Saturday, August 29, 2015

I SCREWED up!!!!!

Even though I would like to think otherwise, sometimes I'm a bit disorganized.  I know all the guidelines - I know that everything needs a home - I get all that.

However we're invited to a wedding today. I have left the invitation lying around the house for months.  I knew where it was and I knew the date. No big deal. The other day I was trying to plan and so I dug out the invitation so I could have it handy.  Well now today is the day and I am seriously thinking I left that darn invitation at WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    And I have no access to work on the weekend.   HELP!!!!!!!   I've sent an e-mail to the mother of the bride - begging her to send me the time and location of the first event - then we'll just wing it from there.  Will she respond in time?????   I hope so - I was looking forward to this wedding - a lot of different traditions than what I normally see.   Please please please mother of the bride - read your e-mails!!!!!

What a dolt!!!!!!

Speaking of decluttering - yes I am trying but it isn't easy.  However, we've tidied up our front hall and the living room aka the front room.  Weird how rooms get named in your house.  Next up was the bathroom which had a bunch of extra quilt magazines for my guests to read.  Some older ones mostly.

Well - I got myself organized these last couple of days and I have an entire BOX of duplicate magazines.  Now I did not buy these - these are ones that were usually left over from quilt shows that no one wanted.  There is an entire box - there might be more, but I think I got them.  It's going out the door unless someone wants to cut them up. Mostly Quilter's Newsletters, and a mix of other stuff.

Box of magazines - going going - GONE!

Now I have replaced the magazines in the bathroom with ones that I WANT to read and my goal is to get through them ASAP.   Cut, rip, glue, paste - whatever it takes to get them under control.  I have to get this situation under control before it becomes hazardous to my health!  Power reading it is!!!!!

I have been trying different routes to work.  How short a distance can I drive on the 407 (the toll highway) and still get to work on time.  I am sure this will all change come September.   Anyway - I found that if I get on the 407 at the 410 - I still have time to get to work.  But I have learned to NOT get on the 403 (to get to the 410) at Winston Churchill - that interchange is a nightmare because of construction. I go to Erin Mills Parkway.  And yes - if you don't live in the area - none of that means anything to you!!!!   Let's just say that I am well situated and live very close to almost ALL the major 400 series highways so if traffic is good - it is very easy to get around the city - well not downtown, but everywhere else.

All that to say that when I was passing the mall yesterday, I noticed the MALL BALL looked awesome with the sun coming up so I stopped to take some pictures.

The Mall Ball!!!!!

The "easy to see through" Mall Ball!
 That mall by the way is Erin Mills Town Center.

Soon our landscape or cityscape I guess is going to change.  The first of a new series of high rises is almost completed.  There is enough undeveloped land around the mall for a couple more buildings!!!!    Won't be long and we wouldn't be able to see the old clock tower anyway!

Got some more sewing done last night. I have 6 of the 7 groups done!!!!!  

6 of the 7 groups done!!!!

Last one is ready to sew

Work is awesome as usual. ACK - I am getting busy. And I submitted my first pattern yesterday.  It will be a free download for members of Quilter's Club of America. We are a sponsor and part of the deal was to provide free patterns. So they are simple ones, but cute.  I would like to make them up once our fabric comes in. But then I probably won't have time!  But nice to make a couple of them!!!!

And I am learning the advantages of mapping software.  OH MY GOD - I saw another of my projects "mapped" onto a pillowcase.  It looks so amazing!!!!!!  And I am knee deep in planing for Market, learning how to use Skype and well - every day brings a new adventure!!!!!

Met up with an old friend from The Quilt project.  Does anyone remember that????   Northcott was very heavily involved in that project and so was I.  Oh yes - my ties with Northcott go way back!   Anyway Rosie and I had an awesome lunch (thanks Rosie!) at Centre Street Deli in Thornhill. THE sandwich was amazing and lean!!!!   I'd go back - the place was packed and they do take out!

On that note - I have a gazillion errands to do today and hopefully go to a wedding. And I must hit Ruti's so I can get the rest of those batiks I need to finish my other quilt.  Oh yes - work is fun, but comes with a price!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


PS - will be posting all my classes tomorrow - so watch for that!


  1. Once I flew from Oregon to Texas for the wedding of my best friends daughter. Settled into a beautiful bed and breakfast in Fredericksburg.... Only to arrive 30 minutes late to the wedding....chauffeured by golf cart from the paking lot to the outdoor event, just as the bride and groom shared a kiss and came down the aisle! Of course everyone was looking to see who was arriving so late! No reason to be late....just thought the wedding was at 3:30 instead of 3:00

  2. Hey Quilt Crazy!!!! that is pretty funny - you almost stole the bride and groom's big moment! Fortunately we arrived at the wedding ON TIME!