Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's all a Mystery to me!!!!

It's September and time to start NEW PROJECTS!!!!

One of my favourite is the Border Creek Mystery which I have mentioned several times. The first set of instructions are out!!!!

The new Mystery called Quilter's Romance!!!!!

The quilt for last year had TWO colourways. One with a dark background and the other with a light background. I did the dark background, but once the quilt designs were revealed, I preferred the light background. Oh well - that is part of the fun with a mystery - you never know what you are going to get.

This year Sherri also has two colour ways. I am going to stick with the light background.
Colourway number one!

OK - so my version of light isn't quite like her light!!!!!

My three colours for Romance Mystery!!!!!  A Halloween Romance perhaps!!!!

As I was reading the instructions, I see that the border for the lap quilt is a plain border, while the queen sized has an intricately pieced border. Hmmmmm - I don't need a queen sized orange quilt, but I would like to do the border. I MIGHT consider making both sizes in different colours. Now to find a nice soft green to make the quilt in. I do like the red, but sage green would go nicely in our bedroom. Hey - I sense an opportunity to SHOP!!!!!!

Anyway - these mysteries are loads of fun (loads of sewing too!!!!), but the end result is very nice. Check out your local store to see if they are hosting the mystery. It is going to be FUN FUN FUN!!!!!

I have been getting lots done, but it is so easy to get bogged down. I am writing an article for A Needle Pulling Thread and this topic is HARD. Needles and Thread - honestly - one could go on for hours about this topic. There are so many variables and while you know in one article you can't cover everything - you want to make sure that what you do put makes sense. Well - it has been a struggle, but I think I am almost done. A deadline can make you DONE very quickly!!!!!   One thing I noticed about myself - when I had a difficult task at hand - whether quilting or writing - until that is done, my mind just doesn't allow me to enjoy working on other things. And so with TWO things - that quilt and the article - I have been struggling!!!!

Now you know that I was trying to quilt one of my own quilts with the Sulky Blendables. I used 12 weight on top and 30 in the bobbin. I will post the entire story and pictures hopefully tomorrow cause there is a whole story behind that darn quilt. Let's just say that it took a lot longer than planned, but things are going OK and I have to finish it this morning or ELSE!!!!!!!

Because everyone who has dropped off a quilt lately and there have been lots - they had scheduled ONE quilt and brought TWO. The pile to be quilted is HUGE. No time for slacking off.

While at Ruti's picking up my mystery clues!, I spotted this thread which was on sale.

Silver thread

I belong to the Brampton Quilt Guild and they are going to have a challenge to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the guild. I bought this thread as inspiration for that challenge!!!  I am also the BLOGGER for the next couple of years. Oh boy - do they know what they got themselves into!!!!!   Anyway - I am hoping to start blogging in a couple of days (got to get these two humps done with!!!)  I think it will be fun to blog about events and things relative to the guild. The guild actually has lots of stuff going on - so watch for that - I will post the link.

I also bought some more of this Scrabble fabric. I might use it for part of the upcoming Around the Block challenge and my theme is words!!!  

Scrabble fabric
 And I also bought this fabric to use with the new Loralie Christmas panel
Red Christmas fabric!!!

Then off to Chapter's where I could NOT resist this......

An ORANGE notebook that was 50% off!!!!!

And got the latest Gift magazines from Quilting Arts

Yesterday I finished The Sugar Camp Quilt book - Jennifer Chiaverini. I do prefer the other books that include the modern day quilters. This book was a bit tough to read - tough mentally because it deals with slavery in the US. And it is hard to believe how badly the slaves were treated. But I did enjoy it and ripped through the last third in no time flat!!!!

Sugar Camp Quilt Book

On that note - I had better get those two monkeys off my back TODAY!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!


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