Thursday, March 9, 2023

I'm strapped

 Oh my gosh --- what a wild night we had. I'm unsure if I'm sick, but I didn't feel well when I went to bed. I was up several times but seem to be fine now, so let's hope all is well! I have no time to be sick!

I am definitely sewing in slow-motion mode -- since I've arrived, I've finished serving one T-shirt and made two small backpacks! Let's say that the backpack was a challenge! It was not a commercial pattern which is OK, but the person who wrote it could have been better at communicating, or perhaps it was an operator error. More likely that. But also, the style of the backpack needed to be changed somewhat. 

And I swear those straps were going to be the death of me. 

I was so happy when I got the bag together and turned it inside out, only to discover that I had twisted the straps. Seriously????? OK --- that was definitely an operator error. 

The straps are twisted!

So I ripped out the seams at the bottom, twisted the straps around properly, and finished that bag. 

The bag is finished

For whatever reason, I ended up with Margaret's kit, and so I decided to test my knowledge and how I would improve the assembly method. The second one went much faster, but even then, I had goofed on one side of the straps when I turned it inside out. ACK!!!!!!

The second bag done

But the good news is that both of them are complete, pressed, and look pretty spiffy. I hope to make a third one today, and that better go smoothly! 

We went to Creekbank Sewing, my favorite store in this neighborhood. There's always something interesting there. And boy, those Mennonite ladies know how to soft sell. We were NOT templated to buy a Bernina machine while we were there! But the last time, yep -- we almost caved! 

And they have loads of samples, and this is a blanket they made with the serger and Minky. I plan to make lots of these as I have scraps of this fabric, and serging them up will be perfect. 
A serged blanket

So I'm doing great on my walking. I'm keeping up with the daily requirements. When I was here last time, Helen Anne and I would walk together. I have to walk on my own, and it's BORING! I must find my earbuds and listen to an audiobook. I just threw things in bags when I left, and I can't find a thing!

We found a great used bookstore in Orangeville, but they only took CASH. Who carries cash anymore? I bought the cutest little sewing book, which I thought was $8.50 but was .50 cents. I didn't take a picture, but I'll try today. So much and published in 1958!!!!!

Well, another short and sweet day -- I have two zoom calls, and I need to get one more bag and one more T-shirt sewn. I'm NOT going to bed until that is done. 

Thanks for the clarification that it was wild turkey tracks. That's what you get when you take a city girl to the country! No clue what tracks are what! 

Have a super day!!!


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