Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Quilt Show Alert!

What is happening to the days? I was talking to someone yesterday, and they said -- one day at a time. That's the only way to look at it when there's so much to do and little time to make it happen. I had a good sleep, and I'm not cranky today. I had a wee nap early in the morning and was no longer grumpy for the day.

I often wonder why that happens. Why do we wake up in different states of tiredness or happiness; then it's amazing how a 25-minute nap can change our day. I swear, they need nap rooms at work, or you need to work from home. And we also need to stay hydrated! That's why I was so tired -- I'm not drinking nearly enough!

It was a jam-packed day with a Zoom session for a software club (some of them ask the HARD questions) and then a session on accessories later in the evening. There's so much misinformation out there. I know some things, and I try very hard to get the correct information, and if I don't know, I attempt to find out. Sometimes, it's very challenging to find the correct information!

There's so much information on the internet, or you heard from a buddy, or sometimes a shop owner, and I can usually tell by looking at the work that something needs to be corrected. But we'll get everyone on track! 

Can you believe we are already looking at projects for the fall classes? The shop owner and I went a bit crazy (thanks to the current attendees for suggestions). The final projects aren't picked, but I'll make that happen over the next few days. It's not urgent as we have time, but it must be finalized before the summer. 

I ran around the house with my phone taking pictures, but I have only ONE photo to share! Now, why is that? Because I needed some pictures for a presentation. I need to take an afternoon (or more) and take photos of all my samples. I need pictures of the entire project and then some shots of specific detail. Then I need to put them in ORGANIZED folders, so it'll be easy to find if I want something in the future. 

My photos are somewhat organized, but there were a couple that I couldn't find, and it was easier to find the sample and retake the photos. I'm getting more organized in that department, but there is room for improvement. 

I have an INPERSON guild chat on Modern Quilts tonight, so I'll be running around the house assembling my samples and packing them in the suitcase! Then I have two Zooms to round out the week and classes on the weekend. 

Right now, the two goofs are sleeping on the floor in the office. But they love to play together, and Murphy LOVES to chew on Lexi's neck. I can't imagine why since so much hair needs to come off with her shedding, but Murphy just loves it, and Lexi seems to love it too. Is this a "love" thing? Or a massage? 

MOM, Murphy's chewing my neck again!

The weather is GLORIOUS these days. It was so warm yesterday that I wore no hat in the morning, and I had pretty much ditched everything for the afternoon walk. Spring has arrived!!! 

I'm looking for furniture for my front step - well, patio. I was instructed to NOT buy anything I could sleep on. Now is that for him or me? I really want an egg chair, and since my knees don't bend well, I can't curl up in it. I think that means I could buy one. Or do I go the sensible route and buy some chairs and a table. I could buy the egg chair for the gazebo? 

I'm away (again!) next week, and when I'm back, perhaps I'll have a peek at what's out there. 

I'm afraid that's it for today. Before I go, here are a couple of reminders. 

The Etobicoke quilt show is this weekend. Be sure to get there on Friday or Saturday if you are close. I'm not telling anyone when I'm going because I need to get in and out. I have one Zoom on Friday smack in the middle of the day, then Zoom on Saturday morning, and another at 4 PM, so we'll see how it goes. But GET OUT THERE!!!!

Here are some tips. Take pictures of those quilts you like, but more importantly, think about this. If you absolutely love a quilt and are taking a photo - ask yourself -- do you love the QUILT pattern or the color? That could be the next colorway for your next quilt project if it's the color you love. 

Second, take close-ups of any quilting that you'd like to achieve. Use those detailed photos as the inspiration and then sit down and try to emulate them!!!!

And third, take a look at Sandy's scrap quilt. Would this make an exciting sew-along for online?? You'll find the quilt on the webpage advertising the show. I think it would be a fantastic quilt, even though I haven't seen it in person, but I LOVE it. Don't worry; I've already asked the questions. More information to follow.  

And it's Virtual Retreat this weekend!!!! We start on Saturday evening at 6 PM and sew until whenever. 

And then Sunday from Noon to whenever. I'll post the zoom links tomorrow as I'm on my way to the gym and don't have time.

Have a super day!!!


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  1. You get so much done! Naps are a good thing, sometimes I just can’t fall asleep. An egg chair sounds so comfy. Hugs to the sweet girls 🤗