Monday, November 16, 2015


Well - I didn't cry when I left the house. But we took a TON of pictures including some pretty funny ones which I will post this week. OK - maybe just one funny one.  For anyone who doesn't know - Quilter's Mis Bee Haven - has been sold.  The closing date is December 1 - there are two more groups going in before it is closed forever as a quilt retreat.

I was up early and collecting photographic memories around the house while the others slept.  Then it was straight to work to get some things done before I left.  I always have big plans about staying until 2 PM or even right up until check out time of 3 PM.  But by lunch, I'm  ready to leave.

Packing up and cleaning up was a breeze - everyone pitched in and all the cars were loaded in record time. Stuff was claimed in the fridge - someone was calling out - whose vegetable broth is this??  "I don't know" I say - just throw it out. Then I realized it was mine to thin my squash soup of which I brought some home so now I have nothing to thin it out with!  DUH!!!!!

But we had such an amazing time at the retreat.  A HUGE thanks to everyone for making it a super fun and productive time!

A few of us worked on some panel projects.  I will share in a day or two.  Tish had brought a panel that she didn't want.  She was going to cut it up but when I saw it - NO WAY!!!!   It had six smaller panels on it and four even smaller pictures.  I studied the panel for a few seconds - knew what I was going to do and cut one of the panels off the bigger section. The other panels disappeared equally as fast. They were super cute.

My panel from Tish
Now that was too cute to cut up!!!!  

What to do - what to do?   AHA - brilliant moment.  I had each of the ladies make a 4 inch square for me out of fabric that they were using.  These will make the backing of the small wall hanging and will be an awesome memory of the last retreat at Quilter's Mis Bee Haven.   Mine of course - is the huge hunk of Asian fabric at the bottom.  I think I will change that up and frame a piece of  muslin with the Asian fabric so I can write the story of the quilt on it.   It is going to be awesome!!!!!

Blocks to make the backing of the friendship wall hanging

Thanks to all who without protest (for the most part) made little blocks for me!!!!

And a HUGE thanks to Pat D who was my fabric mule.  I bought some fabric at Thimbles and Things in Orillia on my way up.  (this is a MUST STOP store if you are in the area!  The owner, Sue is just the most friendly quilt shop owner I know!!!)    When I got to the retreat and started my borders, I really liked the fabric and realized that I was short by one meter. Hmmmm - how to get one more meter.  Then I had an AHA moment. I remember that Pat D (who lives in Orillia) was coming to Bracebridge that afternoon for the guild meeting - the Pinetree Quilters of Muskoka.  Hmmm - maybe she could stop by.  I messaged her and yes she could stop.  Called the store and they couldn't locate the bolt.  AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Then I realized that the store had called me twice and I didn't hear the ring.  GRRRRRR - called them - yes - Pat had already stopped by and was gone. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

BUT - Sue and Pat were very smart.  They guessed that I wanted one meter and Pat paid for it.  HORRAY!!!!!    So I saw Pat at the guild meeting and I got (and reimbursed her) my fabric and also a license plate that she didn't want.   I have the best friends ever!!!!!!    Thanks so much Pat. I really appreciate what  you did!!!  I owe you.

One more license plate

Now for something - totally random................

When I was in Houston, I saw a store demonstrating this great tool for applique.  Hmmmm - I have that tool!!!!!!  (well there are two different brands and they were using the other brand which is by Alex Anderson I believe)  It has taken me almost two weeks to remember to look for the tool and guess what - I knew exactly where it was. Which is pretty amazing considering that I purchased the tool about 4 years ago - never used!!!!!

P3 Designs - Applique prep tool 

There will be more on that as I prep more applique in the near future.

Well - I got home from the retreat - safe and sound - I'm guessing the others did as well. I made one pit stop as I had drank a lot of water before leaving and I needed a quick "wake up" break anyway.

Little Sammy was thrilled to see me.

Well - on that note - I am out of here. I'm tired and I've been sewing for another couple of hours when I got home. I'm off to read my book.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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