Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Write it all out and then hit DELETE!

Yes - I started a blog post last night and then I deleted it. It wasn't pretty!  And I have to say that I'm still a bit peeved this morning, but we're going to let it go!

Let's just say that yesterday was one of those days.  I had to make an application on-line.  I type in all the information and it took a LONG LONG time to assemble all the bits and pieces.  I hit "review" and I lost everything. I have to confess that I almost cried! I mean - we're talking hours!

I tried again with only one part of the application and same thing!  Finally, I was able to get part of the information through.  Something to do with the size of pictures and the system wouldn't clear the error message - I don't know. On the positive side, I was able to get ahold of a warm body to help me and I was told that I shouldn't leave things to the last minute.  I think the warm body was equally peeved because I wasn't the only one having trouble.

Bottom line - the information eventually did get processed. However I went to bed late and up much earlier than usual and I have a 7-hour drive ahead of me!  Oh well - I may be pulling off to the side of the road for a nap somewhere along the drive. Or I have to find candy!  

I'm terrible in the car - I love to eat licorice and no time last night with the deadline issue to go out and buy some. Grocery stores won't be open by the time I leave, so will have to stop along the way or else bring chocolate. Yes - I can bring chocolate. It's a good thing, I don't drive long distances a lot - I'd be pretty roly-poly!

To top it off - I ended up putting that binding on that white quilt by machine.  I don't like it but it will do for now.  I may take it off when the quilt is returned and put it on the regular way.  However, I'm madly sewing in my office. Then I take it off the machine when I'm finished and spread it on the floor only to find black smudge marks from where it dragged under  my running shoes when I was sewing the binding on.  Oh yes - it was one of those kinds of days!!!!   Well - let's not panic here!

I brought it home, suds up some dish soap, got a face cloth and spot cleaned those spots.  It turned out fine!  But note to self for all future quilts - DO NOT MAKE A WHITE QUILT.  I am sure I will see dirt on that quilt forever.

On that note - I'm off with a car full of stuff - I'm leaving in under an hour and haven't packed my clothes.  I always leave that part until last.  

I should be able to post while I'm away and give you the updates on things at the Lancaster Quilt Show. I'll be posting on Facebook as well.

I guess the moral of my story today - don't leave things until the last minute!!!!   I told the warm body that at least this year I didn't ask for an extension because I remember making the same application last year and I had deadlines issues as well.  OK - so that is a time management thing and I truly need to get better.  If I wasn't travelling, I would have had time to put that binding on by hand but I would have had to deal with the shipping while away and I didn't want that hassle!   See I do think ahead sometimes!

Don't we all say that  - it will be calmer next week and then it's just as bad?  There are days when I can do without quite so much drama!

Have an awesome day!!!!!


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  1. Have a great time in Lancaster! I was hoping to make it, but I'm prepping for a trip to Florida and I leave Sunday. No time because I left everything to the last minute!