Sunday, November 15, 2015


Thanks to Ronda who probably thinks I'm a total idiot, I am blogging to you from my laptop while snuggled up at Quilter's Mis Beehaven where there is NO internet.  In the past, Ronda has used her cell phone as a hot spot if someone needed access to the internet.  Technically I could do the same, but  - well -let's face it - I've never done that before and god forbid that we have growth and change!  Oh no - well - last night - we walked through the process and VOILA or should I say WALLA - I now have access to the internet which means I now have access to Blogger so I can write a post.

You see - it is 6:30 AM and Ronda won't be up for hours!!!!   Now that I am "independent" - I don't need to rely on her. Oh yes - the wonders of technology.  I blame it on the fact that Ronda sits on the train to go to and from work with her train friends so they have an hour twice a day to mess with their phones.  I can't be bothered!   By the time I am 100 - I will probably have figured it all out!!!!

This morning is definitely a bittersweet morning. It is the last morning at Quilter's Mis Bee Haven - at least for me.  Yes - in a few short weeks, The Farmhouse will change hands and it will no longer be a haven for quilter's.  Nope - a herd of miniature horses will be calling it home. Now here's the thing - when we arrive at the Farmhouse - it is empty.  I mean - there are things in the house, but absolutey nothing personal.

However since we (at least me) has been here 21 times - (I know - who knew!)  and we are so familiar with things that these objects (while not mine and shared with everyone else who has spent time here)  have become very close to me.  The chicken quilt (that glows in the dark) that hangs in the living room, the big comfy couch, the fact that the kitchen is always well stocked and everything is in the same place - well - the house is just full of these wonderful touches that it feels like home. And every time something new came into the house or a wall hanging was changed - we all knew immediately!

Even though we have found a new retreat house, there is no comparison to this one.  Yes - the new one will eventually feel like home, but this place holds so many memories.  I spent an hour this morning going through the guest book - oh my - the time that the power went out and the generator kicked in and we sewed on, the time when it snowed so hard that we had to be plowed out, the time we went in search of vanilla to bake cookies.  And the people - I have been here with many people as our group evolved somewhat over the years.  I could go on and on............ These are memories that will last forever!

And let's not forget the sewing that got done here.  I have done tons!!!!  I think we have worked on pretty much any feasible project you could sew.  Quilts tops, quilt backs, some people have quilted, bags - lots and lots of bags. Clothing, placemats, you name it.  The techniques we have taught each other - well you get the picture.  The sharing just can't be beat. Gosh - I'm snapping pictures of everything!

Speaking of sewing - well I didn't touch those strips that I posted yesterday - ooops - I got caught up in something else and decided to finish that.  Yep - I did a complete project (well it isn't quilted) but the top, the backing are done and I just have to make the binding this morning.

I have taken tons of pictures which I will share this coming week.  You see my laptop does have a camera slot, but I have no software to edit the stupid pictures.  So I must take care of that - I think I know how to fix that problem, but will see how that works out.

On that note I am out of here.  This is my last morning - we have to check out by three - not sure how late I will stay, but I'm going to make the best of the last day.

Oh - before I go - we had a visitor last night. Carol dropped by.  Now I got a comment from Carol - often times, I mention people's names on the blog and other people (like Carol) try to figure out who I could be talking about.   Carol used to come to the retreat with us but when travel for work and a heavy work schedule got in the way, it wasn't so easy to get the time off. Well - I think it was more that when she did get time off, she chose her family over us!!!!   Imagine that!!!!   Anyway - so that Carol is now CAROL, every other Carol I chat about will be Carol R, or Carol B or whomever.  But this Carol is CAROL!!!!!  She always was stickler for details and the only person who was banned from group projects - not because her work was shoddy - hardly!!!!   Because she was too damn precise for the rest of us!!!!

 I hear the others are starting to move around upstairs so I had best get to the cutting mat before anyone else.  Oh hardly - although they have been a pretty focused and dedicated group.  

Good bye to Quilter's Mis Bee Haven - Judy and Gord - you have given all of your guests a valuable gift. Beautiful memories that will be with us always!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   ( I promise not to cry when I leave)


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