Wednesday, April 10, 2024

The first cut is the hardest!

I am a slug on a rug!! I did NOTHING yesterday despite the fact that there are quilts to quilt, emails to answer, sewing to do, and so many more things. First, it was a gorgeous day outside, and I didn't want to be in the house. Second, I got reeled into The Rose Code (an audiobook), and while I could have worked while I read, I didn't. Thankfully, the book was finished. Excellent read (it was recommended by someone here). Anything by Kate Quinn is a good read!

I also know what happened to make me feel like a slug. I had a dentist appointment in the morning, and I know better than to book things in the morning because then it just messes up my productivity during the remainder of the day. Guess what? I have appointments this morning and tomorrow morning as well. And the weather is nice on both days. I'm doomed!!!

But -- I will get my butt downstairs because I can't afford to "waste" any more time!

I want to clarify one thing I mentioned yesterday -- when I said to put your name on your parents' accounts, I meant you can have your name put on as a  - oh gosh -- I cannot remember the term. It's not trusted, but it's someone the bank can call if they see unusual activity in the account. That person is technically NOT on the account, cannot see what's in the account, and cannot do anything to the account. They are just called if things start to go awry!

Hopefully, they actually do call if something is flagged. There are so many algorithms these days that you would hope the flag would go up and some banking person would make that call. It still relies on human intervention, and we know that's not perfect!

Someone also mentioned changes to taxes if your name is on a joint account. Hmm—I must investigate that a bit further. There is no end to the research one must do to keep on top of things so there are no big surprises in our lives. 

I did get some work done, but not much, but it's still work! I did more on the Heartfelt Sampler, and I'm that much closer to the reveal this weekend. So, if I forge ahead today, I should be OK. 

I cleared some of the "debris" from Studio B so I could set up the Momento, the 24" digital cutter from Singer. 

Making that FIRST cut with Momento

So, I need to learn a few more things, but the basic setup was super easy! And before I knew it, I was cutting paper, and using the small mat. Then, I moved on to fabric. So all is good. But like anything new, one must TEST, TEST, TEST. There are obviously some things that I need to figure out to get optimal cutting and well, I should be spending some time with that today as I do some machine embroidery. 

There is always so much to learn. This makes me think of a line from the book I'm reading about politics in the Philippines. I know -- where did that come from? However, the author (Maria Ressa) says that despite all the turmoil in her life, "she chose to learn!" Yes --we could all fall into the depths of chaos in our lives, but she chose to learn! The word "chose" is the keyword here! Check out the quote from that web page I linked to! She is not a fan of social media!

While I was languishing in the gazebo, I watched the fish. There are about two dozen of them, meaning that some did NOT survive the winter. I guess it's like the culling process. There is only so much room in the pond, and 24 seems a good number. I see that only one of the huge (about 6 inches) survived, but then they were the oldest, which stands to reason that they would die. I suspect that we'll see babies at some point. We have them every spring. 

But they were lined up against the rocks for the warmth and to enjoy the sun. Shoot, I thought this picture would show them better. 

The fish in the pond

Because of our recent adventure with DH, I spend a bit more time in my Aeroplan app trying to figure out all the benefits I have. He has flown many miles over the years, and years ago achieved one million miles, which gives him permanent 50K status. If he reaches 2 million miles, that would also give me permanent 50K status. He is over halfway to that second million, or is he three-quarters of the way - I'm not sure. 

I could never find my total, but I found it in my lazy mode yesterday. Hmmm—I have a long way to go to reach that first million. It won't happen in my lifetime. 

Online security! Oh boy, that's a huge issue. Someone mentioned the two-step verification code process and all the security features on IG and Facebook. I always kept my accounts open, but I think I may go in and do some housekeeping and change the status. I swear the number of texts, e-mails, and friend requests I'm getting is obscene. We could spend our entire days keeping that crap out of our accounts. 

But here's something interesting about the two-step verification. The other day, someone complained that they had to go through that process with their bank. And they were mad because, she said, these people at the bank knew her. First, I don't know any bankers who stay in the same position for years, but it's possible, so let's give her the benefit of the doubt on that one. 

Just because you call them up doesn't mean that you are who you say you are! So, of course, they are going to ask questions and verify. How hard is that? If something happened, this person would be the first person to vocalize how they had been scammed. I don't get it!!! The two-step verification thing is a safety feature for YOU, who owns the money in the account. Yes, it's a bit of an inconvenience, but it takes mere milliseconds to do. It's also a CYA for the bank or other organization. If they just do whatever is requested by the people who call them? Good grief! 

There's only ONE issue with this. If you happen to be using your phone in another country and are using a different SIM card. The two-step verification code goes to your ORIGINAL phone number. So it's not a bad idea for some of the key ones (credit card and bank account) to also have the option to send to your email. In Spain, I had to switch out the SIM cards to make a transaction for something I needed. I don't remember the details, but it happened when I was stressed about my knee, which added to the situation. It never happens when life is good! 

OK -- so if someone knows, I'd love some help. The parameters of social media accounts are constantly changing. Is there a good place to "learn" how to protect ourselves a bit more? What are some good tips? Some days, I'm tempted to shut down my two accounts and start over, but I don't want to do that. 

I could go on about security and verification codes, and we must never let our guard down. Think of all those scams. Do you want to be a victim of any kind of scam? Even losing $200 to a scammer can be devastating. It's not just the money—it's the self-esteem, the sense of violation, trust levels, and so much more. Be on your toes!!!!!

OK -- I'm on my way to spin class. I seem to have my sleep patterns back in order, so that's a bonus. And then I've got to force myself to get to work. No sitting in the gazebo. OK -- I'll set a limit! 

Have a super day!!!!


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