Thursday, February 23, 2023

Color inspiration for the next quilt

So it was a good day and a bad day! GRR! 

It drives me crazy when I can't find something. I become obsessed with finding it, and when I can't, it throws my day for a curve! That was yesterday. I'm missing TWO things -- I wanted to take a picture of part of a UFO project. Can I find it? Nope -- and I've looked everywhere. But obviously, not everywhere! I'll try later today. 

However, the good news is that I already have a picture of the piece (I remembered that later in the day) and found the pictures this morning. It's not perfect because the picture was cropped, but it'll do. 

There was good news as I was searching for that project; I found something I wanted to find when I was teaching the One Block Wonder class.  I need a MAJOR sort of all my UFOs. They need to go in tubs/shelves or wherever, and there needs to be a darn good list generated. This is nuts and a waste of time! They also need to be culled- those I will never work on and those I want to keep. 

Leftover bits from a One Block Wonder quilt

I'll arrange those pieces in a better photo and send it to the group. After I've taken the photos, this project NEEDS to go in the boxes with the other projects concerning One Block Wonder. It had a home, and I did not put it there, and that's a problem. 

And the reason the other project is missing is that I moved things around, and I'm not sure where I put the project. I thought I knew, but I don't. However, I found lots of other stuff that I can send to Diane for her to sew up! As long as she keeps sewing, I may not even have to touch my stash. I have these random bundles of fabric that I'll never use, so it goes to her! I wanted to make something, but just because. Now -- those "just because" projects will likely get donated. 

It would also help me if I sort the UFOs by type or style? I'm unsure how to make that happen, but I need to clear off a table or two and start getting this mess sorted out. I told you that cleaning up would never end! 

OK -- so I managed to save the day by finding that picture, but I can't really fudge the fact that I'm missing a library book. Not just any library book, but an OVERDUE one. If I don't find it soon, my account will get frozen, which is never good. I can't do anything until the account gets unfrozen, and if I can't find the book, I'll have to pay for it. 

The worst part is that I had the book recently, and where did I put it? Obviously, in THAT safe place. Now, where is that safe place? 

I'm stealing a couple more photos from someone tidying up their sewing space. 

I'm terribly jealous - OK -- not to the point I can't live, but look at this view! I wish I had a view when I sew. And this is a very interesting sewing table, and I wonder where she got it? It would easily fit any sewing machine. 

A neat and tidy sewing space

And did you notice part of ethe view? Can you spot the quilt block? Anyway --- it looks like a fun place to sew. 

I want this, but I have a lip under the edge of my table, so this won't work. I need a different style, which I saw online a while back, and I should investigate to see if it works. Although my tin on the table is working just fine for me. Oh crap -- I have under-the-table drawer envy. I just looked the drawer up again, and I might order it today! 

Under the table storage

Now if you want a laugh, I found these pictures this morning. Remember how I'm always saying how messy Studio B used to be, but I don't have proof. Well, how's this for proof. 

These were taken in 2017, as far as I can tell, and there's a lot of stuff on the floor (it was even worse than this at one point), and every surface is covered with stuff. How did I ever work? 

Studio B in 2017

The other side of Studio B in 2017

The only place with a little room is beside my sewing machine. 

I've come a long way and am quite happy about it!

Let's take about inspiration. I'm always on the hunt for new colorways for quilts, and now that we're going to tackle the Barn Star Sampler, it's time to decide on the color. There's nothing wrong with following what the designer did, but it's also a good opportunity to step outside the box. 

I was browsing through a quilt book from the library that needed to go back. This one was also overdue, so time to finish it. 

A book on modern quilts

And the coloring of this quilt caught my eye. I think the quilt was called Slice of Lemon or something like that. 

The color of this quilt caught my eye.

As I was leaving the house the other day, I spotted this bag filled with fabric that will go to Diane. Oh my --- those colors are cheery. 

Bag of fabric to be donated

And in one of the recent classes, one of the participants made these. 

And those colors make me happy. So -- I decided it was time to use this coloring. And within a short period, I went through those boxes of batiks and found this. 

My initial pull of batiks for the Barn Star Sampler

I sorted them by color. 

Now they are grouped by color

What is very scary is that these are unusual colors of batiks and I have PLENTY of the usual colors. Why or why did I feel I needed so much? 

I need some white for the background, and I was hasty and ordered some BEFORE I went into the boxes. 

When I started curating the fabric, I found this huge bundle. But it's light blue rather than white. So I'm glad I ordered the white. Let's hope it doesn't take too long to get here. I ordered it from Lindley General Store in Meaford. I've never ordered from them, so let's hope all goes well. I'll hang onto that large piece of neutral fabric and one day I'll dig out the blue batiks, and make a quilt. 

A large chunk of neutral

I also placed an order from Mad About Patchwork yesterday, and it's going to arrive TODAY. I'm so excited, but I have homework to do when that arrives. 

I'll need to go through those batiks with more care to eliminate what I don't want. But nothing stands out as out of place. Perhaps I'll keep it all -- use each one once and then put it away. I'll decide what to do when I get started. I've got many e-mails for signing up and will try to get the confirmation out today. But you can start "shopping" your stash if you have the book. We are GOING to do it!

OH my --- I opened the microwave to find this when I went to make my oatmeal yesterday. It was my tea that I attempted to heat up the day before and then promptly forgot it! 

My tea was abandoned in the microwave

So that little Lexi is getting pretty saucy! She used to be the calm quiet one. I was getting ready to go out for the morning walk, and the next thing I know, she was tucked between my legs! Am I supposed to protect her from Murphy? 

MOM -- save me from my sister! 

And the cleaning lady was here, and Murphy and Lexi both love her. And whenever she touches the dog beds, they go crazy. I think Lexi was laying claim to the dog bed and the blanket. But man, does she look happy! I don't think she's missing Ddd too much. 

MINE -- this bed and blanket are MINE! 

But what is this all about? 

MOM -- I moved the table leg to make room for me

But she doesn't look too happy. 

MOM -- when's Dad coming home - I'm bored without him

The fish seem to have no concept of the time of year. One of them was swimming around the surface yesterday morning. The pond looks a little different this morning, but the heater and the aerator are doing their job, so the fish are happy. 

The fish swimming at the surface

In searching for the library book, I needed to deal with some of this stuff from when I went to college. It's been sitting on the table, and I've ignored it. I made yards and yards of fabric with butterflies on it. This all needs to go. It's on the kitchen counter, and when I do my chores this morning, I'll walk it to the garbage bin. 

The design for my butterfly fabric

I have two presentations today and a ton of work. I got waylaid yesterday with searching for those lost items. I do NOT have that luxury today. I MUST get some of this stuff done. 

The snowstorm was very weird. After my Zoom call ended at about 8:15 PM, I looked out the window, and it was snowing like crazy. Hmm -- do I leave it for the morning or go and shovel? I decided to shovel because it if kept snowing like that, it would be a challenge in the morning. 

The snowstorm

While I was out, it stopped snowing (more or less) and turned into freezing rain. The snow wasn't too deep, but it was thick, clinging snow, so not fun to shovel. I did most of the driveway -- did not do the step, but now that I have a package arriving today, I'd better get out there and clean that off. 

The plow passed in the night, which is unusual for it to pass that quickly. However, it left a nice windrow at the end of my driveway. Being on a dead-end street is nice, and I LOVE being on the curve. The only downfall is this snow issue. Oh well  - it doesn't happen often. 

And on that note -- it's time to get ready to walk the girls. I'm sure it's going to be fun this morning. But no major ice or snow accumulation - at least not where I live. 

Oh -- I got batteries yesterday -- I'll share that story tomorrow. 

Have a super day!!!



  1. I usually find part of dinner in the microwave in the morning. Even with a good inventory of UFOs they still go missing. I am missing a whole project box that has a number of Wallhanging/table topper tops that is missing, hoping it is in my last pile to organize but pretty sure it is not.

  2. I am planning a scrap quilt with 3 colors. I had started cutting the pieces out; however, I cannot locate what I have done! Sigh.
    Came down with a cold, so no "search and destroy" (as my mother used to say) mission. Maybe, while I am trying to recover, my brain will sort it out!