Sunday, November 8, 2015

I can conquer the world!!!!!!

Ever have one of those days when you can do just about anything?  Well I've had a couple of days like that.

I am tired of all the junk in our house. Granted - we are not in too bad of shape - we do have a couple of problem areas and there is the studio - which isn't even coming into the picture this round.

I have been packing, pitching and purging, folding and sorting my little heart out. Things I don't want upstairs - I pitched over the railing to deal with rather than carry it all down stairs. Now of course - I can't just heave everything over the railing. There are limits!

While I have been dealing with physical things - I've also been thinking about what I do.  Everyone says that  "I am so busy" and to be honest - I'm very tired of hearing it!  It isn't that I'm so busy - it's that I ENJOY pretty much everything I do so I make it all sound like fun even though some of it isn't.  I'm not busy  - I'm active - I have gotten up late the last two mornings, walked Little Sammy, read my current novel, did a bit of sewing, - that is NOTHING MORE than most of you do. I never cook, I never clean - I pay for that to be done because I hate doing it.  It is how I present my day in writing that makes it seem like I am so busy.

It's not only that you think I am busy - I have adult ADHD or whatever.  I can't focus, I can't sit in one spot for too long - that isn't busy - that is just active. There is a difference!

So next time you think - WOW - she is busy - think about how much you do in your day!!!  You probably do the same - just at a slower pace and you do boring things like house work - I haven't done house work in my entire adult life!!!!! Well not much anyway - I do vaccuum from time to time and I do MY laundry.

Anyway - enough of that - we have things to do, stuff to fold, and pitch, etc.

And laundry - don't get me started on the laundry.  Towels that have sat for weeks, a couple of mats that needed to be washed - well today is the day.  However this is what happens when you can't focus.  I put the first load in the dryer, walked Little Sammy, then put the clothes in the dryer. I am now making breakfast and wondering why I can't hear the dryer. Don't tell me there is a problem?  OH - I also took a load of clothes out of the dryer and forgot to put the new load in! DUH!!!!   See - no focus!

This is what my hallway currently looks like.  The recycling bins are in the hallway slowly getting filled with stuff I find around the house. There is a load of stuff to take to Goodwill - I must load the car tonight and find a depot close to work to get rid of the stuff.  That stuff has sat in my office for months - time to say BYE BYE.  Plus there is stuff in the garage - it's got to go!

I found stuff in the office that needs to be put in the luggage closet upstairs, and there is stuff that needs to go to the studio in the basement.  Oh yes - it's up and down the stairs with stuff!!!!!

The hallway this morning!

And I think it all started with the batteries.  Actually - I am NOT good with this clean up thing at all.  I completely emptied the kitchen in January and still haven't deal with all the stuff.  We have a drawer where we keep all the batteries and charging cords. Well - there are a LOT of batteries. Why?  I've no idea. But I have a big bag that need to be dropped at the recyling depot.

I also needed to find a flashlight (that works) so I can be tidy when I take Little Sammy for her walk at night. Hard to find the poop in the dark!

The batteries are still on the counter - but I hope to get to them today.

The batteries

I tend to work in spurts on this cleaning thing.  But the more I clean, the better I feel and the more energized I am.  Less stuff in the house - means less stuff to manage.  Less stuff to manage means more time to do things I want.  So yes - I am in a pitching and purging mood.

The office is really the worst spot and I did clean out some stuff this morning but there is more so I hope the pitching and purging fever continues until I can get it all done. Just keep loading up that car with loads of stuff and it will happen.

I can't imagine what it will be like to finally (after how many years) to actually have NOTHING in the house that we don't want or don't use.  That would be like winning $60 million in the lottery. Well not quite - but wow - that would be amazing.

I have a goal and all I need now is time and focus!

As for the pitching in my head - well I am making decisions about that as well.  You see, yesterday I had two short classes to teach and then the rest of the day was MINE.  I have NOTHING on my calendar today.  I mean I have loads to do, but no one to see, no one coming to see me. That is such a fabulous feeling.

So - I have decided that I will no longer do any fund raising days and no more sit n sews.  It required a lot of planning and then took up many days. There was paperwork to follow up on and well - the original purpose was to get on my bike and ride in these events. Instead - I am just going to ride my bike!!!!   However - if you want to sew with me - you are more than welcome to book a day and come here to sew. Actually I would love it because it makes me focused - otherwise - I'm flitting and fluttering. The door is always open for those that want some help or just for a social sewing day. But I'm NOT organizing anything.

As for teaching - I am going to continue with my two short classes once a month at Ruti's - that goes until the summer of 2016. I have a once a month evening class at Sew n Serge - that goes until April. I have committed to two short classes at the Hobby Horse starting in January and two short classes at Sew Sisters also starting in January.  I am not sure if I will teach in the afternoon of those two days - I will see - I might since I am already there. I will continue to do customer quilts for people - but that is only one or two a year - no big deal. As for the long-arm - I will do the occasional quilt for my existing customers.  No new customers and no custom quilting.  I have a few quilts that are waiting to be done - no new ones coming in - so my guess is that that will just go away and then I get to quilt my own.  WOW - won't that be nice. Let's see - oh yes - I will organize two retreats per year - I like to get away and sew. Other than that - I only have my job and NOTHING ELSE to do!!!!!   You see what I mean about busy?????   If I lived by myself on a desert island - I would be always be doing something - even it if was reading a book or writing my memories with tree sap on a palm frond - that is just me.  

Oh yes - I forgot QUILTSocial - yes - I am continuing with QUILTSocial. I love the writing and the experimenting with the new machines. Can't give that one up.

So let's see what I got done on my BUSY day yesterday!  Oh yes - I finished a quilt for a customer.  We choose an over all design on an embroidery quilt and it looks awesome.  Just have to trim this and it's ready to go.

Customer quilt - DONE
 Linda stopped by to show me her Misty Pines - she was in the first class.  Looks awesome. We chatted about the quilting and now that she has backing and facing - she is ready to get it finished!!!!

Misty Pines

I am prepping a few more things for the retreat. Remember these blocks from PEI???   Actually this has been an ongoing project for a long time.  It started as a sample for a new ruler.  Not content to just have ONE sample block - NOPE - I have to make an entire quilt!!!!   And now that I am NEVER doing that kind of teaching again - there will NEVER be blocks or quilts like this!!!!!!!

Ten blocks

I cut fabric for ten more blocks and they are now sitting in the project boxes for the retreat.

Stuff prepped for the retreat

More stuff for the retreat

This box went to PEI with me. It never got unpacked!!!!   I just threw that flannel quilt on top with all the bits needed to finish it.  What would be really great is if I could make a dent in the box this retreat. We'll see.

Anyway - I have loads I want to get done today and you know what they say - strike while the iron is hot.  My manic state will only last so long and the more I pitch and purge when I'm in the mood - well actually I have to quilt this morning and then onto pitching and purging!!!

On that note - have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!


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