Saturday, November 21, 2015

Stupid stupid stupid!!!!!!!

And I'm talking about myself here!!!!!

Seems there is a whole lot of other stuff going on this blog and not much quilting or cycling!!!   I hope to change that real soon.  Anyway - as you know I always have my camera with me. And yesterday in preparation for some upcoming stuff - I took a couple of pictures at work.

Then this morning when I went to take a picture, I looked in all my bags and NO CAMERA.   I thought for a few minutes - oh shoot - I remember taking the pictures are work.  Now the part that bothers me is - where is the camera at work?   At one point, I remember putting it on my desk and as I was walking out the door - I thought - I should put that camera in a less visible spot so I think I dumped it on my chair. And I remember being in the back taking photos.  In what sequence did those two events occur?  No idea -  so I don't remember if the camera got left in the back or did I miss it in my office when I left?????

I tell you - I am SICK.  I cannot believe I did that.  I almost went into a panic this morning. I have two classes this morning and I like to take pictures and I NEED that bloody camera this weekend to do some blogging.  Oh yes - I am sick. Not like it was just over night - no big deal - but TWO WHOLE DAYS.

OK - let's not panic. What are the options?  Hmmmm - I know I have a small (brand new) point n shoot camera.  I know exactly where the box is - but there is NOTHING in the box.  No camera, no battery, no cord. Oh and let's just say that I also had my video camera at work yesterday but just before leaving I thought to myself - you better bring that camera home.  No thought to the digital camera. GRRRRRRRR   - stupid stupid stupid!!!!!

OK - so that small camera has to be here somewhere. I have searched the house high and low - no camera - I did find my old point n shoot - dead batteries and no chargers to be found.

Let's just say that a bit more tidying MUST be done - there is camera stuff all over the flipping house and I'm not happy.

I found FOUR cameras in my search - my little point n shoot - the old one.  The blue one????   No idea what that is.  That other monster is a film camera!!!!!   Good grief.  Hey - I found rolls of film too!!!!   The other one is my grandfather's camera which I will never part with - a beautiful Pentax that takes amazing shots.

Cameras cameras - but NOT the right one

Now if M was here - I would have woken her up and accused her of taking my camera. I doubt that she would have no reason as she also has a good quality digital camera - I am just saying that to tease her. But I could have borrowed her camera this weekend, but NO - she is now in Vancouver with her camera.   You see how I am my own worse enemy??????

So now my kitchen looks like this........................

Camera stuff all over the counter and tables

This is why it is so important for everything to have a home.  ALL the camera stuff should be in one place. Then imagine how easy it would have been to find that small point n shoot, the battery and a charger so I could be in business.  I believe the point n shoot has a higher pixel rating than my digital camera.

Now if the camera isn't at work - well I know it is - just hope it didn't develop legs and walk away.  STUPID STUPID STUPID!!!!!   At this point - I don't even care about the camera - it needed major sevicing anyway but I WANT the damn card in it.

So I must just get over it - there is NOTHING I can do until Monday morning when the office opens.  Just breath - relax - breath - relax. I will continue to look for the small point and shoot - I am certain that it will serve my purpose for the weekend IF I can find it.   In the meantime - there is my camera on my phone which I used this morning. Works but not the same.

Thank goodness I didn't realize the camera was missing last night because I was busy quilting a quilt and it is done and ready for delivery today.

Customer quilt - DONE

 As I was searching - I found a few other things that need to be dealt with.  I got this from Jill in California who sent me some license plates a LONG LONG time ago.  Jill - I have five to send back to you - they have been sitting here FOREVER.   Thanks so much!!!!!!!    She also sent me this little embroidered cow - it's so cute!!!!

Little Cow!!!!!!

Oh yes - speaking of the kitchen.  I am NOT kidding - DH and I are skirting around that thing like crazy.  No one dares leave a dirty dish on the counter. You better mop up all spills and god forbid that the dish washer doesn't get started over night!!!!  It is pretty funny. With the exception of my madly ripping the pantry apart (which is where some of the camera stuff is stored), that kitchen is spotless!

In case you are wondering about those four EMPTY (well - near empty rooms) upstairs - I think I am going to empty the rest of the house into those four rooms - sort EVERTYHING into like categories.  I"m on a tear so watch out!!!!!!!!!!!

On that note - I am out of here to see what I can unearth in this mess.  And we aren't even hoarders - far from it!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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