Wednesday, November 18, 2015

And the row by row continues.....................

Wow - this working full time sure eats into my pleasure time.  Thank goodness my work time and my pleasure time revolve around the same thing or I'd have to quit!  Focusing is going to become even more important as time goes on.

And I have to do something about e-mail.  I just can't seem to get to them all which isn't a good thing.

This row by row is NEVER going to go away.  I am still carrying two envelopes in my purse that have to be mailed.  I tried to mail them on the weekend, but the post office was closed!   So they are still in my purse. Another envelope arrived yesterday with three more plates and I received these plates in the picture on the weekend.

More license plates

I will say that these plates were hand chosen by me and picked up by another one of my fabric mules. Oh yes - so nice to have fabric mules across the country.

I was editing pictures for QUILTSocial last night so there are no pictures other than the one above for my blog. I'll be blogging for QUILTSocial again next week and I have something very exciting to share with you - NO - it is not the EPIC. I tried to get one, but they are rarer than a newborn baby's teeth so no chance to get my hands on one ...........yet.

And errands - oh boy - people have to work full time to really appreciate efficiency in doing errands - hence why I haven't gotten to the post office yet.  I managed to get to the library and the book store last night while dinner cooked in the oven and filled up with gas on the way to work this morning.  I best make a list of errands that need to be done - keep the stuff in the car so when I am out and about - I can group them.

Oh yes - my big experience of the day yesterday was the dentist.  Now I don't hate the dentist like I have in the past, but it is an unpleasant task at the best of times. Yesterday I was feeling like crap and I told the hygeniest when I arrived to NOT lecture me about flossing.  I don't normally do that, but I was in no mood to get the flossing lecture.  However I think she took it out on me.  She was poking and prodding and making my gums bleed like they have never bled before.  And I got a mini-lecture!  OK - I brought floss to work and a tooth brush.

But I have to give her credit - I had no pain - just hate the sound of the instruments and the picking! It took forever and I was getting agitated. At last I was SPRUNG from the chair after a thumbs up from the dentist and another mini-lecture on flossing.

I have to say that I moved to an electric tooth brush a while back and at first I hated it. However I love the toothbrush now and for some reason I used a regular tooth brush for a couple of days - must have been away and OH MY - my teeth were a mess compared to the electric toothbrush.

Well - time to get to work.

Have a great day!!!!


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