Monday, November 2, 2015

Misty Pines - one more time

ACK  - I was already to sit down and blog yesterday morning when I had an early visitor for my class - yes - Sharon who is always late was ONE HOUR early.  So we chatted (and I did applique prep) for an hour until the others arrived.  When the class was over - I was busy with other things and forgot!  Well I didn't exactly forget, but I figured if I miss one day it isn't the end of the world, but I felt very guilty!!!

On Saturday, I had the first of two classes for Misty Pines this weekend.  However that meant that I still had to finish cutting the kits. Oh yes - nothing like leaving it until the last minute. I knew that I had the time so I wasn't worried about it.

Well I wasn't exactly finished cutting the kits but I had enough for the group that was coming Saturday. Since I had extra requests for the kits - I had to go back and cut a few more components for some of the fabrics.
The bucket of fabric after I finished cutting the kits
While the pattern for Misty Pines says that it is advanced, the sewing part of this quilt isn't advanced, but keeping track of all the pieces - that is advanced!  

Labelling was the key word for the weekend.

Here is the labelling.................



More labels

A block completed and labelled - do you see the label

The pin is the label
 Each block had a letter and it was very important that they don't get out of order!

Flying geese - labelled

I think you are getting the picture - labels are important!!!!

Yvonne's little travel iron 
 Actually I think that is an iron targetted to quilters.  I like the iron - It has a good sturdy handle, it's small - I like it.  If I ever need a new one - I might just go for that.

This is Mary's prep station - can you see her labels?

Not only were the colors very close, but some of the sizes were close as well.   Mary even labelled the size of the pieces!!!

Labelling the size!!!!!

There were six in the class that day. Everyone went home with at least one of each of the five blocks done and many bits and pieces of other blocks.  Yeah!!!!!   I even managed to get a bit of mine done.

My tree trunks - all labelled

Back to the drawing board or should I say the cutting mat to get the last of the kits prepped.  I had another five people on Sunday the LAST round of Misty Pines.

Prepping the kits for Sunday's class

In addition to cutting all the pieces - I made a fabric key for everyone.   While it doesn't really show in this picture - some of those fabrics are VERY close in color and style. The fabric key was crucial.

Fabric Key

Cutting the last of the kits

What can I say - I love to spread out.  So I took up ALL the tables to get myself organized with the cutting. And can you see Pauline's Misty Pines in the background. It really is a beautiful quilt.

Prepping the last of the kits

Kits prepped for Sunday class

Kits that are to be picked up

Now here is the good news for TWO people.  Due to an error on my part and one person cancelling, I have TWO kits leftover.  If anyone is interested in purchasing one of the kits for $100 - let me know.  These things are ready for you to sew!!!!   Remember there are only two and there is not enough fabric to cut any more.  This is it!

Studio is ready for the group on Sunday morning

While the group sewed yesterday, I prepped applique.  When they left - I had spread out over two tables.

My work area in the day

Once everyone left and some people bought yardage for the backing and facing, I consolidated everything related to Misty Pines in the orange bucket.  At last - everything fits in one place!!!!

All things Misty Pines!!!!
 And now my laundry basket is empty and ready to be used somewhere else.

Laundry basket - empty!!!!!!!

On that note - it is off to work I go this morning.  WAIT - I am not going to work today even though it is Monday.  Nope - taking the day off and heading out to sew with the Monday Maniacs!!!!   I'm so excited, I could barely sleep last night!!!!

Hope you enjoyed the journey with us and Misty Pines - all that is left is to see the finished quilts.   I have more stories about yesterday - but will share them later this week. I'm off to the gym.

Have a great day!!!!!


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