Friday, November 6, 2015

And then there was Shelley!

Shelley and I met through Row by Row in 2014. OK - that is not exactly true - we didn't actually meet, but Shelley became an internet friend. What exactly do you call people who are your friends but you have never met?????  Cyber friends?  I'm sure that someone has come up with a name.

Anyway - when I was in the craze last year for plates, Shelley offered to pick some up for me.   Great! We exchanged a few e-mails and that was that.

Along comes 2015 and MORE row by row and Shelley again offered to help out. Although I have to say that she put me in a bit of a bad spot.  You see - what happened is that she offered to pick up a plate at a particular store. No problem.  Then I happened to go to said store and picked up a plate.  I decided to trade the plate that I purchased because the other one was coming.  Ooopsy - that didn't happen and now I am missing that plate!   No worries - they may still have a couple left - I really really need to get those plates organized.

Not only did she offer to get plates in Ontario, but she travelled out east and offered to pick up some along the way.  This was good because if you remember, I had to make a HUGE detour to get the Digby, NS plate and therefore I missed the New Brunswick ones.

Just wait - there is a reason for me telling this story.  Not only did I have Shelley picking up in New Brunswick, but through another friend (a face to face friend - Sharon) who hooked me up with a friend of hers (Marie in New Brunswick - whom I also have never met and then through Marie - I "met" Connie). But that was a couple of years ago when we became cyber friends on a bike trip as I rode close to Marie's house (near that dreaded Miramichi bridge! - no sweat!).  

Anyway, Marie also offered to pick up plates for me and I thought - why not - the more the merrier.  If I end up with duplicates, I can always trade them.  One day this summer, Marie is in the store relating the story about the "crazy quilter on a bike" and collecting the plates and guess who else happens to be in the store at the same time???  Yep - that would be Shelley.  OK - so I already told you that story.

Well - this past Sunday when I was teaching the last Misty Pines class - guess who happens to be in my class.  None other than the mysterious Shelley.  Guess who else happens to be in the class - yep - that would be Sharon who hooked me up with Marie. It was just a funny coincidence.  I hadn't thought about that connection until I over heard them chatting.  I got a good laugh out of that.

Just goes to show that everything is connected - it's all connected.

It was great to finally put a face to a name and I could tell that Shelley is a dog lover and that she definitely reads my blog.  Guess what she brought along with her?????  Oh yes - Little Sammy was so spoiled. Shelley brought along treats and not just any old treat - but SOFT ones so Little Sammy could eat them with her bad teeth.  Guess where Little Sammy sat all day.

Treats for Little Sammy

Not only did she bring treats for Little Sammy, but she brought treats for the grown ups as well.  Yum yum - my two favourite things - chocolate and NIBS (I love them and twizzlers!)   Now that is a bad thing at the best of times because I gained three flipping pounds while I was away last week.  How the crap did that happen?????   Too many beers and not enough exercise.  I guess walking 50,000 (not quite) steps each day doesn't count????  

Left over goodies - and she snuck out before I realized they were still sitting there

BUT - Shelley has a couple - OK - more than a couple tattoos.  I just love this one on her arm. Can you read it????   It says "To resist change is to resist growth".  Oh my god - that is so true!!!!!!

Shelley's tattoo on her arm

Now this one was the initials of one of her kids families??  Oh gosh - I have forgotten now - but it was initials of kids and their kids or something like that.  DUH!!!!!

And she was off to have another one the day after the class.

Another tattoo

Rock on for bad ass quilters!!!!!   Which was on one of the license plates from the US.  I love it!!!!

Shelley - so nice to finally meet you - it was an awesome day!  And I am hearing all the stories and the progress of Misty Pines!!!  I just saw something that is coming that would make an awesome Misty Pines!!!!

It was payday yesterday. I am not good with money and thankfully there is direct deposit so technically I was just getting my pay stub.  I laughed when Tahseen handed it to me. I said that I feel guilty taking money for doing something that I love.  He laughed and said that was a good thing.  But then I said "even though I love my job - I'll still take the money!"  I need the money to pay for the 407 toll highway.

I am still experimenting on how best to get to and from work.  For the most part, I think I have the morning figured out.  The 403 isn't that bad and then I catch the 407 at the 410.  Doesn't that sound stupidly complicated - three major highways to get to work.  Anyway - it works. But on the way home, I was getting off at Erin Mills to come south.   Well yesterday (and this is common), it takes me about 20 minutes on the highway to get to that exit and then 25 minutes more from there to get home.   That is ridiculous so I am taking the toll highway right around to the exit closest to my house - that should save about 10-15 minutes on the trip.  25 minutes to go about 6 K is stupid and worth the extra money on the toll.

Here is an example of what happened at work and why I like my job.  So I had to get a pattern that I designed and wrote the instructions for - it had to be ready to upload to the internet.  There was an issue with the imagine and I couldn't find the answer.  I sent the file anyway but wasn't happy.  The issue was in EQ7 - not EQ7 - but the way the graphic displayed.  I checked the internet for a solution - nothing, I checked the book - still can't find anything on tiling and fabric repeats.  CRAP - so sent the icky looking image.  I sent an e-mail to the Tech folks at EQ7 and within TWO hours, Penny (one of the developers and tech support people) had responded with the answer.  And it was a DUH answer - I should have thought about it.  So - today I get to go back and fix the image and resend the file.  Thankfully the girl who is doing the uploading isn't there this week.  But there is another learning experience for EQ7 and the next time that happens which it could - I will know very quickly how to fix it.  I had tried another way and it wasn't working.

So getting to learn EQ7 on company time and playing with fabric all day (OK - that part isn't true) - I sat at the computer or in a meeting all day - OH - but I did get to see some of the new designs that Deborah is working on and I was swooning all over the stuff!!!!

On that note - I have to get the day started.

I hope to update my missing license plate list - so IF you have a license plate that you don't want (now that you have had time to reflect on how much money you spent!), I may want it!   Watch for that list!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Hi Elaine, Thanks for the mention:) It was great finally meeting you too- So you missed it on Sunday when I mentioned I have 2 more plates from PEI(?) If you need them for trading,lol