Friday, August 7, 2015

10 things learned yesterday.....................

I must say that I am learning LOTS at work.  Here is what I learned yesterday.

1. I learned that if you wear a pair of new pants (had them for a while - just never wore them), make sure you take all the tags and sticky things off them before you put them on. I went to the washroom in the morning and OH CRAP - there is that sticky size label running down the back of my leg!  Thankfully I had been sitting all morning so I don't think anyone saw!

2. I learned that the office is just minutes away from Double Bubble gum plant. I tried a new way home and all of a sudden, I could smell sweet candy.  At first I thought it ws the car beside me, but that can't be right - it was INTENSE. Then I looked right and BAM - Double Bubble.  I used to chew a lot of that gum when I was younger.

3. I have learned that it is hard to acheive 10,000 steps in a day when you sit in a chair for a good part of it. Must start walking at lunch!

4. I learned that it is hard work to sit at a desk all day. Yikes - I need to be running around, up and down the stairs. That is what keeps my energy level high. Perhaps I need one of these.

5. I learned how to import fabrics into EQ7 (and save them to MY Library) so I could use those specific fabrics to design some quilts.  Normally, I just randomly pick some fabrics that are in EQ7 and use those rather than bringing in the exact ones I am going to use for that quilt. Once I got it figured out, then it was easy to bring more in.  One of the great things is that Northcott has a download button on each of their fabric collection pages so you can very easily download to EQ7.

This is the fabric line that I was working with today   (Happy Hour).  Check it out - it is cheery and bright.  Note the download button in the upper right. With EQ7 - I have no one to ask since I am the expert.  But with the excellent onl-line manual and a bit of fudging and I was soon on my way to importing lots of fabrics.

6. I learned how to modify a border print image (or any panel) so that it can be used in EQ7 how I want. If you look at the border print below - I don't want it to appear in my quilt like this picture - so I learned how to modify it.  This was amazing -  I will make a sample to show you tomorro - forgot to bring the example home with me.

Happy Hour border print

Essentially, I learned how to seperate the borders and rotate them so they would create the border exactly as if you were piecing the quilt with fabric.

I have to say that I didn't really use the manual for that one. I sort of figured it out myself. And I was extremely happy with the results.

Going to write up the pattern tomorrow for that one and it will become a freebie on a web site. I'll let you know the details when and if it goes up.

9. I learned that it is very easy to install a memory card in  my cell phone. Now the hard part will be how to transfer all those files (pictures) to the card so I can free up some room on my phone allowing me to install the new software version that has been unable to load for months.

No memory card installed

Memory card installed - it's teeny weeny but it is there. 

10. I learned that if you get on the 400 highway at Langstaff, you will NOT be able to get on the 407. You go right under the exit ramp or is it over the exit ramp?  I don't remember.  Just trying to find a good way to get there and back without costing a fortune by taking the 407 toll route all the time and not getting trapped in traffic.

Oh yes - the day was full of learning and I have to admit that I am wiped by the end of the day!  By the time I get home after errands - three days in a row - it is late. Well - it will all work itself out. Just takes time!

I have a bookcase full of quilting books in my office. Yeah - as if I needed any more inspiration. Lots are dated, although what was old is new. I personally have many that are on the bookcase,

Bookcase full of books, rulers and patterns
 Only the Monday group will appreciate this book I found on the shelf.  Hey Maria - does this look familiar????

Totes with Zippers

On that note - have a great day!


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  1. omgosh, I have that same book on my shelf - I've made the big tote bag a couple of times plus I used one of the smaller size patterns to make a lunch bag.