tailed deer

The question was - what are they commonly known as in Quebec? Oh boy --- that could be anything. I tried a few Google searches, but nothing came up, and it was getting late, so I decided to abandon that one. 

While the park was riddled with paths, most were unclear, so we were walking on granular snow, which was "fun" to walk on. 

Granular snow

Let's say that my shoes  - at least one of them got a bit muddier, but at least my feet were dry. I stopped at the grocery store to get some lip balm, which I always forget when traveling, and I need to leave one in my backpack! 

I love this little residential area. When I first saw the houses, it made me think of the Painted Ladies in San Francisco. 

Square San Francisco

And sure enough, the area is called Square San Francisco. 

I love walking when I'm traveling, as you never know what you'll find, and seeing interesting little spots like this always makes me smile! 

I need 150 points before Monday, so I should be able to get some more at the airport tomorrow, and the rest will have to happen on the weekend. But I have a hectic weekend, but I have to make it happen. 

It was almost 7 when I arrived back at the hotel, so I had a late dinner and went to bed! How many steps did I take? It was loads -- I clocked in at 25,000 steps for the day and am back on track with my walking goals. The fact that I'm not going out this morning will put me back again, but hopefully, this afternoon, it'll have warmed up, and I can go out and get my walk in. Yep --- it'll be significantly warmer this afternoon! 

Another day of QUILTsocial to check out. I had so much fun with the journal cover and all the embellishments. If you make one, be sure to share!!!

Have a super day!


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