Monday, November 17, 2014

What was FOUND

I won't even show you a picture of the studio - let's just say that it is a mess.  I have packed up for show n tell, I have come home and not unpacked. I have packed up for classes, I have come home and not unpacked. I have packed up for guild, I have come home and not unpacked. I think you get the message.

I have been picking at unpacking but it is not complete.  I need to get myself organized again and get all that stuff put away.

Yesterday was a "fun" day.  Had two classes at the same time. It started that way because there were only one or two in each so we doubled the classes up. I've done it before and no big deal. Then when the dates got changed EVERYONE decided that they wanted to take those classes and there were eleven people split between the two classes.  Not my choice, but it just happened. And one person came with her daughter's machine and had never touched it. Oh yes - it was a "fun" day.   But we all survived and I think everyone went home having learned something from the class!

Anyway I got home and decided that I need to FOCUS on that Amish with a Twist Series II quilt. I was sewing away and I was CERTAIN when I cut that I had cut TWELVE stars.  But I could only find 11. No - I don't want to cut another one of those fiddly little stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    As I got to the end of the eleven stars, I had pretty much resigned myself that I was going to have to cut another star. I stood up to cut the squares from the machine and OH MY GOD.............

There is the missing block - it was almost completely sewn together which was AWESOME!!!!

And there you have the progress to date. Twenty five blocks. 

As I mentioned the rest are in various states of completion (OK - some are just cut out!). But everything is cut. And I am working on that project today!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Part of my rationale for making the quilt is also to appreciate the fabric quantities. There was a LOT left over from making the star blocks and I wasn't happy.  I sat down are reread that part of the pattern. AHA - the leftovers are used for a border!!!!  I still cut down the quantity that is cut for this section.  No sense having tons of leftovers.  I am sure fabric companies would learn to hate me!!!!!!!!!!!

I am busy cutting and sewing, cutting and sewing for the next round of samples for classes in the winter. I will share a few more with you tomorrow.  Of course - I can't find ONE pattern. I have searched through my pattern boxes - I can picture that pattern in my head. I must have pulled it for some reason and it is hiding somewhere. But where??????

I didn't get to the gym this morning. Sparky is not a happy dog and I am keeping an eye on her. I don't know if she fell on the stairs (which she isn't supposed to be on) or she has joint pain or something else.  She was fine to go for her walk and eating no problem.  I guess we need a trip to the vet.  And Pat - I got the fish oil and some supplements for her. Thanks for the tip.

Someone asked me about the quilt that I posted of Maria's the other day.  I will provide the information in a separate post.

On that note - I am off to sew today.

Have a great day


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