Friday, April 5, 2024

It's all about the books!!!

OK -- now I'm going to be so annoyed at myself that I won't be able to sleep through the night. Yep - it happened again! And I'm "losing" so much of my morning! But let's try to put it behind us and not worry about it. I did NOT nap during the day, and I had even gone for a long walk. 

The only thing different, and I never had issues in the past, is that I'm reading my e-book in the evening. I'll skip the e-book tonight to see if that makes a difference. It can't still be jet lag. I have loads of print material to read. 

I don't have much to tell you today anyway since I spent the afternoon working on Tequila Lime. I have to prep it for tomorrow's class, so you don't get to see what I did. I still have more to work on today—there's a LOT of work in this quilt.

I spent the morning doing paperwork, and I must say that I accomplished a lot when I got focused. So all is good!!!

As the lover of OLD quilt books, here's an oldie salvaged from a friend's mother's house when she moved to a nursing home. 

Strip Quilting book

I believe that "That Patchwork Place" was one of the first book publishers for quilt books. Look at that date. 

However, this was NOT even one of their first books. This is number B-50!!! 

At some point, they became Martingale, and they stopped publishing books in mid-2023. I have many books from both TPP and Martingale. I don't know how many books they published, but I know Barn Star Sampler was one of the last books they published, and that number is B1591. 

That's a lot of books - an average of 40 NEW quilt books a year over 40 years! 

I stopped by the library yesterday, and I swear it's like stealing! Did you know you can take out books from the library without paying for them? Of course, I'm like a kid in a candy store, and I brought home THREE books that I didn't need. I am going to have to give up teaching and quilting and just spend my days reading! I'd be happy! Well, I'm happy regardless of what I do in a day. 

Well, I'm off to salvage my morning - driving DH to the train station, I haven't had breakfast yet, and the girls and the boy are waiting for their walk! I'm hours behind already, and I will NOT be annoyed, or this will become a habit!!

And one last reminder --- if you want to take the FREE BASIC Machine Embroidery class on Sunday morning, let me know ASAP so I can get you on the list. If you know someone who is new to embroidery, let them know as well. It's going to be everything you wished you had known before you started to machine embroider!!! The date is April 7 (Sunday) from 10 to noon. 

And here's the final QUILTsocial post. 

Friday - Patchwork in the Hoop

Have a great day!!


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