Friday, April 19, 2024

Bear gets a haircut!

Oh, what a tangled web I weave in the technology world. Yesterday, I attempted to download some documents, and somehow, I downloaded another web browser, and then BitDefender got in the way. So I managed to delete the web browser, and I thought I had solved the BitDefender issue, but apparently not. I'll deal with that later. In the meantime, things work, just different from how they used to!

I've alerted the website that caused the issue, and hopefully, they can fix it!

I had a reasonably productive day, but I'm not ready to share it with you, so you must wait! I have other stuff to share! 

As you know, DH and I have gotten hooked on these EXIT Games. We've been working on the Advent Calendars from past years, of which I think there are three. We've solved two of them and are now working on the third. 

We are trying to solve one a day, but only when we're both home for dinner. At the rate we're going, we might finish it in time to start the 2024 Advent Calendar on December 1. 

We started this one on April 1 and are on day 8! That's sad, considering it's the 19th today!

While the game is rated BEGINNER, I still think we're pretty clever for figuring out the puzzles without looking at the clues. We looked at one clue AFTER we solved the puzzle because we didn't understand the logic. Nothing is random, and we just missed the logic. I don't consider that "cheating." Instead, that's learning! 

Here are some of the clues so you can appreciate the "skills" involved. This one involved a bell, a list of Christmas carols (three of which I had never heard of), three rows of bells and dashes, and some kind of code in the box for that day. We did not get this one the first day. 

A clue to the EXIT Game

Sometimes, by the time we get to the puzzle, it's late, and my brain is tired. So the next day, while having lunch, I worked it out! Oh -- it's so easy when you know what you're doing. I think I was thinking about the clues when out walking the dogs. 

The next day, this is what the clues looked like. It involved cutting out all those clues and "pinning" them to the memo board. Then, with three additional pieces of information in the box for the day, that was enough to solve the code. Each day, we're looking for a three-digit code. Again, on the first try, my brain just wasn't functioning. But while I had lunch, I worked it out. 

An EXIT Game clue

The next day, all we had for clues was a riddle on two cards. And we managed to solve that one last night! 

Another clue

Because of our travel schedules, I'm not sure how much we'll get done in the next month, but when we're together for dinner, we'll give the next clue a whirl. 

So, with the new car and navigation system, previous trips pop up. I know it checks out your Google calendar, and for some reason, these SEWING stores popped up the other day. I was going to a quilt store, but none of these!!!

We picked up the car at the end of November and just crossed the 4,000 KM threshold. There is no need for us to have two cars! 

Little Bear looked scruffy, and it was time to head to the groomer. He did not want me to leave him there, but look at him! What a mess! His mother was a bit appalled at his condition! He looked like the Shaggy Dog!

Grandma -- I'm FINE

When I picked him up, he looked like a brand-new dog! He was pretty happy to see me! Now, if he could just stay somewhat clean before he goes home. 

Grandma -- I'm clean, but NOT happy

He even got a little bandana with his name on it! How cute!!! Of course, Lexi and Murphy were all over him when he got in the house. Demanding to know where he had been and why he smelled of other dogs on him. Everyone settled down quickly, and the house was back to normal if there could be a normal situation with three dogs. 

My new bandana!!!

Oh my gosh- he is adorable, and I have to say that we've bonded, so it's going to be equally difficult for him to give up. I keep reminding myself that he is HIGH-MAINTENANCE and how much I will get done daily without him! Yes -- I'll gain at least an hour! He's a very slow walker!

Just look at that sass and attitude as he walked all over my vinyl that I'm waiting to cut! 

Mr. Tough Guy

I was buzzing around getting things organized last night, and I needed something in the bobbin drawer. YES -- how can one have so many bobbin-related things? There are many pre-wound bobbins in that drawer, bobbins for sewing, bobbin thread to wind my own bobbins for embroidery, and, well, there's just a lot of bobbin stuff! 

The bobbin drawer

I have everything packed and ready to put in the car this morning. I should have gotten a third suitcase out, but I packed the stuff into bags instead, and it'll be fine! I'm going to need to make minis of some of these quilts. I'm driving to my events in Windsor (Thimble Quilts and Sewing), but if I were flying? That would be a whole different story! 

Ready to pack the car,

Last night, I searched my quilt tops for a particular quilt. I couldn't find it. Then, when I was about to go to sleep, I remembered that the quilt was quilted, so it was in a different pile. As a matter of fact, that quilt was about three feet from where I was sleeping! It's now packed!

On that note, I'm out of here!

Have a super day!!!


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