Friday, November 7, 2014

Show n tell!

Time to get some show n tell up.

These pictures are from the class at The Hobby Horse. We are almost done this quilt (OK - there are TWO quilts). both are from Buggy Barn.  I notice that the numbers in the class are dwindling.  Hmmmm - I wonder why???

Anyway - have a look at the ones that I do have pictures of.............

Part of Mary's



They have been working very hard - this is a HUGE quilt. And while they do resemble the original - there are a few changes that make them different from each other. I'll have better pictures from the upcoming final show n tell.

Then we have the show n tell for Vintage Moments. I notice that the numbers in that class is also dwindling.  - did I say something?

Anyway - have a look at the show n tell that we did have.

Mary's center

Two of the outer borders for Mary's quilt

Bits of Jan's quilt

This is bits of Loretta's quilt

Shoot - I didn't write down this name I can't remember!!!!





I know that many others are furiously working on theirs. I can't wait to see them all at our upcoming show n tell.

Have a great day!!!


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