Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Life still goes on!

Wow - well first day at work. My family joked that they needed to take a picture of me before I left.  That didn't happen thank goodness, but we used to do that on the first day of school for M.  Even when she went to college!

First day of work. As exciting as the first day of work is - it is always a bit intimidating and awkward. You are walked around the office and warehouse where you are introduced to all the staff and perhaps remember one or two names!  Since these offices remind me of a maze,  the most important thing on the tour is to remember where the washroom is! My computer was in the process of being set up and everything was organized by the end of the day so I couldn't "pretend" to work on the computer for part of the day. There is lots of learning  - getting to know the processes, the routines, the people and who does what. The best is that everyone is busy - the person you replace was super busy and yet - there is nothing to do!   No - that is not true - my job right now is to get myself up to speed. Chat with people - but I am task oriented!  I don't know what I don't know!!!!

I did get to have a thorough peak at all the new lines that will be hitting the stores in the new year. However if you want to see what will be coming out next (September - December) - check out this link. You may not be aware of how much in advance the design process is.  It is very long process - I knew some of the process but very interesting to hear all the details.  I think it will be solidified in my brain once I go through the process once. Unfortunately, I can't share any of those new designs with you - but oh my - there are some gorgeous ones. But there are some equally fabulous ones coming out soon.  I think this is my favourite.  They had to drag me away from the actual bolts!  I was ready to cut and sew!

One of the Vintage Travel line by Deborah Edwards coming to a quilt store near you in August 2015

I have a nice office but there is one problem. Have a look.

My new desk
 OK - do you see the problem?????

My flat surfaces normally look like this.

Now that's more like it!!!!

So I wonder how long that desk will stay nice and tidy.  I have a clean slate - nothing in the drawers, just supplies. No files - I love it - no baggage!!!   Oh - I do have a library of quilt books and a stack of magazines. Yep - I feel right at home!   And I've got to come up with some new quilts for the walls.   What to make?????   They are big walls and well - I want to go crazy - I need bright colours and a bicycle or two to make that space my own.

Anyway - enough of that.  I am madly at work trying to get those Misty Pines kits cut. I am over half done the first group which is great.  A bunch are cut - labels are made and now I have to bag em and tag em to make room for the next group. My plan is to get these kits ready ASAP as I have a lot more stuff to work on as you can witness from that table above!

Kitting Misty Pines quilt
I am wondering how much more productive I can be now that I have limited time.  I don't have to keep moving things around for people to come over. The ideal would be to get one project on the go (like these kits) and just keep going until I am finished. Other than quilting on the long arm which doesn't affect this area - I can focus on one thing. Well - we will see how it goes.   I am flexible and we'll just take it one day at a time.

One more installment of 50 ways on QUILTSocial is ready.   Ack - there are only five more installments which means that fall is coming!

Have a great day!


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  1. Congratulations Elaine on the new gig! ! Wishing you great success.