Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Buggy Barn!

I have loved the Buggy Barn patterns over the years but recently the company (and quilt store) closed its' doors. The web site is even gone which is good - drives me crazy to find an abandoned web site.

Anyway - TWO of the quilts we worked on at The Hobby Horse were from Buggy Barn.  I have to say that I have attempted to get one of them done - hmmm - about three times now.  Still not done!  But I will get it done ................  someday!

Farm Fresh by Buggy Barn

This is the one that I have attempted on three separate occasions. Well - I have made good progress, but still a long way to go.  There were a couple of people who worked on this quilt. Only one person was at show n tell.

Lynn did a fabulous job on her quilt.  Note she changed the US flags for Canadian flags.  Still a bit of work to finish up the applique on the borders but I know she will have it done soon!!!!   

The second quilt we worked on (also by Buggy Barn) is called Garden Party

This one is a bit more complicated - there were LOTS and LOTS of pieces. They were HUGE pieces and much overlapping into adjoining blocks.   Yes - I started the project, but no time to finish it!!  But have a look at what the class did with theirs - they are awesome.

Maureen - she took the big flag out and put in some flower pots. She also used a lot of wool for some of the smaller pieces.  Still a bit more work to do but looking awesome!!!   Nice to see the BRIGHT version. 

Maureen's owl tucked up in the tree. This was an embroidery applique

Linda - still hard at work on her version.  Like I said - there is a LOT of work on this quilt.  But it is looking AWESOME!!!!  There are a few "design" elements on this one and you can't even tell where they are!!!!

This is Mary who made a LOT of changes - I will show you a bit more in a minute. 

Sacha - she has made some great progress, but she still has a lot of applique to go.  This one is going to be bright!!!!  I love it!

Vivenda - a bit further behind, but once she gets going - this one is going to fabulous.  The colours are spectacular and I love when people change the pattern. The original pattern is done in home spuns and country style - this quilt is NOT that at all. 

OK - here is a better picture of Mary`s

Mary was very AMBITIOUS and her quilt top was not only done, but it was quilted as well!!!!!!

She switched out the flag for a bee hive with bees

Her bucket of berries

First cat was switched out for a bunny 

Cat number two - gone. A family of owls moved in

And she added a squirrel where the owl was. 

Her church bird house!

That show n tell was awesome.  BOTH of those quilts were a HUGE amount of work and everyone is to be congratulated that they got so much done.  I have hopes that I will get mine done. I am thinking - desert island with nothing else to do. Then it will get done!!!!!   I don`t need that desperate of measures (I hope).

On that note - I have other stuff to blog, but I also have a date with the long arm.  One of these days - it would be so nice to get up and have NOTHING due that day!!!!   Maybe in a week that will happen!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!


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