Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Stop and smell the roses

And today is another day! I need to get through the next 2 ½ weeks (STOP laughing), and then while I still have things to do, I can at least take a day off! This schedule is silly, and I'm getting tired of it! It's all exciting stuff, but I would like ONE day off with nothing to do. But that will be here soon enough!

I made progress on my projects yesterday, so I got to sit in on Monday Sewing, but I still made progress on my goals. Then we had a software class in the evening, and it drives me crazy when I forget the most straightforward little detail. Too much stuff floating in my head. But no worries -- the show goes on.

I'm also caught up on my Fab Farm quilt. It's incredible how you get these gorgeous animals with a few pieces of fabric and angled seams. The pattern is by Elizabeth Hartman, and I LOVE IT. I'm being reasonable and making the small one that fits perfectly into my schedule.  

Fab Farm

AH -- the stress bear in action! He's been sitting on the deck, as I think Murphy is protesting. This is NOT her stress bear. However, when she ripped out of the house yesterday, she was off with it, so I think she's ok with the new one now. Soon he will be disgusting, just like the old one, but she loves it! How quickly does she try to drown the poor thing? 

The new stress bear

When I was at the mall yesterday, this bright thing on the wall caught my attention, so I had to explore. 

Expressions of love poster

Oh my gosh -- it's beautiful and all done with individually painted canvases! What a happy cheery thing to happen upon. I hope people stop and appreciate it! 

Painted mural

But people are so busy these days, they don't stop for anything. I don't know how many mornings I walk past a STOPPED school bus with its lights flashing and people (on the opposing side of the street) just BARREL past. I saw a guy on his cell phone driving past the bus, and he probably didn't even see it. Why is everyone in such a hurry? 

You'll get to your deathbed and wonder what happened with your life. SLOW DOWN!!! If you are late -- you are late. Accept that fact and try to be on time tomorrow. We are all trying to do too much (yes -- me included), but I don't rush through things. 

Let's all take a few minutes this morning to reflect on how we live our lives and whether that is how we want to spend our time? If not, how can you change that? We do not need to be a hero to our families -- most of them can survive without us. Everyone I talk to is so busy - why? Wouldn't it be nice to get up and have NOTHING to do in a day? 

I know that I will SAY NO after these next 2 ½ weeks. I couldn't say no to the things on the calendar -- well, I guess I could have. And while I love to sew, I want to be able to do other things without constantly having to prep for something! 

I'm tired this morning and a bit cranky, so forgive me if that comes across. A wee nap is to get me back on track! 

Have a super day!!!


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  1. You should design a quilt using the mural as you inspiration!! I’d make one.