Friday, November 21, 2014

Under the cover of darkness??

You know I was collecting election signs a while back. Well they slowly disappeared from the neighbourhood. There was ONE sign left and it was attached to a wire fence of a construction site on a very busy corner. Winston Churchill and Eglinton. Not exactly a spot where someone wants to park the car to nip the sign off the fence. Well I got tired of seeing that sign so I decided to take some action. I had an executive meeting for the guild last night and I thought on my way home that I would snag that last sign.

I went equipped with wire cutters.  I had to park on the opposite side of the street from the sign as there was no parking at the construction site. I am waiting for the light to change and let's just say that at 9 PM - it was cold!  I'm crossing the street with my wire cutters in hand with eyes focused on that sign. Three quick clips and the sign was mine. Now I had to walk back across the street with this sign "tucked under my arm". Of course I had to wait through an entire cycle of the lights. And did I mention that it was windy??

In case you are wondering how big those signs are?  They are BIG.
See -- they are huge and so it was hard to be inconspicuous as I walked across one of the busiest intersections in the city. Even at 9:30 PM.  I just held my head high and was chuckling to myself  - oh that was probably my teeth chattering!!!
But I am happy - I think I have picked up all the signs - well there are three more that I saw last week - I wonder if they are still there?????   OK - I told you I am obsessed!!!!

My collection of election signs

But I am hosting a bag class and those signs are going to come in very handy!!!!   I'll post details later, but I think the class is already full!!!!

Sparky is making a liar out of me!!!   The vet called last night to say that all her blood work was OK.  No problems with liver and whatever else they test for. She doesn't seem to have an injury that we can feel or that she flinches when we touch her. Although she was whimpering a bit yesterday - I was down stairs so I don't know if Sammy was bothering her or she was trying to get up. I am strongly believing the canine dementia route!

However, the vet asked if Sparky had a sensitive stomach. Nope - she was handling the pain meds just fine. We discussed what to do for future and well I am not sure exactly that is. We will wait and see what happens when she is finished her meds.

I still don't have a baby gate, but she hasn't really wanted to come upstairs. However at 3:23 AM - or whatever crazy time it was, I woke with a start as I hear her nails click on the stairs!  I sprang from my bed (just like the man in The Night Before Christmas) to see what was going on. And there she was on the third step attempting to come up.  She can do the stairs if the lights are on - but it was dark.

I turn the light on and attempt to get her turned around and down the stairs. And then I see that Sparky is NOT handling the meds well.  I get her back on flat ground and clean up the mess.  Of course - I am wide awake by this time. To keep her on the main level, I move to the couch to sleep which I can't so I am reading a book about senior dogs that are rescued by David Rosenfelt and his wife Debbie who are moving from California to Maine. It is hilarious.

As I am laying there contemplating life - I had a brain storm.   There is a BIG election sign in my front hall. I wonder............................

A PERFECT baby gate!!!!!!!!   It fits snug - there is NO way that Sparky could pull that out even if she wanted to!!!!

See the "cheap" in me did not want to buy a baby gate because then at some point I have to get rid of said gate. Blah blah blah!!!   So I can tuck this sign behind my front hall table when not needed and then whip it out before I go to bed, knowing that Bonnie is protecting Sparky for the night!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I can just imagine if she saw what one of her signs is being used for!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Yesterday was a day filled with quilting. And I had a companion who stuck with me until M came home.

Little Sammy hanging out with me under the long arm!!!!

Customer quilt done - this was another GIANT.  97 by 108!!   
Then I snuck in this little one just for a break from the big ones!  I did NOT really have time to do that, but what the heck - it is done now!!!!

I was trying to get ready for the meeting, finish the little quilt and M needed the serger.  So I got that working for her. She is now part of the Entrepreneur group at Humber where she goes to school.
Here is her T-shirt

And the back
 Yes My kid is going to be an entrperneur. She has been working on a project for years. Has done TONS of research, spoke to lots of resourceful people in the community and well - she is doing  a great job.  I wonder why she is so interested in the fashion industry when her passion seems to be in the food business????   Doesn't matter - I am very proud of her for all the hard work and I hope it works out for her.  Great job kiddo!!!!   Love you!!!!!

Speaking of resources, last night at the executive meeting, I found TWO valuable resources both dealing in the tech world. One of them to help me with my book situation. So now I have two "volunteers".  If I play my cards right and do a bit of bartering - it may be possible to get my book situation under control!!!!  I am pretty excited about that, but can't do a thing until at least December.

Right now - I am behind the eight ball and literally running from one thing to another. I do NOT like the situation, but until these things get done I really have no control of the situation.   Just two more weeks???  I hope.

I have learned that when planning a day - I must work TWO hours of contingency time in there. That seems to be what gets "wasted" in a day. Driving the dogs home from the vet in a snow storm, unexpected phone calls, etc.   Hmmm - where to find two extra hours???  I didn't even make it to the gym this morning because of my night time escapades with Sparky.  My leg is aching today and needs exercise!!!!

Today is sit n sew. The place is a mess but there are only three people - my saving grace. And I am a magician!!!!

This is what the tables looked like this moring

Five minutes later!

Ah - the magic of IKEA blue bags!!!!!!!!!!!!   Now to tackle the cutting table and the ironing board!!!!

As I was running around last night getting ready to go to the meeting, I also prepped this. I know - I said I would refrain from starting something new, but there are EASY!!!!!!

Knitted dish clothes.  I have to find a new way to cast on - my cast on is UGLY

Oh yes - Mom is still in ICU.  Her blood pressure seems to be fine. Heck - I can't get a straight answer out of her - something to do with a flutter in her heart?????   She probably hears what the doctors are saying and goes in one ear and out the other.  OK - so you see why I don't panic over anything medical!  My mom never did!!!!!  

On that note - I better get myself going and get those cleared off and I have a couple of e-mails to get out as well.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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