Sunday, March 19, 2023


 Another successful day of zoom! I almost got all the homework sewn, but in one project, two blocks were similar, so it didn't matter if both were together. I'll finish that today, and then I have a bunch of follow-up e-mails to do. 

One of the projects we're working on is called Toes in the Sand by Jaybird Quilts. The pattern was released ten years ago and rereleased with Tula Pink fabric for the 10th anniversary of the pattern. I don't know why EVERYTHING released in Tula fabric has to be rainbow! Sometimes, it works, and sometimes it doesn't. Her collection is carefully curated with all the main colors, so it makes sense that the quilts use all the colors in a collection, but why? But I digress; I HATE following someone else's color scheme, and I NEED to make it my own. 

I still have two blocks to sew for this quilt, and then I can assemble it. All the fabrics were from the stash except the background, which isn't in the picture. 

My version of Toes in the Sand

I have found over the years that my color palette is reserved. I don't mean the intensity of the colors, but the NUMER of colors I choose. If the quilt is scrappy, I can have hundreds of fabrics and lots of different colors in it, and it's easy to coordinate. 

But if I'm going for a non-scrappy quilt, I usually restrict my colors to two, possibly three. My Tula Pink Butterfly quilt is pink and green with a white background. The one above is green and blue, with a light teal background. The Barn Sampler is three colors -- orange, yellow, and green with white background. Boho Heart was orange and pink with white on black for the background. While I LOVE color and lots of it, I'd rather go with many fabrics (in a somewhat controlled palette) than choose all the colors in the rainbow for one quilt. Here's a secret! It's way easier to select and use fabrics when the number of colors is restricted! 

HEY -- we have to find what works for us, and I'm happy to report that I've found my niche. If you are looking for a new color palette for a quilt, look everywhere for inspiration. Do not focus just on the variations others have done for the quilt you want to make. 

Look at any quilt, magazine ads, junk mail, the sky, the trees --- you will find agreeable color palettes EVERYWHERE!! And most important, ask yourself WHY!!! Why do I like this color palette? Does it remind you of a vacation? A person? The intensity of the colors? What is appealing about those colors? Then also ask yourself the tricky question -- if you find something you do NOT like -- ask yourself WHY. And do NOT cheat on this one -- try to figure out why you don't like something. You'll learn a ton from the answer. 

After the three Zoom calls were finished yesterday, I went for a walk. I had to go to the post office and the grocery store. Both locations are close, but I detoured to make up some KM. Whenever I could turn to the plaza, I went further. Suffice it to say that I walked almost 16 KM yesterday. I needed to make up some KM. 

And this morning, when I checked the app, I'm on track! I caught up! I'm at 56% of the distance in 56% of the time. Perfect!!!

Caught up!!!

Today is UFO Club, and there are two of them. I have two homework assignments to be done every month. Yikes --- whose idea was that? And sometimes, the assignments are significant, and sometimes, they are small. I worked like mad yesterday to get them completed. Did I succeed? You'll have to wait until tomorrow to see. 

I swear the quilting gods are on my side regarding fabric choices. I had a fabric selected for a border, and I wasn't sure there would be enough. Did I check before cutting? That would take time, and I don't have time. So I did some rapid mental math and started cutting. This is all I had left after I was finished, and I was able to miter the joins!

Phew -- just enough fabric

I also had a selection of fabrics sitting on the table, waiting for me to choose one. I guess in my mind, I wanted this one all along as I just grabbed it and cut. It's perfect. So there's no need to make a huge fuss about stuff -- just grab and go! 

I managed to snag the old bear from the backyard, although a certain someone was NOT happy. Then I let her choose between one of these two bears as the next backyard bear. OK -- Murphy was NOT interested, so I chose one for her. She pretty much ignored it all day! 

A selection of teddy bears for Murphy

Just like humans, dogs don't like change! 

The story of our household! Two dogs with their mouths open! Were they singing? No -- they were trying to entertain us. I swear they think that is why they live with us! To entertain! All the time! If they are not "fighting" with each other, Murphy is playing ball and watching TV, and Lexi is just cute on the couch or has her head on DH's lap. What a suckup!


Murphy definitely has a more extensive vocabulary than Lexi does. I don't know if Lexi recognizes any words, but Murphy sure does! TV is my favorite word because every time we say it, she looks at the TV to see what's on!

And now it's time to get the girls out. I see a very light dusting of snow, which I HATE as you can't see any ice on the sidewalk, and I know there is some. So I'll be toddling along this morning. ICK! 

Have a super day!!!


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