Saturday, November 8, 2014

Work work work!!!!!!!!

Last night, DH in his infinite wisdom asked me why I was going to bed so early the last couple of nights. Around 9 PM.  First off - I work all day and I am tired - secondly I am waking up early because of the time change!  And even if I wanted to just go to bed early - is that a problem?  I guess going to bed early is out of character and he is concerned for my well being!!!!!

I love show n tell and I especially love when students bring back stuff that they worked on in one of my classes. At the guild meeting the other night, I had the pleasure of seeing Elizabeth's completed top from the class on striped fabric at the beginning of September.

Elizabeth always puts her own unique spin on everything and this quilt top is no exception!  She took ALL THREE techniques taught in the class and incorporated them into ONE QUILT.  I LOVE the end result. 

Check out this link to see the blocks from the striped fabric workshop at the beginning of September.

Yesterday was a quilting day for me.   Got another customer quilt done!

Customer quilt - done

And I don't know what is happening, but it appears that every quilt I am getting these days is HUGE - I mean HUGE. The one above was 97 by 107.   Now to trim and deliver!  

M is learning all about "her" video camera. NOT even close kiddo!!!!   Anyway - we (OK - she) was playing around with it the night she opened the box and LOOK  - that projection feature is pretty cool.  She snagged some video of me sewing and then seconds later we watched it on the wall.

Video projected on the wall directly from the video camera!!!!

Apparently there is an instruction video right on the camera and it says that you can use your phone as a remote!!!!   PERFECT - I wanted a remote!!!   I guess I had better watch the video.

I am working on completing those gift bags.  Got three of 7 bundles completely done including ribbon insertion. I need something to do while watching quilt related learning videos on the computer. Those DVDs from the library have a ONE WEEK lending time frame and that is NOT a lot of time.  I just love to learn (maybe that is why I love to teach?).   Anyway - as I have said before - the day I stop learning is the day I die!!!!  

On that note - I have a class on pieced curves today and I had better out of my PJs and get to class.

Have an awesome day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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