Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I had physio early yesterday morning and no time to blog. If I can believe the physio therapist - it appears that I have torn a hamstring muscle. Which she thinks has repaired itself. I am now dealing with inflammation and bruising and all the extra from not dealing with it right away?  Well - I am not sure, but anyway after a bit of ultrasound and massage (where she was popping muscles back in place?) I had a pretty good day. However when I went to bed - the pain comes back. Why does this hurt so much at night?????   Even with the painkillers - it is as if I have not taken any? Must ask her about that on Friday - but in the meantime - gentle stretching and ice!!!

Well - no need to complain about it - hopefully after a couple of weeks, it will be better.

So while I did not have time to blog - a LOT is happening. I had the best day ever on Sunday. It was a beautiful day (OK - so I spent most of it inside), but Anita suggested that I stop and smell the roses and I ID. At one point - I went out, laid on the deck with a magazine and I think I even had a little cat nap!  It was great!!!!

And when I was inside - I had this URGE to purge. Well not purge, but do more tidying up. You see - I often show you the side of the studio where the active sewing takes place, but there is a scrapbooking area (not organized) and the table is like a dumping area.

I think it is looking pretty good and much more wide open than it was.

This is the "other" side of the studio. Long arm is to the left (not in the picture). That area to the right of this picture is scrapbooking area (If I ever get there). The quilts on the table have to be hung up. 

So you see - it isn't that bad. I am very happy with the way it looks - so much more open. The rack in the middle - SOME of my quilts that are waiting to be quilted (the backings and bindings are here also). I purchased TWO hangers for all those small quilts, however I put the hangers is such a safe place I CANNOT find them right now!!!!!   And just when I need them cause I am in the mood to get that kind of stuff tidied up!!!!  And things like the tool box has to be put away!

My thread cabinet. On the left are FOUR big containers that contain quilt tops that need borders and then get some bindings and backings done. Pretty sad that so much is that close to be finished!!!

Another view of the scrapbooking table looking into the sewing studio. Yes the BIG nutcracker did not get put away this year!!!!

And the studio right now. I am very happy - no mess on the floor. That black spot is The BIG BLACK DOG!!!!  Yes - everything is organized and together in appropriate piles waiting for me to SEW!!!!

I have said it before and many professional organizers will say - "if you have something you like/love/want to keep - then PUT IT ON DISPLAY. No sense keeping something you LOVE and no one (not even you) gets to see it). On that note - I found some wall art and decided that it was time to put it up.

I think my child needs to see this!!!!   Anyway - it fits perfectly on the bulk head!!! 

And then had this BIG daisy. While it went on easy enough, getting that plastic coating off was a bit of a hassle

Ah - works much better when you pull DOWN, not across!!!!!

I have one more to put up, but ran out of time.

Then even with all that cleaning - I still got STUFF done.

Six gift bags (made for a guild that donates them at Christmas)

Detail of gift bag. They are nicely made with a tie on both sides so it closes nicely.

Cuddle quilt - quilted!!!!!

Customer quilt quilted!

It was a long skinny one!

Detail of quilting

And I finished an audio book - Tabloid City - interesting book on several fronts. The death of the newspaper, religion, war victims. Interesting.

A bit more stitching done as well. Just THREE blocks left to get the main part of Christmas Heart Light done. Maybe get those done later today.

I was looking for a glue product. I keep all those spray glues and bottles of glue in two containers.

Containers of spray adhesives

Second container of sprays/glues

I came across some cleaning products - they went into the laundry room and also some spray products - Quilt Guard. Has anyone used them????

Well while I was trying to pull some of the tins out - they were sticky. And look what was in the bottom of one basket......

Glued leaked from where?????

Ah - an empty can  - this must be the culprit!

Hard to believe - I had TWO cans of this - one leaked - the other did not. 

Anyway - the basket is cleaned up and the cans back in it and back on the shelf. That would NEVER had happened last year!!!!!

Well - I can't give you all the details yet - but I am doing the tinners project in one guild. And let's just say that it has gotten way out of hand now. I am on the hunt for something and I FOUND it. When I get it and it is ready for the project - I will share. It is going to be so CUTE CUTE!!!!!!   OK - so the container will be WAY nicer than the project - I don't care!!!!!

I have a sewing day planned with Julia and I must finish packing up the car and get out of here!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!


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