Sunday, September 11, 2011

NEVER going home!!!!!

Dear Mom and Dad

I am NEVER coming home. I LOVE it here!!!!!!!

That fuzzy dog ambushed me this morning and attacked me!!!!   That means I am IN!!!!!!  

Mom there is always someone to play with, I am learning the routine, I am having FUN FUN FUN. I love the walk in the forest in the morning. That lady just loves when I LEAN on her leg. I get carrots for treats - MOM - this place is just the best.  Even that MAN is treating me like a special dog, although he can't figure out what idiot bought me that green snake!!!!  The girl lets me sleep on her bed even though I keep stealing her teddy bear.

Mom - LOOK at me!!!!!   I love the sun!!!!!

 Leaning on the lady's legs - she just loves when I do that!!!!

And MOM - I tried to find out where this water comes from??????

Where DOES this water come from????

Hope you are having a great time and I sure hope that you didn't forget to get me a cool piece of pottery. Stephen can bring his own STUPID cook books home. BORING!!!!!!!

Bye MOM - I love you!!!!!!

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  1. We'll have fun when I come home Kaylee - don't worry! I miss you. The french people bring their dogs everywhere with them - we even saw a really cool way for a mdog to ride a motorcycle! See you soon,
    Love, Mom