Friday, March 10, 2023

Used book stores are a treasure trouve

 I'm sick! ACK -- how did this happen? I do not have time to be sick, but it happened, and I'll have to deal with it. 

Yesterday was a first for me at a retreat. I did NOTHING. I didn't even turn on my machine. In the morning, we went to the bookstore to pick up stuff we didn't have cash for the day before. We returned to the house for lunch, and the first of two Zoom calls for the day. 

I went for a walk and then had a good long nap. Got up to do the Zoom call, ate a wee bite, and then went back to napping on the couch. Got up after everyone went to bed, and I went to bed. I'll return to napping on the couch as soon as I finish with the blog. I know --- this is so NOT like me. I'll be pumping myself full of water -- yes - I am greatly dehydrated, which did NOT help the situation. 

If I go for a walk today, it'll be short, or I'll do several short walks. 

Look what I found at Fabricland the day before. Yep -- -I wanted some baby pins to attach to my backpack, and they were nowhere to be found. But now I found ORANGE ones!!! How cool is that? So I'll use those on my backpack later this year. I'll let you figure that one out! 

Orange baby safety pins

This is the cute little sewing book that I got at the bookstore. What fun1 

Sewing is FUN!!!

But look who prepared the book!!! That's hilarious!!!!! 

Singer Sewing Machine Company

And the copyright - WOW. That book is OLD!!! And who knew that Scholastic Book Services was around back then. 

The copyright! 

I also found this book on the science of cotton! 

The Science of Cotton

And then I found this book I had been looking for for a while. 

A book I was looking for

There is nothing more fun than browsing through the shelves of a used bookstore. It's so much fun; you never know what you will find. What I needed to do was have my list of books with me. I never thought I was going to a used bookstore, so I left it at home. But now that we know where this store is, it will become a destination for future retreats. 

The used bookstore

And all those books are on the computer, which is helpful if you want something specific. 

The weather has been decent with lots of sun, although the temperature has been below zero. 

I am trying to figure out what's happening to my Sonos speaker. It works, and then it doesn't. I tried to connect it this morning, and nothing. I must have turned up the volume because when I was in the kitchen making breakfast, it connected and was blasting out!! Now it is working fine. Sigh............  Technology is determined to kill me! 

I have so much to do and a lot of travel this month. I don't even want to think how all the work will get done. I will have another nap this morning, and then I'll tackle some sewing. The serger will have to get put away. 

And yet another day where I don't have much to say! But wait -- I'll make up for it!!!

Have a super day!!!



  1. Camino ;-)

    I sure hope you get well fast! Good on you for sleeping it off. Rest repairs our bodies.

  2. Feel better soon. And take a Covid test, because if it is positive, you'll need to call your doctor for a Paxlovid prescription. (That stuff worked wonders for both my husband and me.)

  3. I’m so sorry you’re feeling sick 🤢. You are always doing so much, maybe your body is wanting a rest. Hopefully you will feel better soon!🤗